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Tuesday, February 28
Dropped Third Strike Rule Now in Majors Division

Little League International has announced a significant rule change that will change the way the game is played in our Majors Division (half of Minors Season). This rule will now be that runners may advance on an uncaught third strike under certain conditions. Currently, the dropped third strike rule is followed in our Jr. Sr. divisions. As players move on in their baseball career and play in clubs, high school, college, minor leagues, and professionally, the dropped third strike is followed throughout.

Little League has implemented the dropped third strike rule in the Majors Division in an effort to prepare kids for the large diamond and to get them used to the way it is done in the upper levels. 

The following conditions apply for the third strike rule:

           A dropped third strike is when the catcher fails to clearly catch a pitch for the third strike. A pitch is considered dropped if the ball touches the ground before being caught or if the ball is dropped after being grasped.


          On a dropped third strike with no runner on first base or with two outs, the batter immediately becomes a runnerand will attempt to reach first base without being tagged or thrown out. The third strike is called, but the umpire does not call the batter out. The umpire may actively signal there is no catch of the pitch.


          If at the time of the strike three pitch, first base is oocupied with fewer than two outs, the batter is automatically out and cannot becoma a runner. This is to prevent the defense from deliberately dropping a third strike pitch and getting a double or triple play as a result, because of the possible force play at second,third, and home plate in this situation.


          If there are two outs and the bases are loaded, the catcher who fails to catch the third strike may step on home plate for a force-out or make a throw to any other fielder.


         Regardless of the outcome of a dropped third strike, the pitcher is statisticallycredited with a strikeout.


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