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Welcome to the NSPAA Web site.


   Prepartion for the 2015 Baseball & Softball season has begun.

Please look for registration information in January.   

Following the links for additional information, registration forms and more :


Slow Pitch Girls Softball:


  Board of Directors Meeting

Our monthly meetings are scheduled for the last Tuesday of each month

7:00 PM Start

 All members in Good Standing are invitied and encouraged to attended

  Location: American Legion (back room), North St. Paul


Our Association is concerned about the wellness of all of our participating members. We have all heard about children and Concussions,

This is a serious issue that affects many athletes each season. Our coaches have participated in Concussion Training

and we will continue to offer this training every season as part of our Coach's certification.

Listed in the Handout section of this website (click on Handout Tab to left) we have posted the recent 

CDC poster on Concussions. We encourage you to read it, print it out and share this with your student athlete.

Awareness and Attention play a critical role in keeping our kids safe.

"Let's Take Brain Injuries out of Play"

  Slow Pitch Softball Information visit:

NSPAA Slow Pitch Softball has and will continue to operate under the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines for participation in sports activities as it relates to extreme heat.  Following are those guidelines: 65-80:  No Special measures required. 81-99:  Coaches will be required to take extra steps to keep the athletes hydrated and cool.  Bring extra water and a cooler with rags soaked in ice. 100-104:  In addition to above, Pony and Filly league games and practices canceled, no triple-headers in the Minor, Junior, and Senior Leagues, no games before 7:00P, strike count will be 3-2 with no courtesy, 5 innings maximum, athletes will only be allowed to catch two consecutive innings, up to 5 minutes will be allowed for players to take the field in between innings, unlimited pinch runners will be allowed at any base, athletes will be encouraged to sit or stand in the shade available around the bench area. 105+:  All games and practices canceled. All heat related determinations will be made at the field at the time of the game. 



NSPAA will enforce our Code of Ethics Policy and Zero Tolerance Policy at all NSPAA events. You can find them under the Handout Section of this website. They will also be made available during registration.


We thank you in advance for supporting our efforts in keeping NSPAA a fun and safe environment for our  student athletes, coaches, officials and spectators.


NSPAA Baseball

Both NSP Polars Traveling and NSP Recreational Baseball will be sharing a new website at:


For additional details email the NSPAA President/CEO, Doug Van Duyne at

Map & directions to 2720 Maplewood Drive can be found under the "Link" tab above.

For the latest information on Jr Polars Football copy & paste the link below, you'll be redirected to Jr Polars home page:

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