NSA Youth West: News & Tournaments: May 26

May 26






Multiple Teams in the same organization playing in the same event get a discount. Ask for more information

Enter our tournaments by using our 
Pencil In Form

Pencil in Form
  Teams will only be penciled in and are not officially entered in this event until we RECEIVE your Entry Fee of $425.00
Your team can be bumped no matter when you Penciled In. 
Entry Fee
of $425.00 is due 5 days prior to the tournament date.
If payment is not recieved by that Wednesday of the event price will be $450.00

 Checks - Please make checks payable to:
NSA Fastpitch   
2350 Acacia Ave
 Sutter Ca 95982
If you have a paypal account sign in. Select pay or send money to freinds and Family to email Paticakes48@yahoo.com  10/18u-$425.00 Please put in the notes the team name that you are paying for Thank you

0P0l0e0a0s0e remember our park Rules

General Park Rules


Gate Fee At Sites for Spectators:    

Adults $5.00

Seniors $3.00

Children (8-18) $3.00 

Manager and up to two coaches with players are free


We have introduced a (C) division this year. The (B) and (C) divisions could be combined untill we have enough teams to combine on their own. The (B) teams can choose to play up in the (A). If we do not enough teams to seperate in total it will be ran as one division.

Upper Division is for all (A) teams and Higher Class (B) teams

Lower Division is for the lower class (B) teams and all (C) teams

10(Upper) 12(Upper) 14(Upper)  16 18
  AC Rampage

Black=Your team is Penciled In. Blue=your team is Confirmed. Green=your team is Paid.

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