Newfield Pride: History

Our History
Most of the Pride players started playing together in 2008. At the age of six many players came together to form an intramural team. I remember when they would trip over the ball, and bunch like grapes. They have had a lot of fun playing together for a long time, and they have come a long way. I also remember playing some of the girls who played for another intramural team. We always had good games, and we were always very competitive. Since the first day that I saw them play together I knew that they would be team mates and friends for a very long time. As the years went by we took some players to tournaments and they also became part of the team. We always did very good in tournaments, finishing firs in the Commack Tournament and were Finalists in the Massapequa Tournament. At the end of the 2011 spring season we decide to become a travel team. We had tryouts and 15 players made the team. Our 2010 season was very successful, we had a 7-1-1 record in SSI, finished first in the Commack tournament, and finished second in the Futsal Winter League. In 2011 we had a 7-1-1 record in SSI and were finalists in the Massapequa tournament. We have a great past and I strongly believe that we will have a very bright and successful future. I really believe in our team and the great potential that all our player have (read our team highlights below for more of our history).


June 2011, Participated in the SSI League!
May 2011, Massapequa Tournament Finalists!!
May 2010, Commack Tournament Champions!!!
February 2010, LI Futsal League Champions!!
November 2010, Participated in the SSI League!

November 1998, LIJSL 5th place.
December 1998, LI Futsal Tournament Champions!!
February 1999, LI Futsal League Finalist!
May 1999, Waldbaum's Challenge Final Four!!
May 1999, Participated in the Virginian 99 Tournament.
June 1999, LIJSL 3rd place!
August 1999, Participated in the East End Tournament.
September 1999, 2nd round of The State Cup.
November 1999, LIJSL 5th place.
January 2000, 3rd place in the LI Futsal League
March 2000, Participated in the Walbaum's Cup.
May 2000, Burlington Memorial Day Tournament 2nd place!
June 2000, LIJSL 6th place
August 2000, Sachem Tournament 2nd place!
October 2000, Participated in the Parsippany Columbus Day Tournament.
November 2000, LIJSL Division Champions!!!!!
January 2001, LI Futsal U16 Division Champions!!!!
May 2001, Pocono Cup Memorial Day Tournament 3rd place!
June 2001, Waldbaum's Cup Champions!!!!!
June 2001, LIJSL Division Champions!!!!!
August 2001, East End Tournament 2nd place!
October 2001, Poughkeepsie Tournament 2nd place!
November 2001, LIJSL 2nd place!!
February 2002, US Soccer Academy Tournament 2nd place!
February 2002, KK Athletics Tournament 2nd place!
February 2002, 2nd place in the LI Futsal League!
May 2002, Waldbaum's Quarter Finals!!
May 2002, 2nd place in the Holliston, MA Memorial Weekend Tournament!!
August 2002, Sachem Travel Tournament 2nd place!
November 2002, LIJSL Division 1 - 3rd place!!
December 2002, NJ Coliseum indoor tournament champions!!
February 2003, Futsal U17 Division Champions!!!!
April 2003, 2nd round of The Open State Cup.
May 2003, Champions in the Somers, NY Memorial Weekend Tournament!!!
May 2003, Waldbau's Open Cup semi-finalists!!!
Spring 2003, LIJSL Division 1 - 6th place.
August 2003, East End Tournament champions!!
Fall 2003, LIJSL Division 1 champions!!!!!
December 2003, Participated in the KK Athletics Tournament.
February 2004, Indoor Stony Brook Girls U16/17 Tournament Champions!!
February 2004, participated in the NJ Coliseum indoor tournament.
February 2004, LI Futsal U19 Division Champions!!!!
March 2004, Waldbaum's 2nd round.
March 2004, Open State Cup 2nd round.
May 2004, 3rd place in the Avon, CT Memorial Weekend Tournament.
June 2004, LIJSL Division 1 - 2nd place!
August 2004, LI Soccer Shoot-Out Tournament U19 Division Champions!!
November 2004, participated in the Nationa Elite Womes Soccer Showcase!!
Fall 2004, LIJSL U19 Division 1 champions!!!!!
December 2004, participated in the Mid Atlantic Premier Soccer Showcase!!
March 2005, LI Futsal U19 Division Champions!!!!
May 2005, Quarterfinalist in the Open State Cup!!!
May 2005, participated in the Needham Memorial Weekend Tournament.
June 2005, Waldbaum's Cup Finalists!!
Spring 2005, LIJSL Division 1 - 3rd place!
August 2005, participated in the LI Soccer Shoot-Out!
Fall 2005, LIJSL Division 1 - 3rd place!
December 2005, participated in the Mid Atlantic Premier Soccer Showcase!!
February 2006, NJ Soccer Colisemum Indoor Tournament Champions!!
March 2006, LI Futsal U19 Division Champions!!!!
April 2006 Waldbaum's Cup 3rd round.
May 2006 Quarterfinalist in the Open State Cup!!!
May 2006, Memorial Day MSSL Explosion Tournament Finalist!!!
Spring 2006 LIJSL Division 1 - 3rd place!
July 2006 PARTICIPATED IN THE U.S. FUTSAL XXI National Championship!!!!!!
Fall 2006 LIJSL Division 1 - 8th place.
March 2007, LI Futsal U19 Champions!!!!!
Spring 2007 participating in the Waldbaum's Cup
Spring 2007 participating in the LIJSL Division 1