Northwood Little League: Welcome

Umpire Clinic

We will have District 7 and Northwood Umpire clinic on February 27th 10am. This will be for any umpires, players, coaches, etc. 


Monday, September 17
Northwood website

Go to to see the current Northwood website.



Thursday, September 17
Local Rules

Attached is a copy of the Local Rules.

Feel free to print them and take them to the field with you.

 Remember Fallball is a more relaxed and more of a learning environment.   

Handout: Northwood Documents

Northwood Little League "It's a Tradition"


Northwood has been affiliated with Little League since 1969 (42 years). 

Corey Burns was Northwoods league president the most times... 6 years.  When the new fields were made it was no question what the name would be.  Corey put many, many hours volunteering  to the community. 

Northwood baseball and softball has been a life line to many great players in our High Schools and Colleges through the years.  Help continue the "Tradition".  Signup in January to play with one of the most well established little leagues in our State.