How do I contact someone from NOYSA?

Send an email to with all of your questions.  Someone will call you upon your request.

Who should sign up to be a part of NOYSA?

Any girl who will be 14 years old or younger on January 1, 2014 and wants to improve her softball skills in a competitive and rewarding environment. 

Why doesn't NOYSA have 16U and 18U divisions?

Often times when a player reaches these age groups they play for their high school summer team or travel team. It is challenging to find coaches and enough players to make a team. If a group of players and parents approach us and have interest in forming a team, we will be happy to support them.

What is Fall Training and Winter Training, and why does it exist?

Traditionally, the Grand Haven / Spring Lake areas have not offered very many chances for girls to play competitive softball prior to high school.  Many of our neighboring towns and communities have spring and fall leagues, so girls have the opportunities to play competitively several months of the year.  Naturally, this gives those girls a competitive advantage.  NOYSA wants to allow our area girls to catch up to the competition by adding several dates to the annual calendar.  The formula seems to be working for our local soccer teams! These training programs are scheduled practices that are designed to give each player a chance to get better at every component of the game through repetition and instruction.  

When does NOYSA play their actual games? 

NOYSA teams play league games from early May until late July, depending on what age division you are in.    

Do you have to try out to be on a NOYSA team?

Any girl who falls within the ages of our leagues are permitted to play.  No players will be cut.  We do have player evaluations that are used to help determine player's skill level so we can divide the teams up as equal as possible.

Is there travel involved in order to play with your organization?

There is limited travel.  We’ll have a few games each year where we travel to play similar to high school.

What is the difference between NOYSA and a travel team?

A travel team typically practices and plays throughout the calendar year on weekends and each of their tournaments cost several hundred dollars to enter.  The vast majority of our games are on weekdays and the cost is much less.  We do, however, have travel players within our organization and we set up our practices very similar to that of travel practices.  Our player fees are much cheaper as well.

When is registration? 

Registration for Fall opens in August, Winter in December, and Spring season in February.

What if I want to get my daughter in travel softball?

There are several travel softball ball options available in West Michigan.  Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss these with you.

What if I'm interested in private lessons?

Simply contact us and we will discuss all possible avenues so that your daughter receives the coaching that she is looking for.

What equipment is required to play?

A glove and athletic clothing are the only requirements.  A bat, helmet, cleats, and batting gloves are optional.  NOYSA has team bats and helmets that girls who don't have their own can share.