Nova Masters Swimming (Orange County, CA): TEAM RECORDS

Nova Masters Team Records

Download and open the files below for listings of our most recent Nova Masters Swimming Team Records & special event results.










Registration Info, Team Records, & Articles To Download

Use the links below to get specifics on REGISTRATION FEES, to see our TEAM RECORDS , get info on our DRYLAND TRAINING PROGRAM, or to review ARTICLES, HANDOUTS & PRESENTATIONS useful to our membership.


Initiation Fee: $75
This fee is charged to Monthly, Quarterly, & Yearly members upon joining. Dues will not be charged until the begining of the following month. The Initiation fee includes Swimmers of America Insurance, a subscription to Swimming World Magazine, a Nova T-Shirt, Swim Cap, and technique evaluation. (There is no Initiation fee for a Satellite Membership, Swim Pass, or Week Visitor but SOA or USMS Insurance is required).

All members will be registered with Swimmers of America (SOA) for insurance as part of their registration fee. Competitive swimmers should also register with SPMA if they wish to compete in United States Masters Swimming (USMS) competitions. Swimmers transfering from other clubs can use the SPMA Club Transfer Form below.

Masters Swimming Fees:
Yearly:      $660 (Good at all facilities)
Quarterly:   $180 (Good at all facilities)
Soka Qrty:   $150 (Good only at Soka location)
Monthly:      $65 (Good at all facilities)
Week Visitor: $20 (Good at all locations for visitors from other Masters programs)

Under 25, Over 55+, Parents of active Nova Swimmers, & Multisports OC members:
Quarterly: $150
To receive this rate you must be under 25, over 55, have more than 1 swimmer in the Nova Masters, or have children who currently particpate in the Nova Age Group program. Include the name(s) of the other Nova swimmers from your family in the comments section of the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

Satellite Membership
Yearly:        $100
For people located too far outside the area to attend practice but would like to receive the monthly practice PDF and email updates including, meet, clinic, and special event updates, as well as receive coaching at team events.
Note: There is no initiation fee required for this membership option.

Swim Pass
$70 for 7 swim pass card (good for 3 months from date issued). Swim Pass members must have a current USMS card or be a member of Swimmers of America (SOA)
Note: There is no initiation fee for this membership option, but Swim Pass members do not receive the monthly PDF of practices, or or all the email updates.

Private Lessons & Video Analysis
$80 an hour. Take your skill level higher in a very short time by seeing what you actually do in the water.

Use our convenient ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM or download the appropriate files below, print them out and bring to practice already filled out.

To change your membership status please send an email to COACH MICHAEL COLLINS before the first of the month and let us know what group you want to be in, or if you want to go on hold or become totally inactive.

We do not offer refunds on program fees. We can put your membership on hold for $10 a month if you need to take time off due to injury or other special circumstances, and you can use up your remaining time when you return to the program before being charged again. The hold status starts from the 1st of the following month from when you ask to be deactivated.


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