Northwest Little League: Welcome

2012 Spring Registration is now finished.  If you happened to miss out, we will have 2012 Fall Registration in August.  Please get your kid in at that time.  We can't accept any more registrations for this Spring.  We have to move forward and get the teams practicing to be ready for the season. 

 Northwest Little League is non profit. We are always looking for sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact one of our Board Members.  We have several sponsorship options available.  Sponsorship and fundraising helps us to keep the cost of registration down. There are a lot of costs involved in running Northwest Little League.  Some of the costs involved in running a league for this season are as follows:

Little League Charter and Insurance: $1100

District 7 fee:  $500 flat fee and $25 per team  Spring Season $900

Greenville Recreation field use fee:  $175 per team  Spring Season $2800

Uniforms: Range from $40 to $45 per kid  Approximately 200 kids

Baseballs: $30 per dozen 10 baseball teams

Softballs: $50 per dozen  2 softball teams

Other equipment: Approx. $500

Trophies:  $5-$7 each  Approx. 200 kids

This is some of the major costs, there are more that come  up. We want to be transparent and keep everyone informed of where the registration money and sponsorship/fundraising money goes.  Again we are non profit and we use the money for the kids.  If you have any questions, please contact a Board Memeber. Lets get ready to play ball.

 We now are on Facebook.  Please go to our Facebook page and like us.  We will use our website and facebook to keep our families informed.

Thank you for allowing your child to be a part of Northwest Little League.  We look forward to an awesome spring.