NSA Youth West: News & Tournaments: Click here for Complete 2018 Spring Summer Results and Standings (Updated 4-15-18)

Click here for Complete 2018 Spring Summer Results and Standings (Updated 4-15-18)


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10Under standings and Results  12Under standings and Results   14Under standings and Results  

Champion and Runner up for each Event 
Date  Location  10 under  12 under  14 under 
 Feb 10  Merced

 Champion-Ohana Tigers-Busch

Runner Up- CC Angels-Priddell 

Champion-CV Gators

Runner Up-Ca Destroyers 

Champion-Oakdale Heat

Runner Up-Bownet-Chapman 

 Feb 17   Tracy

Gold Champion-Smoke Fastpitch

Runner Up-Ca Breeze  

Gold Champion-Nv Batbusters-Olsen

Runner up-AA Mizuno 


Silver Champion-Strikkers

Runner up-Nor Cal Shockers 

Silver Champion-SB Thunder

Runner Up-Smoke Fastpitch 

 Feb 24 Bakersfield 

Champion-SGV Dynamite

Runner Up-Wasco Divas 

Gold Champion-Firecrackers-Venegas

Runner Up-OC Knights 

Gold Champion-Firecrackers-Venegas 2020

Runner Up-Ca Destroyers-Ochoa 



Silver Champion-SoCal 3D-Rice

Runner Up-Stealth Fastpitch 

Silver Champion-BKFD Babes-Ramirez

Runner up-DC Softball  

Feb 24   Merced

Champion-Cen Cal Angels-Priddle

Runner Up-Easton Bullets 

Champion-Cen Cal Angels-Moorehead 

Runner Up-Tulare Warriors 

March 10  Turlock 


Runner Up-CC Angels-Priddell 

Champion-Midstate Bears 

Runner Up-Stealth 


 March 10 



Champion-Ice 20-Haffamier 

Runner up-Firecrackers-Venegas Black  

March 17
Santa Maria

Gold Champion-Ohana Tigers-Busch

Runner up-Marucci Patriots Delores

Gold Champion-Marucci Patriots Wilson

Runner up-Marucci Patriots Razo


Silver Champion-Cen Cal Pride

Runner up-Marucci Patriots-Acevedo

Silver Champion-805 Elite-Martinez

Runner Up-Wildcats Barclay

 April 7

14 Gold Champion-Ohana Tigers Holloway

Runner up-Ice 20 Haffamier


14 Silver Champion-Ice 20 Alkazian

Runner up-So Cal Crushers

April 14

12 Gold Champion-Sutter Buttes Thunder

12 Runner up- Cal Suncats


12 Silver Champion-Cen Cal Aces

12 Silver runner up-Lincoln Loaded

 April 14 Tracy

10 Gold Champion-Dynasty

10 Gold Runner Up-Oakdale Heat


14 Champion-Diehards

14 Runner up-Cal Crossfire


10 Silver Champion-Tracy Renegades

Runner up-Quicksilver

 April 14

10 Gold Champion-Ohana Tigers

Runner Up-Wasco Divas

12 Gold Champion-CV Gators

Runner up-CC Synergy

14 Champion-Destroyers

Runner up-Bownet


10 Silver Champion-American A's

Runner up-OC Knights

12 Silver Champion-Cen Cal Fury

Runner up-DC Softball




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