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Quick Announcement Section



NSYB - 2015 Fallball Season Info:


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Please contact your team manager for the playing schedules


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Interested in being a NSYB Boardmember?

NorthSide Youth Baseball (NSYB) is always seeking new board members who wish to be a part of the NSYB board. This is a GREAT opportunity to be a part of Oxnard's #1 Youth Baseball League. Please talk to a board member or email us at:

Open Positions:

•Division VPs

•Coaches Director

•Official Scorekeeper

•Team Parent

•Fundraising Coordinator

•All Stars Coordinator

•Fall Ball Director

•Snack Bar Assistant (multiple positions)

•Field Maintenance (multiple positions)  


Follow Northside Youth Baseball on Instagram @northside_baseball  

Spring Registration 


The registration package consists of the following:

  • Uniform (Team jersey and hat)
  • Northside Windbreaker
  • Picture package
  • Experienced Umpires
  • End of the year tournament
  • Trophies for all teams in the non-competitive divisions (mini-shetland and shetland)
  • Trophies for First and Second Place Teams for Regular Season (Except for the PONY Division)
  • Trophies for First place teams and plaques for second place teams for the end of the year tournament



Follow Northside Youth Baseball on Instagram @northside_baseball

Interested in being a NSYB Boardmember? 

NorthSide Youth Baseball (NSYB) is always seeking new board members who wish to be a part of the NSYB board.  This is a GREAT opportunity to be a part of Oxnard's #1 Youth Baseball League. 

Volunteers behind the scenes:  NSYB is responsible for maintenance and improvements on all competitive fields (Pinto thru Pony) at NorthSide through volunteers.  NSYB is always seeking volunteers that can assist with field maintenance and trash duties who wish to be trained to operate mower/dragger/quad and do other field maintenance.  Any help is appreciated!

Please talk to a board member or email us at:


Open Positions:

  • PONY Division VP
  • Pinto Division VP
  • Coaches Director
  • Official Scorekeeper
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • All Stars Coordinator
  • Fall Ball Director
  • Snack Bar Assistant (multiple positions)
  • Field Maintenance (multiple positions)

Facebook Updates

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Multiple Pony Championship Titles in 2013/14 (go to Site News page)

Full Service Snackbar/Batting Cages/City maintained restrooms

Ages 4-16 years old / Birth Certificate required

Over 50 years of NorthSide baseball excellence

Past NorthSide players that are currently playing professional and collegiate baseball

Pony Baseball rules… Prepare your child for high school ball

Large Boundary; Oxnard Plains to include River Park/El Rio/Nyeland Acres/West Oxnard/All of North Oxnard and Mandalay area is welcome.  Contact us for details.

Mandatory 2 & 1 playing time for players enforced... everyone plays! 

Volunteer Managers/Coaches/Team Mom’s wanted

Background check on all volunteers strictly enforced

Coaches and players sign-up early as we will fill up fast at this price!

Email; OR go to Handouts page

                       NorthSide Youth Baseball… Home of the Champions

Pony Baseball VS. Other Baseball Leagues

Pony Baseball is different from other youth Baseball leagues in many ways. The rules of play are designed to maximize player development and minimize chance of injury. Players 3-14 years old are placed in division strictly by age at two year intervals so that kids are competing with others their same age. Field dimension (base paths and pitching distance) are gradually expanded with each division to match the growth and development of young players. This ensures that all players will compete on a field that matches their abilities and improves safety concerns that can occur when older players are on fields that are too small. Most importantly, young players are introduced to more advanced rules at younger ages so that they are challenged with new baseball concepts as they grow. This includes:

 o       Coach/Machine Pitch by age 5-6

o       Introduction to kid-pitch at age 7

o       Leading off and base stealing beginning at age 9

o       Pitchers learn pick-off moves and balks at age 9

o       Fielders and base runners play "live-ball" rules by age 9

o       Catchers learn more advanced defensive skills

o       Dropped third strike rules are introduced at age 9  

These are the elements that make up "The Complete Game" that is exclusive to Pony Baseball. It is no wonder that so many local travel-ball and high school players develop their skills by playing Pony Baseball... So if your child likes to lead-off and steal a base, pick a runner off at first and learn to play baseball like the major-leaguers; then NorthSide Youth Baseball is for you!

Contacting NorthSide Youth Baseball

Need to contact NorthSide Youth Baseball?  Please come by the Snackbar and talk to a board member for a quick response.  For all other contacts, e-mail us at:

Field Duty Reminder

Mini Shetland/Shetland/Pinto/Mustang/Bronco:

  • Home teams are responsible for pre-game Field preparation, scorekeeping and post-game trash pickup on home side.
  • Visiting teams are responsible for post-game securing of equipment (bases-wagons-rakes-etc) in equipment containers and trash pickup on visitor side.   

NS Pony Division and NS Thoroughbred Division

  • NS teams are responsible for pre-game Field preparation, scorekeeping, trash pickup on both sides and post-game securing of equipment (bases-wagons-rakes-etc) in equipment containers for all Pony/Thoroughbred division games at NorthSide.