North Providence Aftershock: Welcome

Who are the Aftershock?

        We’re a women’s softball organization comprised of high school female student-athletes who work to not only achieve excellence on the ball field, but in the classroom and in their communities as well. We strive to showcase our players’ abilities to as many two and four year colleges and universities as possible, to afford them advanced opportunities for success beyond high school. We believe that the goals and values we promote as part of our program will not only help our players succeed in their high school careers, but well into the future. Academic achievement and success, tempered with working to build player skill and ability, are at the forefront of the Aftershock organization. We encourage our team to play with pride, exhibit passion and display Aftershock spirit. Our organization is comprised of young women who take pride in themselves and their ability, who are competitive and display self-confidence, and who are responsible to themselves, their families, their teammates and their communities. We strive to create and maintain a network system of alumni, family and friends of the Aftershock softball program and created a family atmosphere. Thank you for taking this opportunity to learn about the Aftershock Softball Organization.

In 2015 The Aftershock will compete in major tournaments in and around New England. We encourage our players to achieve their goals both on and off the field. Good grades and regular attendance in school are required. Our average team GPA is 3.5 and that is something we are very proud of. We are not just a softball team, but a softball family.

We are always looking for new committed players. If you are interested in trying out please contact Coach Steve at or fill out a private information form here.