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Friday, April 8
About Us

Since 1993, The North Philadelphia Aztec Youth Program has served the young people of North Philadelphia by providing them with an alternative to violence and drugs with a unique and effective program of sports activity.  The success of this program came from the local residents who recognized the need for positive reinforcement of moral values and combined those with the healthy activity associated with competitive sports.  The program was created for their children and all children of the community.


 The NPAYD was founded on the idea of “hope”.  The children of the Hunting Park section of North Philadelphia still have a chance and through the services provided by the NPAYD, they also have an alternative.  We believe that all children should have the opportunity to participate in programs that enable them to stay off of the streets and out of harms way in a safe, nurturing environment.  Our programs are intended to place children in an atmosphere that encourages the building of positive relationships and moral reinforcement.  Every minute that a child spends participating in one of our activities is a minute that won’t be spent selling or using drugs, committing crimes, or engaging in violent fighting.  Members of our programs participate in various curriculums that will allow each individual to gain a better understanding of different ethnic cultures and realize the dangers involved in the use and sale of drugs that have plagued the Hunting Park community.  These young people are also discouraged against the use of senseless violence when resolving disputes.  Our mentors reinforce thinking processes to solve problems and teach mechanisms necessary for effective communication. These are essential skills necessary in maintaining successful and effective relationships throughout life.


Mission:  NPAYD was founded by Steve Irving, Wayne Allen, Mitchell Brown, Quentin Baldwin, Leroy Fisher and Aaron Cottman with a mission to promote a healthy life style and academic success for the youth of North Philadelphia.


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