Nova Scotia Senior Baseball League: Welcome

The Nova Scotia Senior Baseball League is the premier baseball league in Nova Scotia, and has been since its inception in 1977. The league is comprised of 5 teams - the Sydney Sooners, the Truro Bearcats, the Kentville Wildcats, the Halifax Pelham Molson Canadians, and the Dartmouth Moosehead Dry.

The league is home to four Canadian senior champions (1985 Kentville Wildcats, 1998 & 2004 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry, and the 2005 Nova Scotia senior all-stars).

As the 2016 league champion, the Dartmouth Moosehead Dry will represent the league at the 2017 Canadian Senior Baseball Championship.

Monday, July 24
Pelham Canadians End Sooners Nine Game Streak, Wildcats and Bearcats Split

Scores from Saturday: Game 1: 3-1 Sooners over Halifax. Winning pitcher Devin Mahoney; losing pitcher Craig Fields. Game 2: 9-4 Sooners over Halifax; winning pitcher Ken Long, Losing pitcher Jordan Pelham.

 Game 3 Halifax- 9 Sydney- 4 Brett McGinnis win, Jake Pelham hits for the cycle, capped off by his 3rd HR of the weekend ending Sydney's nine game winning streak. 


Truro 2 0
Kentville 0 0 7 9 3

Visiting Battery Jason Smith (L), Jamie McLean and Matt Mingo

Home Battery Bradley Fuller (W), Codey Shrider (8 - S) and Tyler Fancy

Visiting Highlights Darson Murphy 2 singles, 2 runs scored and 2 sb's, Jeff Chisholm single, 2 bb's, rbi and 2 sb's Home Highlights David McIntyre 2 singles, rbi and run scored, Brandon MacKay 3 singles and run scored, Dryden Schofield double, 2 rbi's  

Truro 1 3 10  18 
Kentville 0 1 5 3


Visiting Battery John Chapman (W), Dan Bates (8) and Matt Mingo

Home Battery Alex Ostrov (L), Dryden Schofield (6), Evan Williams (9) and Ted Higa


Visiting Highlights Darson Murphy 2 doubless, 3 singles, 3 runs scored, Dan Bates double, 2 singles, 3 rbi's, John Chapman double, 2 singles, run scored, Jeff Chisholm 2 singles, 2 runs scored Matt Mingo 2 singles, rbi and 2 runs scored

Home Highlights Colby Turple triple and rbi, Alex Ostrov double,  

Saturday, July 22
Sooners and Halifax Games Moved, Truro and Dartmouth Rained Out

The Friday night games were rained out, Sydney was scheduled to host Halifax and Truro was to play Dartmouth. The Sydney Halifax series will begin Saturday with a double header starting at 3pm. Game 3 of the series will go at 1pm on Sunday.

Friday, July 21
Dry Whip Bearcats

Truro 0 0
Dartmouth 4 10 9 1

 The teams are back in action Friday in Truro. 


Truro Pitching Jordan Johnson (L), Gus Tupper (6)

Dartmouth Pitching Jeff Reeves (W, CG, 10k)

Truro Hitting D. Murphy single, J. Chisholm single, A. Lombard single

Dartmouth Hitting B. Hartley single 2 doubles RBI, A. McKinley 2 singles RBI, J. Sanford HR, M. Harding double 2 RBI

Thursday, July 20
Pelham Canadians Nip Wildcats

The Halifax Pelham Canadians defeated the Kentville Wildcats 5-4 last night at Memorial Park. 


Monday, July 17
Wildcats Snap 5 Game Losing Streak

Halifax 1 0
Kentville 0 7 9 2

 Visiting Battery Brett McGinnis (L), Aaron Ferguson (6) and Greg MacKinnon

Home Battery Bradley Fuller (W), Wes Harding (9) and Ted Higa

Visiting Highlights Brandon Devlin double, and run scored, Jordan Forbes single, rbi and run scored and Jake Pelham double Home Highlights Bradley Fuller 8 innings pitched, 9 K's Colby Turple 2 singles and 3 rbi's, Alex Ostrov 2 singles and rbi, Dryden Schofield double and 2 rbi's, Ted Higa 2 singles and 2 runs scored.  

Sunday, July 16
Sooners Complete Three Game Sweep

Dartmouth 0 0
Sydney 0 1 4 0

  Jason Mosher (L) 10 K's

Anthony Mckinley Double 

Devin Mahoney (W) 8 K's

Cory Christie RBI double 

Dartmouth 2 0 11 
Sydney 0 12  11 3

Reilly O'rourke W 

 Devin Mahoney 2R HR, single, Johnny Macleod 2R HR, single

Saturday, July 15
Sooners Win, Bearcats Shutout Wildcats

Dartmouth 0 0
Sydney 1 8 1

Losing Pitcher- Justin Davies Winning Pitcher- Sheldon Macdonald

Dartmouth-Chris Head HR, Dan Comeau 2 singles

 Sydney - Cory Christie 2b, 2 singles; Devin Mahoney 3 run HR

Game 2 of the three game series goes today at 1pm. 

Kentville 0 0
Truro 0 0 0 0 3

 Winning Pitcher Jason Smith

Losing Pitcher  Alex Ostrov

Visiting Highlights Alex Ostrov Complete game 5 Hitter Brad Fuller 2 1B John Ansara 2B

Home Highlights Jason Smith Complete game 3 Hitter Justin Morton 1B Run scored Dan Bates Run scored Matt Mingo 1B Adam MacAloney 1B John Chapman 1B Jeff Chisholm 1B

Thursday, July 13
Pelham Canadians Whip Wildcats

Halifax 3 0 10 
Kentville 1 0 1 1 3

Visiting Battery Brandon MacKinnon (W), Aaron Ferguson (7) and Brandon Devlin

Home Battery Wes Harding (L), Joey Hagen (5), Andrew Chase (8) and Evan Williams (9) and Dryden Schofield 

Visiting Highlights Brandon Devlin double, 3 rbi's and run scored, Mark Pelham 2 singles and 3 runs scored and Connor Sullivan single and 2 rbi's

Home Highlights Brandon MacKay HR, single, sb and run scored and Jason Pleasant-Sampson 2 singles, and run scored  

Wednesday, July 12
Bearcats Win First of the Season, Dry Pound Pelham Canadians

Kentville 0 0
Truro 0 0 3 1 3

 Visiting Battery - Codey Shrider (L) and Tyler Fancy 

 Home Battery John Chapman(W), Dan Bates (9) SV and Matt Mingo

Visiting Highlights Alex Ostrov 2 2B 2 RBI Dryden Schofield 2 1B 2 RBI Joey Cavidini 2B

Home Highlights Matt Mingo 1B 3RBI Darson Murphy 3B 2RBI Adam Lombard 1B 1RBI John Chapman 2 1B 


In other action the Dartmouth Moosehead Dry defeated the Halifax Pelham Canadians 12-4 

Dartmouth 1 0 12  15 
Halifax 0 0 2 0 2

Visiting Battery Jeff Reeves(W), Liam Logan (7), Jason Mosher (9) and Dan Comeau  

Home Battery Craig Field (L), Brett McGinnis (6) and Greg MacKinnon  

Visiting Highlights Anthony McKinley: HR, double, two singles, 5 RBI Jake Sanford: HR, two singles, 3 RBI Dan Comeau: three singles, 2 RBI Matt Doudelet: two singles, RBI

Home Highlights Pat Gilbert: three singles Jake Pelham: single, 2 RBI Mark Pelham: double, single, RBI Josh Pelham: single Jordan Pelham: single Aaron Ferguson: single

Jeff Reeves quieted the Halifax bats while Anthony McKinley and Jake Sanford each slugged two-run homers to power the Dry over the Canadians 12-4.

Monday, July 10
Sooners Sweep DH from Wildcats

Game 1: Kentville (1) vs Sydney (8), Sunday, July 9/17, 12:00 Noon: Susan McEachern Memorial Ball Park

Linescore:                                              R      H    E     LOB

                 Kentville:   000 001 000         1      7    1      5

                 Sydney     100 001  24X         8     12   2      9


Sydney Battery:   Sheldon MacDonald, Kenny Long (6)(W), Reilly O'Rourke (9); catcher: Sean Ferguson

Kentville Battery: Brad Fuller (L), Dryden Schofield (8); Catcher: Tyler Fancy


Sydney Offence: Cory Christie: 2 singles, RBI, 2 Runs Scored

                         Devin Mahoney: 2 Singles, 2 Stolen Bases 2 Runs Scored

                         Chris Farrow, 2 singles, Stolen Base

                         Phil Brown: 2 singles, RBI, Run Scored

                         Jordon Shepherd, 2 Run HR, 2 RBI, Run Scored


Kentville Offence: Joey Cavidini : 2 singles, RBI

Game 2: Kentville (1) vs Sydney (11) (8 innings), Sunday, July 9/17, 2:50: Susan McEachern Memorial Ball Park

Linescore:                                              R      H    E     LOB

                 Kentville:   100 000 00X         1     7     1      9

                 Sydney     100  300 61X         11   14   3      8


Sydney Battery: Garrett Nicholson (W), Justin Brewer (6); Reilly O'Rourke (8); Catcher, Jordan Sampson

Kentville Battery: Alex Astrov (L), Joey Cavidini (5), Dryden Schofield (7), Wes Harding (9); Catcher, Ted Higa

Sydney Offence: Cory Christie: 3 singles, RBI, 2 Runs Scored

                         Devin Mahoney: 2 Doubles, 3 RBI, 1 Run Scored

                         Jordon Shepherd, 2 Run HR, Single, 3 RBI, Run Scored

                         Phil Brown: 2 singles, RBI, Run Scored

                         Jonny MacLeod: 2 singles, 3 stolen bases, 2 Runs Scored

                        Jordan Sampson, Mike Tobin: 2 singles, RBI, Run Scored each

Kentville Offence: David McIntyre: Double, Single, 1 RBI

Nicholson records his first pitching win of his young NSSBL career.

Friday, July 7
Dry Bounce Back After Tough Loss

Truro 0 0
Dartmouth 0 0 X X 13  16 

 Truro Pitching
A. MacAlcney (L), G. Tupper (5), J. Chapman (6)

Dartmouth Pitching
J. Reeves (W), D. Quik (6)

Truro Hitting
J. Chisholm single, D. Murphy single, D.Bates double, J. Chapman single RBI,

Dartmouth Hitting
C. Head single double 2RBi, C. Tibideau single 2 doubles 2RBI, J. Sanford single double, B. Hartley 2 singles 2RBI, M. Harding 3 singles 2RBI, J. Clyke 2 singles

Thursday, July 6
Wildcats Win Late Over Dry

Dartmouth 0 0
Kentville 1 0 0

  Visiting Battery   Jason Mosher, Liam Logan (8), Justin Davies (L-9) and Dan Comeau                                              
Home Battery   Alex Ostrov, Codey Shrider (W-8)  and Tyler Fancy                      
Visiting Highlights                         
Jason Mosher 9 K's in 7 innings pitched, Chris Head, single, 2 HBP, 4 sb's, run scored and Ted Comeau, single, rbi and (2) runs scored                             
Home Highlights                         
Joey Cavadini, 2 singles, 2 runs scored and 2 sb's, Tyler Fancy 2 singles, 2 rbi's and 2 runs scored and John Ansara 2 singles and 2 rbi's (game winning 2 run single).                          
Game Summary:                         
The Wildcats added 4 runs in the 3rd assisted by 3 Dartmouth errors to lead 5-2. The Dry added a run in 5th while the Cats responded with two more of their own for a 7-3 score.                         
The Dry scored 5 runs in the 8th inning to take a late lead 8-7. In the bottom of the 9th the Cats walked, stole 2nd, singled and grounded out to place runners at 3rd and 2nd.                           
John Ansara then hit a game winning, 1 out - 2 run single in the bottom of the 9th for the 9-8 walk-off win for the Wildcats.                         

Wednesday, July 5
Pelham Canadians Nip Bearcats in Another Walkoff Win

Truro 0 0 10 
Halifax 0 0 1 11 



 Visiting Battery- Jason Smith, Jamie MacLean (7,L) and Matt Mingo

Home Battery Brandon MacKinnon Jordan Pelham (7, W) and Greg MacKinnon 

Visiting Highlights Jeff Chisholm: Homerun, single, RBI Matt Mingo: double, RBI Justin Morton: two singles, RBI Adam Lombard: single, RBI

Home Highlights Steve Murpjy: three singles, 3 RBI Josh Pelham: single, RBI Connor Sullivan: single, RBI Adam Gardner: two singles Mark Pelham: two singles Tied at five, Halifax shortstop, Pat Gilbert led off the bottom of the 9th inning by being hit with a pitch from reliever, Jamie MacLean. After an Adam Gardner single and a fielder's choice, he scored the winning run when a ground ball off the bat of Jake Pelham was thrown away giving the Pelham Molson Canadians another walkoff win. Jordan Pelham was impressive and earned the win with 6 strikeouts in relief of Brandon MacKinnon. 

Friday, June 30
Wildcats and Sooners Postponed

For the second straight weekend the Sydney Sooners and Kentville Wildcats will be postponed due to rain. No make up date has been set at this time.

Friday, June 30
Pelham Canadians Defeat Dry

Halifax 0 0
Dartmouth 3 0 1 13


 Halifax Pitching   C. Field (W), B. McGinnis (Sv, 8)       
Dartmouth Pitching   J. Davies, J. Borden (L, 7), L. Logan (8), J. Reeves (9)       
Halifax Hitting   P. Gilbert 2 singles, A. Ferguson single 2RBI, G. Mackinnon single, S. Peverill single,        
Dartmouthing Hitting   A. McKinley 2 singles, B. Harley single double, D. Comeau 2 singles, C. Head 2 singles       

Wednesday, June 28
Pelham Canadians and Dry Win

Kentville 0 0
Halifax 0 1 0 9


Visiting Battery- Codey Shrider Alex Ostrov (7, L) and Tyler Fancy 

Home Battery- Brandon MacKinnon Jordan Pelham (8, W) and Greg MacKinnon 

Visiting Highlights John Ansara: single, 2 RBI Dryden Schofield: double, two singles, RBI Matt Johnson: single Tyler Fancy: single David McIntyre: single

Home Highlights Josh Pelham: single, walkoff SF Shawn Peverill: three singles, RBI Greg MacKinnon: two singles Aaron Ferguson: single Jake Pelham: single, scored winning run Pat Gilbert: single

The Pelham brothers played prominent roles as Josh drove in Jake with the winning run in walk off fashion, while Jordan earned the win in relief of Brandon MacKinnon as the Halifax Pelham Molson Canadians shaded the Kentville Wildcats 6-5 at the Mainland Common.

Dartmouth 3 0 X 16  15 
Truro 0 2 1 X 3


Visiting Battery Jason Mosher(W) and Anthony McKinley
Home Battery John Chapman(L), Dan Bates (7) Jamie MacLean (8) and Matt Mingo 

  Visiting Highlights Anthony McKinley 1B Grand Slam HR 4 RBI Dan Comeau  2 1B 3 RBI Jake Sanford 1B  2B RBI Home Highlights Matt Mingo 2B RBI Jeff Chisholm 1B run scored

Saturday, June 24
Bearcats Pelham Canadians Rained Out

The game between the Truro Bearcats and Halifax Pelham Canadians was rained out. Truro was leading 6-2 when the game was called. No make-up date has been set at this time.

Friday, June 23
Wildcats Sooners Moved to Next Weekend

With rain in the forecast tonight and tomorrow, the Sooners and Wildcats have decided to moved their 3 game series to next weekend in Kentville.

June 30, 7pm Memorial Park 

July 1, 12pm and 3pm 

Friday, June 23
Pelham Canadians Take Down Dry

Halifax 3 0
Dartmouth 2 0 0 6


 Halifax- Craig Field (W), Jordan Pelham (SV)

Dartmouth- Jeff Reeves (L), Liam Logan (7), Doug Quik (8), Justin Davies (9)

Halifax- Pat Gilbert 2 singles, Shawn Walsh double, single, 2 RBI; Shawn Peverill double, 2 RBI

Dartmouth- Anthony Mckinley 2 run HR; Matt Doudelet single, triple, 2 RBI, SB

Chris Head single 


Tuesday, June 20
Halifax and Truro Rained Out

Tonights game between Halifax and Truro has been postponed due to rain.

Monday, June 19
Sooners Sweep Bearcats, Kentville and Halifax Rained Out

Truro 0 0
Sydney 0 4 10  13


Winning Battery: Devin Mahoney (WP); Sheldon MacDonald (8); Catcher: Sean Ferguson

Losing Battery: Jason Smith (LP); Adam MacAloney (6); Gus Tupper (7); Catcher: Matt Mingo

Sydney Offence: Chris Farrow: Double, Two Singles, 2 RBI’s, 2 Stolen Bases, 2 Runs Scored. Sean Ferguson: 3 Singles, 2 RBI, 1 Run Scored Josh Forrest: 2 singles, RBI, 1 Run Scored Cory Christie: 2 singles, 2 RBI’s, 1 Run Scored

Truro Offence: John Chapman; Double, single Darson Murphy: single

Truro 0 0
Sydney 2 0   0 5

 Winning Battery: Logan Aker (WP), Justin Brewer (6), Reilly O’Rourke (8) (Save); Catcher: Jordon Sampson

Losing Battery: Jordan Johnson (LP), Ryan Bates (6), Catcher: Matt Mingo

Sydney Offence: Devin Mahoney, 2 Run HR, Double, 2 RBI’s, Run 2 Runs Scored, Stolen Base Jordan Shepherd: 2 singles, 2 walks, 2 stolen bases Chris Farrow: single Jonny MacLeod: RBI

Truro Offence: Justin Morton: 2 singles Darson Murphy, Jeff Chisholm, Dan Bates, Adam Lombard: Each with a single.

Friday, June 16
Dry Pound Wildcats

Kentville 0 0
Dartmouth 4 2 13  16

Dartmouth Pitching Mosher (W), Campbell (7), and D. Comeau

Kentville Pitching Chase (L), Harding (3), Cavadini (6) and Fancy

Kentville Highlights Shrider double MacKay single

Dartmouth Highlights McKinnley 2 singles, double, 3RBI, 2SB Wallace 2 singles, RBI, 3SB Head 2 doubles, RBI Sanford 2 singles, RBI T. Comeau, 2 singles

Thursday, June 15
Wildcats Win Tight Game with Bearcats

Truro 0 0
Kentville 0 1 8


Truro- John Chapman (L) and Matt Mingo

Kentville- Bradley Fuller (7k's), Codey Shrider (7,W)  and Tyler Fancy

Truro - Dan Bates 2 singles RBI, John Chapman single

Kentville-  Jason Pleasant-Sampson double, single rbi, run, Joey Cavadini 3 singles

Wednesday, June 14
Dry Defeat Pelham Canadians

Dartmouth 0 0 11  15 
Halifax 0 1 6

 Visiting Battery
Justin Davies(W), Jesse Borden (7), Liam Logan (8) and Anthony McKinley

 Home Battery
Brett McGinnis,  Aaron Ferguson (5), Greg MacKinnon (9) and Brandon Devlin

 Visiting Highlights
Billy Hartley: double, two singles, 2 RBI; Dan Comeau: two singles, 2 RBI; Matt Harding: single, 2 RBI
Matt Thomas: single, 2 RBI; Anthony McKinley: single, RBI

Home Highlights
Jordan Pelham: two singles, RBI; Josh Pelham: two singles; Mark Pelham: single; Adam Gardner: single

Sunday, June 11
Pelham Canadians and Sooners Split DH

Sydney 1 0 10  11 
Halifax 0 0 4

Visiting Battery- Devin Mahoney(W, 10K's) and Sean Ferguson

Home Battery- Craig Field(L), Justin Brann (6) and Greg Mackinnon

  Visiting Highlights Mike Tobin: three singles, 2 RBI Chris Farrow: two singles, RBI Josh Forrest: two singles, RBI Cory Christie: two singles, RBI Jordon Shepherd: double, RBI

Home Highlights Shawn Walsh: two singles Jeff Conn: double Connor Sullivan: single



 Game 2

Sydney 0 1 11 
Halifax 1 0 3

 Visiting Battery- Anthony Ianetti (L, 8 BB's), Reilly O'Rourke (5) and Jordan Sampson, Chris Farrow (9)

Home Battery Brandon MacKinnon, Jordan Pelham (4, W) and Shawn Walsh 

Visiting Highlights Phil Brown: double, three singles Jordon Shepherd: double, single, RBI Kenny Long: single, RBI

Home Highlights Shawn Walsh: single, RBI Shawn Peverill: single, RBI Adam Gardner: single, RBI 

Friday, June 9
Dry Take Down Wildcats

Kentville 0 2
Dartmouth 0 4 10  16

Dartmouth Pitching Reeves 5IP 4K, Borden (W) 1IP, Logan 1IP, Davies 1IP, Mosher 1IP

Kentville Pitching Fuller Ostrov(L) Shrider

Kentville Highlights C. Shrider 2 singles B. MacKay 2 singles

Dartmouth Highlights D. Wallace single, double, 3RBI M. Harding 2 singles, 3RBI B. Hartley single, double J. Sanford 2 singles

Thursday, June 8
Pelham Canadians and Sooners Adjust Schedule

With rain in the forecast for Friday the Halifax Pelham Canadians and Sydney Sooners will play a double header on Saturday starting at 3pm and 6pm. The remaining game of the three game series will be played when Sydney visits Halifax on August 13,

Wednesday, June 7
Pelham Canadians Remain Unbeaten

Truro 0 0 12 
Halifax 2 2 8

 Visiting Battery Matt Mingo(L), Justin Morton (6) Dan Bates (7) and John Chapman 

Home Battery Brett McGinnis(W), Aaron Ferguson (7) Jordan Pelham (7) Brandon MacKinnon (8, S) and Shawn Walsh 


Visiting Highlights
Dan Bates: single, 2 RBI;Adam Lombard: single, 2 RBI;Jeff Chisholm: two singles, RBI;Matt Mingo: two singles, RBI; John Chapman: double, two singles

Home Highlights
Brandon Devlin: two singles, 2 RBI; Jake Pelham: double, 2 RBI; Shawn Walsh: two singles, RBI; Mark Pelham: single, RBI; Jordan Pelham: single, RBI; Adam Gardner: single, RBI

Saturday, June 3
Pelham Canadians Outslug Bearcats

Halifax 2 11  15 
Truro 0 0 7

 Visiting Battery- Brandon MacKinnon(WP) Justin Braun (7) Craig Field (8)

Home Battery- Jamie MacLean (LP) John Chapman (2) Tyler Smith Greg MacKinnon Matt Mingo Adam MacAloney (4)

Visiting Highlights Jake Pelham 2 2B 4 RBI Shawn Walsh 2 1B Connor Sullivan 1B 2B RBI Aaron Ferguson 2 1B 2B 2 RBI

Home Highlights Justin Mortin 1B RBI Adam Lombard 2 1B John Chapman 1B Ryan Bates 1B 

Friday, June 2
Dry Blast Bearcats

Truro 0
Dartmouth 1 5 19  13 

Dartmouth Pitching J. Mosher 5IP, 3H, 1BB, 3K L. Logan 1IP, 3H, 1ER, 2K J. Reeves 1IP, 1K

Truro Pitching J. Johnson 2IP G. Tupper 5IP Truro Highlights D. Murphy - single J. Morton - single J. Chisholm - single J. Chapman - single

Dartmouth Highlights M. Doudlet – 2 singles, RBI D. Comeau – single, double, 2 RBI B. Hartley – 2 singles, 3RBI M. Thomas – 2 singles, C. Head – homerun, 2RBI

The Bearcats are back in action tonight as they host the Halifax Pelham Canadians 

Thursday, June 1
Wildcats Pick Up First Win of Season

Dartmouth 0
Kentville 1 1 11  12 

Visiting Battery Jesse Borden (L), Doug Quick (5) and Dan Comeau

Home Battery Bradley Fuller (W), Dryden Schofield (S-6) and Ted Higa, Tyler Fancy (8)                     

Visiting Highlights Jeff Reeves double, run scored, Chris Head single, rbi, (2) sb,

Home Highlights Dryden Schofield HR, (3) rbi and (2) runs scored, Tyler Fancy double, single, rbi, Jeff Longaphy (2) singles, Brandon MacKay (2) singles, Jason Pleasant-Sampson (2) singles

Wednesday, May 31
Pelham Canadians Win Home Opener

The Halifax Pelham Canadians defeated Kentville 4-3 last night. Jordan Pelham picked up the win and Brandon Mackinnon shut the door for the save. The Wildcats are back in action tonight when they host the Dartmouth Moosehead Dry, game time 7:30p.
Kentville 1
 Halifax 0 0 10 

Visiting Battery Alex Ostrov(L) Wes Harding (7) Tyler Fancy

Home Battery Jordan Pelham (W)Brett McGinnis (7) Brandon MacKinnon (9, S) Shawn Walsh

Visiting Highlights David McIntyre: four singles, RBI John Ansara: single, RBI Jason Pleasant-Sampson: single, RBI Home Highlights Shawn Walsh: double, 2 RBI Jake Pelham: two singles, RBI Mark Pelham: double, single Brandon Devlin: two singles 

Friday, May 26
Sooners Sweep Bearcats

The Sydney Sooners swept the three game series in Truro.

Game 1- 4-3


Sydney  2
 Truro 0 3

Sheldon MacDonald Kenny Long (WP) (6)

John Chapman Jordan Johnson (LP) (8)

Visiting Highlights Kenny Long 1B 2B two runs scored Justin Brewer 2 1B Cory Christie RBI Jordan Shepherd 1B 2RBI Chris Farrow 1B run scored Mike Tobin run scored

Home Highlights Darson Murphy 2 1B run scored Jeff Chisholm 1B RBI run scored Dan Bates RBI Ryan Bates 1B RBI Adam Lombard 1B runscored

Game 2- 11-3

Sydney  0 11 
 Truro 0 0

Justin Brewer (WP) Logan Aker(6)

Jamie MacLean (LP) Adam MacAloney (3) Gus Tupper (7) Justin Morton (8)

Visiting Highlights Jordan Shepherd  2 1B 2RBI Cory Christie 1B 3RBI Jordan Sampson 1B 2RBI

Home Highlights Ryan Bates 1B RBI Billy MacKenzie 2B 2 RBI 

Game 3- 8-7 10innings 

Sydney  2 0 14 
 Truro 0 2 8 0

Michael MacGillvary Riley O'Rourke (4) WP

Jason Smith Tyler Smith (8) LP   

 Visiting Highlights Jordan Shepherd 3-Run HR  3 RBI Kenny Long 2 1B 2 RBI Josh Forrest 1B Game winning RBI Mike Tobin 2 1B 2B

Home Highlights Jeff Chisholm 2B 1B 2 RBI Adam MacAloney 1B 2 RBI John Chapman 1B Dan Bates 2B

Friday, May 26
Dry and Halifax Postponed Due to Rain

The Dartmouth Moosehead Dry and Halifax Pelham Canadians were postponed in the bottom of the 4th with Dartmouth leading 6-5. The game will be rescheduled and replayed.

Thursday, May 25
Pelham Canadians Start Season with Win


Halifax- Brandon Mckinnon(W), Jordan Pelham(S) and Shawn Walsh

Kentville- Codey Shrider, Joey Cavadini(L,6), Dryden Schofield (7), Wes Harding (8), Bradley Fuller (9) and Ted Higa, Tyler Fancy 7

Halifax-Shawn Walsh double, 2 singles, 2 R, Josh Pelham 3 singles, Brandon Devlin 2 singles, Jeff Touesnard double, 2 RBI

Kentville- Tyler Fancy home run, single 2R; Brandon Mackay 2 singles 


























Saturday, May 20
Dry Spoil Bearcats Home Opener








































Jason Mosher (W) Liam Logan (7) Dan Comeau Anthony McKinley(3)

Jordan Johnson Brandon Malally(6)(L) John Chapman(9) Matt Mingo 



Visiting Highlights

Chris Head 2 1B Run scored Billy Hartley 2 1B 2 RBI run scored Dan Comeau 1B run scored Anthony McKinley run scored


Home Highlights

Darson Murphy 2 1B Justin Morton run scored Jeff Chisholm runs scored Billy MacKenzie run scored 


Friday, May 19
Dry Begin 2017 With Win








































WP – Jeff Reeves

LP- Alex Ostrov

SV-Justin Davies

Kentville- Cody Shrider 2 single, Alex Ostrov single, RBI

Dartmouth- Dan Comeau 2 singles,RBI; Anthony Mckinley double, RBI, 3 R, 2 SB; Jordan Clyke  single, double, RBI

The Dry are back in action tonight when they visit the Truro Bearcats, game time 7:30p 

Tuesday, May 16
2017 Season begins on Thursday

The 2017 season kicks off with two games this week as the defending champion Dartmouth Moosehead Dry host Kentville on Thursday. Friday night sees the Dry travel to Truro to take on the Bearcats.

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Tue 7/25 Baseball Dartmouth Moosehead Dry vs. Halifax Pelham Molson Canadians 7:00 PM Mainland Common
Fri 7/28 Baseball Sydney Sooners vs. Dartmouth Moosehead Dry 7:00 PM Beazley Field
Fri 7/28 Baseball Kentville Wildcats vs. Truro Bearcats 7:30 PM TAAC Grounds
Sat 7/29 Baseball Sydney Sooners vs. Dartmouth Moosehead Dry 1:00 PM Beazley Field
Sat 7/29 Baseball Sydney Sooners vs. Dartmouth Moosehead Dry 4:00 PM Beazley Field
Sun 7/30 Baseball Truro Bearcats vs. Halifax Pelham Molson Canadians 3:00 PM Mainland Common
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 7/19 Baseball Halifax Pelham Molson Canadians: 5 - Kentville Wildcats: 4 7:30 PM Memorial Park
Thu 7/20 Baseball Truro Bearcats: 0 - Dartmouth Moosehead Dry: 10 7:30 PM Beazley Field
Fri 7/21 Baseball Halifax Pelham Molson Canadians: 1 - Sydney Sooners: 3 7:00 PM Susan MacEachern Memorial Ball Park
Fri 7/21 Baseball Dartmouth Moosehead Dry vs. Truro Bearcats 7:30 PM TAAC Grounds
Sat 7/22 Baseball Halifax Pelham Molson Canadians: 4 - Sydney Sooners: 9 1:00 PM Susan MacEachern Memorial Ball Park
Sat 7/22 Baseball Halifax Pelham Molson Canadians: 9 - Sydney Sooners: 4 4:00 PM Susan MacEachern Memorial Ball Park
Sun 7/23 Baseball Truro Bearcats: 3 - Kentville Wildcats: 7 2:00 PM Memorial Park
Sun 7/23 Baseball Truro Bearcats: 10 - Kentville Wildcats: 1 5:00 PM Memorial Park