North Providence Aftershock: Rock'em Shock'em

Hosted by NP Aftershock and JGS
14U Open • 16U Open • 18U Open

All games will take place at Woodlake Park in Johnston RI. We will play on three fields with lights. Games will start Friday, August 1st at 6:00 pm. There will be a full concession stand, bathrooms at the fields and plenty of parking. No grills are allowed.

Contact Information 
Tournament director: Please make payments to NP Aftershock @ 10 Brookside Ave, N. Providence, RI 02911.

Check In
Please be sure to provide the following at check-in: ASA official roster, proof of insurance and copies of birth certificates. Failure to check in or provide documents will result in a forfeit.

The tournament format will be 3 game pool play into a single-elimination bracket. We reserve the right to change this format due to weather.

ASA rules except we will allow up to 2 EPs. Teams may bat up to 11 players. Courtesy runner for pitcher or catcher must be a player that has not been in a game. If your starting lineup contains your full roster (11 players) you will use last batter in that inning as a courtesy runner. Time limit for games will be 90 minutes or 7 innings; no new inning will start after 90 minutes or 7 innings. Pool play games may end in a tie. Semifinals and Finals will play 7 innings and have no time limits.

Rainout/Refund Policy
If no games are played 2/3 of the entrance fee will be refunded. If one game is played half the entrance fee will be refunded. If two games are played there will be no refund. Any and all refunds will be mailed within 7 days per ASA rules. There will be no exceptions.

No Protests Allowed
All umpires' calls are final. Please be courteous.

Home Team Score Book is Official
Teams should verify the score with each other and the umpire each half inning. During pool play, the home team will be decided by a coin flip. During elimination games, the highest seed will choose home or away. Seeding for elimination games will be based on the results of the pool play games, using the following determinants: Win-Loss Record, Head-to-Head Competition, Runs Allowed, Coin Flip.

All scores will be reported by the winning team to the scoring table set up outside the concession stand as soon as your game has ended. If scores are not reported we will post the game as a tie.

On Sunday, each team will choose a player from the opposing team and present them with an MVP Award (supplied by us) immediatley following their game. Trophies will be handed out to the winners and runner ups following the final game.


Woodlake Field (nearest address) 873 Central Ave Johnston, RI