North Providence Aftershock: Rock'em Shock'em

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Hosted by NP Aftershock 
 Game Times –
 Thank you for entering the 2016 Aftershock Rockem Shockem. We will be using three locations this year for the Rockem Shockem. Locations and address will be added to bottom of this email. This year BSN Sports has offered any team in our tournament discounts on any team needs. If you are looking for any type of team equipment please contact Matt McGovern at for your special pricing mention that you are in the Rockem Shockem Tournament Game Times – Due to the number of teams in our tournament we had to have a few late games on Sat night in the 14U division. Sorry there was not much we could do.
 Tournament Rules We will be using RI ASA modified rules that can be located on the RI ASA website (Rules Click Here) and at the bottom of ths page. Please read these rules so there is no problems when an issue arises.
• You are allowed to wear metal cleats • You must be ASA registered and Insured
• We have the right to modify game times/game length or cancel pool play games in case of rain.
• All protest will be handled by the home plate umpire.
• Winning teams must report scores after each game. You can go to the scorer’s table or text 401-286-5701 with team name and score. If I do not get a score reported it will be marked as a 7 to 7 tie.
• Rain out or changes will be posted on our website located at .
You are responsible to check for updates and any changes before your first game. ( Thursday Night) Teams will play three pool play games starting Friday night. Game time will be 85 min (no new inning) Before you can play you will need to check in at the field of your first game and turn in
• A signed copy of your ASA roster from your state ASA commissioner
• A copy of your team insurance
• If you pre order your tournament Tee Shirts they will be picked up then.
Tournament Tee Shirts $15.00 pre order or $20.00 at the tournament 
We strongly suggest your team PRE ORDER tee shirts. We sold out last year early (Sat morning). We do not order a large amount of extra shirts. Teams can pay with a credit card or cash/team check at the field. Order your shirts using this form. If you are paying at the field leave the total OFF the form. All pre orders have to be in by Monday July 26th by 8am… I cannot take late orders. Please let your teams know this. Last many coaches did not inform there players about the pre order and left without a shirt.. 


 Field Locations

Mt Pleasent Park, Providence RI (Mt. Pleasant LL) Full concussion and indoor bathrooms 434 Mt. Pleasant Ave, Providence RI 02908 From North: Follow Rt. 95 South to exit 21 (ATWELLS AVE) Turn right on ATWELLS AVE and travel 1.5 miles. Turn right at the traffic light at MOUNT PLEASANT AVE. Follow MOUNT PLEASANT AVE 0.9 miles. The park is on the left, entrance to the parking lot is after you pass MT PLEASANT HIGH SCHOOL. Parking is at the rear of the school. The fields encircle the concession stand and are numbered. From South: follow Rt. 95 North to Exit 22 A-B-C / US-6 West/RI-10. Take exit 22C towards Providence Place. Make a sharp left onto KINSLEY AVE, then turn right at PLEASANT VALLEY PARKWAY. Follow PLEASANT VALLEY PKWY (turns into RAYMOND ST) to the traffic light at CHALKSTONE AVE. Take a left onto CHALKSTONE AVE and follow 1 mile to the traffic light at MOUNT PLEASANT AVE. Take a right onto MOUNT PLEASANT AVE and follow 0.4 miles. The park is on the left. Woodlake Park, Johnston RI 873 Central Ave, Johnston RI Full concussion and indoor bathrooms From North: Take Rt. 295 to the HARTFORD AVE/RI-101-6A/US-6 exit. Take a right onto Rt. 6/HARTFORD Ave. Follow 0.8 miles to the traffic light (RESERVOIR AVE) Take a left and follow app 1 mile,


WOODLAKE PARK will be on your left. There is a small sign for JOHNSTON GIRLS SOFTBALL at the entrance. The field to the left after entering the parking lot is the one that is being used for the state tournament. From South: Take Rt. 295 North towards Woonsocket, follow 8.2 miles then take the US-6 exit 6 A-B-C toward Hartford, CT/Providence. Follow 1.1 mile then take the US-6 west exit toward Foster. Take a right onto HARTFORD Ave, then follow 1.1 miles to the traffic light at RESERVOIR Ave, then follow directions above to the park.


Mazzulla Field is located behind Ferri Middle School in Johnston Map 1651 Atwood Ave Johnston RI. Go to the back of the middle school and there will be a stair case going down to the field. There is no concussion at this field. There is a porter john at this location only


Only ASA registered and classified teams are eligible to participate.

ASA Roster Forms
A copy of an ASA ROSTER/WAIVER form noting team classification, and signed by the respective ASA
commissioner or designee from where a team is registered must be submitted to the tournament director,
along with a copy of team insurance. Players not on the roster are ineligible to participate. Should a
team need to add players to their roster due to injuries, defections, etc, any player being added must be
cleared and added to the roster by the respective state commissioner from where a team is registered.
Players being added must come from a team that was in the same classification in the current year.
Example: Players that were on a class “A” team’s roster during the current year, cannot be placed on a
team of a lower classification.

If you are adding to a roster you can not add a player currently on another roster.

Upon demand by tournament officials, a player must produce proper identification. Any one of the following will be accepted:  
  • Photo ID card issued by the local commissioner and his/her designee
  • Birth certificate, Baptismal certificate, Hospital certificate, Driver’s license 

Teams must provide a copy of their insurance certificate.

Only ASA registered umpires may officiate tournament games. In class A, B, and "OPEN" classifications, two umpires will be used in all games, (pool play and bracket), in all age divisions.

All tournaments must carry ASA Tournament Insurance, to purchase tournament insurance, go to and click on Tournament Insurance.

All umpire assignments will be issued by the Rhode Island ASA Umpire in Chief.

Time Limits
85 minute time limit (no new inning starts after 85 minutes). Pool play games (only) may end in a tie. Bracket games tied at the end of 7 innings, or after the time limit has expired will use the International Tie Breaker to determine a winner The 85 minute time limit is for all games, (pool play and bracket), except for the semi-finals and championship games.

A team may use up to 12 batters in the batting order, 9 positional players and 3 EP’s. Once a team decides to use an EP or EP’s, they may not be eliminated from the lineup, the team is committed to batting the EP’s throughout the game. Should a player in the batting order have to leave the game for any reason, that player will be skipped without penalty unless playing shorthanded. A player leaving the game because of injury cannot return to that game. If playing shorthanded a game can begin or continue with 8 players, an out will be recorded when the 9th position in the batting order is reached. The game is ended when less than 8 players are available. Players beyond the 12 starting players will be listed as substitutes. The EP's can be used on defense at any time without reporting a change. There will be no Flex/DP. If a team decides to use a straight 9 line up they can use the DP/flex. 

Courtesy Runners/All age groups Available listed substitutes, not in the line, up may be used as a courtesy runner for the pitcher/catcher, or a player that is injured. Should a team not have an available substitute, the last scheduled batter at the time when a courtesy runner is needed will be the runner for the pitcher/catcher. Should a team not have an available substitute when an injury occurs while on offense, the last scheduled batter at the time when a courtesy runner is needed will be the runner for the injured player. The insertion of an incorrect courtesy runner discovered after the next pitch is thrown will result in an out. Should the incorrect runner be discovered prior to the next pitch being thrown, the correct runner is inserted without penalty. Example 1: The first batter of the inning pops out for the first out of the inning, the next batter is the pitcher, she gets a hit, the courtesy runner is the batter that just made the first out. Example 2: There are no outs in the inning when the catcher draws a walk, the courtesy runner is the last scheduled batter in the lineup at the time catcher drew the walk

Determining Home Team
ASA rules state that the home team is decided by a coin flip in all games. If a tournament director wants to award home team designation in bracket play based on the higher seed, it must be communicated in the tournament flyer, and in the "Tournament notes" section when a tournament is applied for via the ASA New England Tournament web site.

Metal Cleats
Metal Cleats can be worn

 Slashing is allowed.

Seeding From Pool Play

Seeding from pool play into bracket play is determined by the following: 

  • Best winning percentage
  • Most wins 

Head to head (head to head tie breaker does not apply in situations where 3 or more teams with the same record have inconclusive head to head results) example teams A, B and C play one another and finish with identical records; team A defeats team B, team B defeats team C, team C defeats team A. Head to head for those three teams would cancel out.

Runs allowed (runs scored is not included in the tie breaker)

Coin flip: Throughout the tournament to determin home team. ( ASA rules)

In tournaments that are uneven in number that necessitate a team playing an extra game in order to ensure that all teams get their alotted number of pool play games. The game will not count for the team that plays a 4th game. The team playing the 4th game does not get to pick and choose which of the 4 games is used for seeding, seeding will be done off of that team's first 3 games.

A game in progress in pool play that is subsequently forfeited due to a team falling below the required number of players. If the team ahead receives the forfeit, the score remains as is when the forfeit occurs, despite the inning. Should the team that is losing receive the forfeit, they would be credited with the win, and runs allowed would count for seeding purposes.

Refunds due to teams must be disbursed within 7 days from when the tournament was scheduled
When rain prohibits the completion of pool play, and a number of teams do not get all of their pool play games in, seeding will be done as follows: Example, in a ten team tournament, 6 teams play all three pool play games, and 4 teams only get to play two pool play games. Seeding from pool play into bracket will be off of all teams first two games in pool play. Teams that did play their 3 pool play games do not get to pick and choose which of their 2 of their 3 games are used towards seeding, the first two games will be used.

Cancelled/Shortened Tournament Refund Policy
The following refund policy is to be used in all RI ASA sanctioned tournaments:

  1. Tournament cancelled completely, no games played. Teams issued a refund less tournament expenses that cannot be recovered. Examples: Perishable foods, T-shirts, trophy plates, field rental etc. Create a tally sheet of these expenses, and send teams a copy along with their refund. Refunds due to teams must be disbursed within 7 days from when the tournament was scheduled.
  2. One game played: 1/2 of entry fee returned
  3. Two or more games played: no refund
If a team drops out of a tournament and a replacement team is found, the team gets a full refund, if a replacement team cannot be found, no refund is issued to the team dropping out.

 Tournament expenses vary from one tournament to another based on many factors. Should tournament expenses be less significant and it is found that it is not necessary to keep as much of team’s entry fees in any of the above 3 scenarios, please do so.

Tournament expenses vary from one tournament to another based on many factors. Should tournament expenses be less significant and it is found that it is not necessary to keep as much of team’s entry fees in any of the above 3 scenarios, please do so.