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NCAA Recruiting Timeline
Prior to Junior Year in High School: At the beginning of your ninth grade year, you become a prospective student-athlete. All rules regarding recruiting go into effect at this time. You may visit an institution at your own expense as often as you wish, and all contacts with a coach must be on the college campus. The athlete can call the coach, but the coach cannot return the phone call or e-mail (except Division III where the coach may call or write starting with the athlete's first year of high school).
Junior Year of High School: September 1: Coaches may send athletes recruiting letters, e-mails and information about the athletic program. Coaches may not call prospects, however, until after July 1 for Division I and June 15 for Division II. (See Division III exception above.)
Early in the Junior Year:
  • Register with the Eligibility Center NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Take the ACT and/or SAT and request scores be sent to the Eligibility 
  • CentBegin your amateurism questionnaire.
  • After completing your junior year, request your high school to send your transcript to the Eligibility Center
Upon Completion of Junior Year: College coaches may initiate in-person, off-campus contacts for Division I schools as of July 1; for Division II, as of June 15; for Division III, as of the end of the junior year. Division I and II coaches are allowed three total contacts with a prospect or her family members during her senior year in high school.
Early in the Senior Year: First Day of Classes: On-campus official visits may begin. Before a college may invite you on an official visit, you will have to provide them with a copy of your high school transcript (Division I only) and SAT or ACT score. You are limited to one official visit at five different institutions.
National Letter of Intent Signing: Early Signing begins the second Wednesday in November of your senior year. The late signing period begins the second Wednesday in April of your senior year. Near or at the End of your Senior Year: Complete amateurism questionnaire. Guidance counselor must send final transcript with proof of graduation to the Eligibility Center.
Key Points:
Start early
Keep it simple
Put name and graduation year on everything
Attending camps is beneficial Collegeboard.org NCAA Eligibility Center
College Preparation:
Understanding the DP/Flex Position