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Northland Rotational Softball Association
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Last updated
04-16-15 09:57 AM
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Northland Rotational Softball Association
League Administrator
P.O. Box 28514
Gladstone, Missouri

Thursday, March 14
Welcome to NRSA Softball

Equal opportunity is given each participant to play and have fun, learn the fundamentals of softball, and develop their athletic skills. Best of all, no player bears the burden of being a "substitute". This program is designed to deveolp teamwork, fundamentals and sportsmanship with in all divisions.  Parents and fans are urged to show good sportsmanship at all times, helping maintain the positive attitude of the program for the benefit of the player. "Winning is the result, and not the aim" is the "Rotational Softball" motto.

Thursday, April 16
2015 Season

Welcome to yet another season of Rotational Softball.  We are in the process of updating this website for new season and ask for your patience.   

Please note a CORRECTION to our telephone number.  The correct number for our answering service is 436-1336.  The number listed on the flyer is a misprint and we apologize for the error.

If you have questions, please send us an email -  

Upcoming events:

Late Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis for our Youth Division (grades 3,4,5).  A completed registration form, with payment, may be dropped off at 6217 N. Woodland, Gladstone, MO 64118.  You may leave the form in the mailbox if not home.  Both the Elementary (grades K-2) and Middle School (grades 6-8) are full as of this time.

Registrations for our Preschool Divisions are also currently being accepted.  Those registrations are due May 1st. 

Team formation has been moved to Saturday 18th.  Managers will contact parents after team formation to advise them of their team placement and practice date.




Thursday, April 16
2015 Registration Form

Registration form may be downloaded by clicking the file at the bottom of this section..

NOTE:  We are only accepting registrations for our Youth Division (current grades 3, 4, 5) and Preschool (ages 3-5).  Both the Elementary and Middle School are FULL. 

Handout: 2015 Registration Form

Thursday, April 16
Preschool Division

This division is for those children ages 3-5 who have not yet attended kindergarten.  Heavy parent participation and a league facilitator provide fundamentals and group/team activities in  series of one hour Saturday morning clinics which will begin May 16th at Flora Park.

Please complete the registration form, include the fee of $25 and mail it to NRSA, PO Box 28514, Gladstone, MO 64188 by May 1st.  You will be contacted by the league faciliator with all the details.  The 2014 registration form is the same as the 2015 registration form. 

Handout: Preschool Registration Form

Tuesday, March 10
Parent Sportsmanship Game Plan

Parent Sportsmanship Game Plan by Darrell J. Burnett, Ph.D.
(10 Things Kids Say They Don't Want Their Parents to Do)

1. Don't yell out instructions. During the game I'm trying to concentrate on what the coach says and working on what I've been practicing. It's easier for me to do my best if you save instructions and reminders for practice or just before the game.

2. Don't put down the officials. This embarrasses me and I sometimes wonder whether the official is going to be tougher on me because my parents yell.

3. Don't yell at me in public. It will just make things worse because I'll be upset, embarrassed, or worried that you're going to yell at me the next time I do something "wrong."

4. Don't yell at the coach. When you yell about who gets to play what position, it just stirs things up and takes away from the fun.

5. Don't put down my teammates. Don't make put-down remarks about any of my teammates who make mistakes. It takes away from our team spirit.

6. Don't put down the other team. When you do this you're not giving us a very good example of sportsmanship so we get mixed messages about being "good sports."

7. Don't lose your cool. I love to see you excited about the game, but there's no reason to get so upset that you lose your temper! It's our game and all the attention is supposed to be on us.

8. Don't lecture me about mistakes after the game. Those rides home in the car after the game are not a good time for lectures about how I messed up -- I already feel bad. We can talk later, but please stay calm, and don't forget to mention things I did well during game!

9. Don't forget how to laugh and have fun. Sometimes it's hard for me to relax and have fun during the game when I look over and see you so tense and worried.

10. Don't forget that it's just a game! Odds are, I'm not going to make a career out of playing sports. I know I may get upset if we lose, but I also know that I'm usually feeling better after we go get a pizza. I need to be reminded sometimes that it's just a game.

Darrell J. Burnett, Ph.D.

* From Playbook for Kids: A Parent's Guide to Help Kids Get the Most Out of Sports. (The Gatorade Company)
There's nothing like the thrill, excitement and challenge of softball. Let's make sure, as parents, we keep all the attention on the field, and not in the stands.

Tuesday, June 3
Contact Us!


We would love to hear your comments - both positive or negative, along with your questons.  You may contact us by email at We will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Northland Rotational Softball Association
Northland Rotational Softball Association
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