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NSA Youth West:News & Tournaments

NSA Youth West

2017 Western World Series (Reno-Sparks NV)


 2017 World Series

Reno-Sparks Nevada

July 26-30

Team Registration:Due to your State Director 

Team Draw: 1:00pm-2:00pm-July 26th-TBA

Managers Meeting: 2:00pm-3:00pm-July 26th-TBA 

Umpire Meeting: 3:00PM – 4:00PM-July 26th-TBA 

Pin Swap : 5:00pm-6:30pm-July 26th-TBA

Opening Ceremonies:7:00pm– 8:00PM July 26th-TBA

Games Begin Play: 8:00AM Thursday, July 27th 

The tournament will be a four (4) game format.  The format will be a two (2) game pool play and then advance to a double elimination game tournament bracket. All teams should be ready to play on Thursday, July 26th.  Teams are required to participate in pool play.


    Golden Eagle  Ge

No Teams May wear Metal spikes at Golden Eagle Sports Park.  No Ice chest are allowed at all (Including Teams) in Golden Eagle Regional park this will be enforced by the park Staff. Water coolers will be provided.


Enter our tournaments by using our 
Pencil In Form

Pencil in Form
  Teams will only be penciled in and are not officially entered in this event until we RECEIVE your Entry Fee of $750.00
Your team can be bumped no matter when you Penciled In. 
Entry Fee
of $750.00 is due 5 days prior to the tournament date.

 Checks - Please make checks payable to:
Tournamet Director
Chris Myers -Phone (916) 473-9455
Andy Pearson -Phone (530) 415-4348

World Series Validation Requirements

Please remember our park Rules

Park Rules

Information Packet




Golden Eagle Regional Park 6400 Vista Blvd  (10)

Shadow Mountain 3300 Sparks Blvd (4)

Please email below

Hotel Info

Black-team has earned a berth to the 2017 World series but has not committed (has not signed up)

Red-Teams interested in playing or penciled in  Blue Bold-Team has confirmed  Green-Team has paid 


(States) Total Qualified -signed Teams:138(85)

Norcal: 113(65)     Socal: 14(9)    Nevada:(11) 8(6) 3(1)     Oregon:3       Wash: 1      Colo:     Ariz: Canada:1


12 A(16)-(7)

12 B (9)(4)

14 A(15)-(10)

14 B(16)(9)

 16 (7)-(11)


Lady Mustangs (B)339 Valley Rage(A)CM309
*Wave (B) 285 
Clovis Rocket-Lopez (A)164
Warriors (B)032
Easton Bullets-Taft(B) CM05*
Thunder 99 (CAN)
CV GAtors (A)400 NorCal Xperience- Gutierrez/Zuno(A) Ca
*Bakersfield Aftershock (B) CM288
Norcal Firecrackers-Gregory (A) 305 Aftershock-Garcia(B) sh25 
*CV Gators (A)412 Reno Heat  (NV) 
 *SB Thunder (A) *Cen Cal Bownet-Valdivia (A) CM Diamonds (B)315
Oakdale Magic(A) 135
Fresno Outlawz(B) 320
*NV Lightning-Moore(A) NC Diamonds FL128
*Lincoln Loaded (A) CM326 *Clovis Rockets(A) CaFL204

*Kerman Xtreme (B) CM229 

Monsters (A)090
Bkfd Babes-Puente(B)264 
*Eugene Lightning (A) (OR15) Rocklin Rebels cm165*
 *Kerman Xtreme (B)CM328  Clovis Rockets (A) Oakdale MAgic (B) 113  
NorCal Dirtdogs(A) C-4 (B)FL185
Reno Heat (NV)  *Bakersfield Xtrem Heat (B) CM072
*Fresno Outlawz (B) Cm171 *Cen Cal Synergy (A) CM297  L4 Lady Rebelllion (B) 080
Victory 03-Zulager(A) Diamonds-Sanders Ca224

NV Comets-Dolan (A) NVFLAP010
Drop Zone-Pope
 *Yardsharks 06 Lopez (A)
*Cen Cal Bullets-Tayler (A) CM09
Easton Bullets (B)01
CV Gators (A)276   *Bomb Squad
**805 Elite (B) CM273 Monsters (A) Ca91
Wave Fastpitch(Paz) 285
*Bownet (A)CM281
Delano Ravens (B) CA119

Ceres Sizzle CA123
CV Athletcs (A) CA
Matrix (A)CM174    *NV Stealth-Silva (B) NV
*CV Synergy (A)

*Kerman Xtreme (B) CM330 

  San Jose Warriors Ca013  
Ca Nuggets (A) CA
*Caligold-Decker (A)  
Valley Bandits-Luna(A)Cm150 *High Tide (B) CM039
Firecrackers-Lopez (A)SH018
Henderson Gold S NV LY08
Diamonds CA

CV Gators (A) ca41
Fresno Outlawz (B)Ca203
CV Stingers (A)335 *Ceres Sizzle (B) CM284
High Tide (A) FL122 Reno Maniax NVAp04*
*Salinas Storm (A)

*Cen Cal Bownet (A)030
Cal Destroyers-Moite (B) 
L4 Lady Rebellion Nick 079   *Salinas Wildcats (B)


*Wave Fastpitch(B) CM270
*West Coast Premier(A)357  Manteca Knockout(B)FL63  
Lady Spartans (B) SH05
NV Stealth-Vallejo (B) NVAP08
SoCal Preps SH015 
BKFD Outlaws(B)283

Sac Hitterz (B) Ca238 
NorCal Rage-Roach (A)Ca248
Bownet SH07

PSA Angels (A)SOCAL   *SoCal Bullets (A)SH26
West Valley HER-ricanes (B) ORML01
Bombers-Whalen(A)      S NV LY03
Cal Ladyhawks SH023 

 *SoCal Bullets (A)SH38

  Firestorm-Ramirez(A)SH104 Canby Rebels-Loomis (B) OR
BKFD Babes (A) Ca116  Stockton Tigers Ca237 
*Firestormz- Burnett (A) SH46  
Firestorm-Acosta (A)SH63 
   CV Quest (A)FL218 Easton Bullets-Hansen FR08 

    *Las Vegas Scorpions (A) SNV    WA-Angels (B) WA
Cen Cal Bownet (A)Ca117  Usa Elite FRCM32*
CC Dirtdogs (Duke) (A)Ca179 
  NV Stealth-Lever (B) NVAP05
  Manteca Wave FLCM168 
Cordova Fury CM54 
Best (A) FLCa56


Valley Venom (B) FrCa35
Cal Destroyers-Cuevas (A) Ca200
   Fresno Force (A)Ca120
  West Coast Premier(A) FLCM167   Hot Shots (B)FLCa206 

NorCal Rage-Hunt (A)Ca247   CA Velocity (A)Ca216   Clovis Bullets-Russel (B)FL97
   Wave Fastpitch  (A)FLCA149   Cal Ladyhawks (A) SH029
Valley Heat (B)Ca88 
  Tulare Warriors (A)Frca17-52 
  CC Angels (OG2) (A)FL082 Manteca Knockout (B)FL63
   Skeeeters (A)FlCa245   OBS Monarchs 2k3 (A)FR229  Chico Hot Shots (B)Ca38
    Cen Cal Synergy (A)Ca190  Easton Bullets (B) FrCa04
      Drop Zone-Hill (A) CM182*   Redding Rebels(B)Ca253

  Cal Destroyers-Leroy(A) cm86
Oakdale Heat(B) CM110  
      Drop Zone-Clavelle (A) CM183*      
      Mavericks(A) CM141 


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