North Valleys Little League: By-Laws

Friday, January 27



The objective of North Valleys Little League shall be to implant firmly in the children of our community the ideals, good sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow up to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens.


The Board of Directors is responsible for announcing the dates and places where League Representatives will receive registration application. The league must provide ample opportunity for all players to register. Such notice shall be conveyed through the schools, local newspapers and through flyers posted throughout the city. Every boy and girl who resides in league boundaries of North Valleys has the right to register and tryout prior to the draft. These rights will be protected and are a condition of charter.


On the dates announced for registration, the Player Agent and other authorized league representatives shall be prepared to receive a completed registration form signed by the parents or guardian of the player and the required registration fee. The parent and/or guardian must also provide a birth certificate or valid passport to verify a player’s age. A players “League Age” is the player’s age on April 30th of that season.

The League shall have on display at the registration desk, a large detail map showing precise boundaries that have been approved by the District Administrator and confirmed by Little League’s Regional Director. If there is a question, the residence of each player candidate must be located on the map and then verified by the parent’s driver’s license, voter registration card, or other legal forms of identification.


Once a player’s parent has completed and signed a registration form, the player is then considered to be an eligible candidate for participation in the league. Any player failing to attend a scheduled tryout session shall lose the status of a candidate unless said player presents an excuse, which is accepted by a majority of the Board of Directors.


Prior to the tryouts, the player agent shall make a list showing the names and league age of each candidate. Prior to the draft, and after all manager and brother/sister options have been exercised, a final player agent list of all players who have qualified as eligible candidates will be presented to all managers before the draft takes place. This list must be maintained by the player agent and is the basis for future player replacement.

Section 5. TRYOUTS.

During the tryouts, each player shall be given the opportunity to (1) bat, (2) field fly balls, (3) field ground balls, (4) throw and (5) run the bases as the field conditions permit. Each manager and coach will grade the players and use these grades as a basis for their draft selections. A player may take part in only one tryout session, unless he/she becomes injured or sick during his/her initial tryout.

All players requesting to play on either a Minors or Majors Division team that have not previously been placed on a Majors team in North Valleys Little League must tryout in order to play on a Majors or Minors Division team. Either a Majors Division team manager or a Minors Division team manager will draft each player.

There are no tryouts for players league age 5, 6, and 7. League age 8 & 9 players may tryout for a Minors team or play in the Farm Division.


Majors Draft.

Following the tryouts and on a date announced by the President, all Major Division managers will gather with the Player Agent and President, for the purpose of the players’ draft. Each team shall have 12 players. If the returning players for an existing Majors Division team are less than 12 then the team will draft the number of picks necessary to field a team of 12. Teams draft in the reverse order of their final finish in the previous season. If the round and records are the same then whichever team has the poorer head-to-head record, then net run difference between the tied teams will determine who picks before the other tied teams.

If a new team is created in the Majors Division, that team shall get the first pick. If there are two or more new teams, a random drawing will be held among those teams to determine the order of the draft. This is based upon a ten-team draft.

If a team is retired from the Majors Division, the returning players must participate in the tryouts and must be drafted onto a Majors Division team.

As per Little league rules, no manager shall select more than eight players in any age group.

There are two separate tryouts for the majors and the minors. When the child registers,

they will have to choose whether or not they want to try out for the Majors Division or

the Minors Division. The Majors and Minors Division try-outs are separate.

All 11 and 12 year olds have to try-out for a Major Division team. It can be explained to

them that they may not be drafted to the Majors Division but they still have to try-out

during the Majors skill assessments. No 9 year olds may go up to the Majors division

Minors draft is as follows:

The managers will continue to draft players as established at the beginning of the draft until each manager has filled the 12-player roster.

There shall be no draft for the Farm or T-Ball Divisions. These teams will be assembled by the Player Agent. It should be stressed that these divisions are non-competitive; therefore there shall be no concern about “stacking” of teams. Players will be placed on teams on a random basis.


Each player acquired by a Majors team shall for the duration of their Majors Little League career, be the property of that team, unless subsequently traded or released. The Board of Directors shall reserve the right for a player to continue in this league if the residence changes after becoming a member of the league.

Section 8. TRADING.

Because a player once drafted on a Majors team becomes property of that team for the duration of his/her Little League career, trading is discouraged and only allowed under very rare and unusual circumstances. All trades must be made through the Player Agent and must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors. All trades, if allowed, are player for player only, and not for future draft choices. The Player Agent must monitor any attempts by Managers, and parents to manipulate the system and thus create an imbalance in the league. ALL TRADES MUST BE FOR JUSTIFIABLE REASONS. A player wanting to be traded for the purpose of getting off a losing team, or wanting to play with his/her best friend(s), will NOT be considered justifiable for requesting a trade.

Section 9. RELEASES.

A 10 or 11 year old Majors division player, who has had a documented season long pattern of unresolved problems with a manager, coach or other player, may apply for a release from his/her team, for the exclusive purpose of re-entering the draft in the following baseball season. This release must be done through the Player Agent and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors. To be effective for the following season, the release must be approved by the Board prior to the final two weeks of the regular season.

Section 10. SECRECY.

For the protection of all players, managers and coaches MUST NOT reveal the scores or ratings of any player taking part in the tryouts. In addition, Managers and Coaches MUST NOT reveal the position in which any player was drafted for the season, or the votes received in the All Star balloting. Violation of the rule shall be considered a serious infraction by a Manager or Coach and not considered in the best interest of the program. Statistics may be kept by a teams’ coaching staff, but are not to be released to any player or parent in the league.

Section 11. LATE SIGNUPS.

The Board must take into consideration that for some reason or another, parents may not hear about signups on the specific dates established for registration. The Player Agent is responsible for handling all late sign-ups. Late sign-ups will be accepted for the Majors Division until the until the Majors draft. Any player who does not sign-up and tryout prior to the draft shall not play that season unless every player who tried out for the Majors Division had been given the opportunity to fill an opening on a Majors Division roster. Late sign-ups for the Minors, Farm, and T-Ball Divisions will only be accepted if there is space available on the teams.


The following is a breakdown of the ages and divisions for players in North Valleys Little League. The league attempts to provide and environment conductive for the development of all children in the program with the safety, well being and development of the player in mind, there is flexibility within Little League policy to place players in different divisions based on their age and abilities as determined by former and current managers, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

T-Ball – age 5-7 Minors – Age 8-12

Farm – age 7-9 Majors – Age 10-12


When a player in the Majors is lost to a team during the playing season for any of the following reasons: 1) He/She moves to another city which is too distant for the player to commute for practice and games, 2) He/She is injured and will not be able to return to play within a reasonable period of time, 3) He/She has for personal reasons, decided to terminate his/her association with the team and league, 4) Any other justifiable reason, reviewed and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors: The manager of the team losing a player shall promptly notify the Player Agent. The Player Agent will then advise the President and the Board of Directors. If the loss of the player is deemed justifiable and approved, the Player Agent will send a letter of release to the player and the parents stating the player is released from the team. This action creates a legal opening for a replacement player on the roster. The Manager will then have two games to fill the vacancy on his team. Failure to fill the vacancy after two games is grounds for a Manager’s dismissal. No player replacements are allowed within the last two weeks of the regular season. The vacancy must be filled by qualified players, except those protected as Managers, Coaches, or Brother/Sister options. The replacement player then becomes a permanent member of that team for succeeding years. It must be noted that a Majors player who is injured and removed from the active roster for the current season, will still be an active member of that particular team for the remainder of his Little League career.

Section 14. OPTIONS.

There are 3 kinds of options in Little League baseball, a Manager’s Option, Brother/Sister Option, and Sibling Option.

Brother/Sister option.

When a parent declares that his/her children shall be considered ad brother/sister options, and a Manager selects the first brother/sister under this option agreement in the draft, the Manager must automatically take the other brother/sister in the next draft round.

Sibling option.

If a player becomes available for the Majors draft, and that player has a brother/sister who is already a member of a Majors team, and if the parents of the two children declare the pair to be considered as a brother/sister option, the Manager of said team can receive the option player prior to the draft.

Manager option.

A Manager must declare his option and his coach’s option prior to tryouts. This is important because the tryouts should not be a means for selecting a coach by taking the parent of the most talented player in the tryouts. The coach should be chosen for his/her ability to assist the manager in working with the team and teaching the game of baseball, and not as a simple way of protecting a good player spotted in the draft.


In order to manage in North Valleys Little League, a person must first fill out a “Letter of Intent to Manage” during the registration period. Potential managers will then be interviewed by the President and members of the Board of Directors for questioning. Following the questioning period, the President will then have the power to name the Managers for the Majors. The Board of Directors has the right to approve or disapprove any appointment made by the President. The selection of Managers and Coaches is in the jurisdiction of North Valleys Little League, and is not subject to intervention from the District, Region, or Little League Headquarters.

Majors Division Managers and Coaches must have at least two years previous managing or coaching experience and an “Official Coach”. Manager and Coaches in the Minors, Farm and T-Ball division must have at least one year of previous managing or coaching experience as an “Official Coach”. An Official Coach is defined as a coach or manager who has previously been approved by the Board of Directors.

Managers and coaches shall be appointed annually by the President. There is no seniority of tenure is serving as a Manager or Coach. Per Little League rules, a Manager’s appointment expires on the last seasonal game. All managers and coaches candidates are held in high regard for their willingness to be considered. It is also expected that successful managerial and coaching candidates will place their emphasis on teaching the skills of baseball and sportsmanship to all their players, regardless of talent. Managers and coaches are required to display sportsmanship in their dealings with their players, player’s parents, other Managers and Coaches, Umpires, and Members of the Board of Directors. All Managers and Coaches will be subject to continual evaluation by the Board members throughout the season. The evaluation process is necessary to insure that only the best and most qualified Managers and Coaches are in leadership positions. The Manager shall be responsible for the conduct of his or her players, team parents, and team volunteers at all league games and practices. The Manager must demonstrate that he/she has an appreciation of the philosophy of Little League Baseball, and must cooperate with the Board of Directors and others in making the program of mutual benefit to all youngsters. All Managers MUST show by example that they respect the judgment and position of authority of the umpire, and at the same time instill in their players a respect for authority of adult leaders in the league. The Manager must exercise a leadership role, but at the same time leave the game in the hands of the players. The Manager must, within Little League rules, provide an opportunity for every player to take part in every game. The Manager must also encourage players at every opportunity. The Manager must know the playing Rules of Little League Baseball, and be able to interpret them correctly. The Manager must take every possible effort to correct any violation of the rules before they occur to prevent any protest situation. It is also recommended that all managers have basic knowledge of first aid and safety. All Managers and Coaches must be aware that the Board of Directors, by the power vested therein and within these By-Laws, has the power to remove and Manager or Coach from his/her position if his/her actions are viewed as detrimental to the team or to the well being of the league. The Manager or Coach does have the right to a hearing before the board in such cases, as outlined in these By-Laws. Because the goal of Little League is constant education, all Managers and Coaches are required to attend all special training classes or seminars provided by North Valleys Little League. Each Manager shall be responsible for selecting his/her own coaches, who in turn must be approved by the President and the League’s Board of Directors. The selection and approval of Coaches must be done prior to the Board approving any person as Manager. In the Minors, Farm and T-Ball divisions, there shall be one Manager per team, but no limit to the number of coaches that may volunteer.


The President of the league has the authority to offer full or partial scholarships to qualified players. The President shall use whatever financial criteria he/she deems appropriate in determining if a player and his/her family qualifies for a scholarship. The scholarship is good for only one year, but may be renewed.

Section 17. ABUSIVE FANS.

Fan control is primarily the responsibility of the managers. If the umpire feels that a fan or fans are disruptive, abusive, or overly rude, the Umpire should request that the Manager deal with the fans. If the Manager is unwilling or unable to handle the situation, the Umpire should warn the fan(s) that they are subject to ejection from the field area. If they remain a problem, the Umpire should stop the game, insist that the fan(s) leave the field, stands, and spectator area to a distance so as to be unable to influence anything in the field/stands area. The Umpire will not allow the game to proceed until the offender has complied. As soon as a fan has been warned, the Umpire should seek a friendly part to find a league official, who will then come to the field as a witness. Abusive fans shall not be cause to forfeit the game or cause a penalty to either team.

Section 18. SCOREBOARDS.

The electronic scoreboard is used as a convenience and to enhance the enjoyment of the game for the spectators and participants. It is not an official record of outs, balls, strikes, runs, etc. The only official record of these lies with the official scorekeeper.

Section 19. SCORERS BENCH.

The scorer’s bench is to be occupied only by the designated official scorekeeper, one from each team. The home team scorekeeper is responsible for handling the official scorebook. The visitor’s scorekeeper is for keeping the scoreboard. The umpires should be diligent in not allowing spectators and/or coaches to sit in the scorer’s bench, as this might create a disruptive influence on the players, umpires and other coaches. There shall be no cheering, coaching or any other form of spectator participation from the scorer’s bench. Scorebooks from the games are not to be removed by anyone, except for that division’s representative, and are not to be altered after the game by anyone without prior permission of the league President, Head Scorekeeper or Player Agent.

Section 20. HELMETS.

All players of the team at bat shall wear a helmet when on the playing field, including batting, running, coaching or warming up. The helmet shall not be removed, even briefly, without an umpire’s permission.


Being named to an All-Star team in North Valleys Little League is a privilege and NOT a right. It should reward those players who had a successful season, and are being recognized for their efforts. ALL ATTEMPTS WILL BE MADE BY THE PRESIDENT AND THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS TO TAKE POLITICS OUT OF THE ALL-STAR SELECTION PROCESS.

Based on total number of players eligible for All Star teams, the Board of Directors will decide which teams (11-12 all stars, Hooligans, 10-11 all stars, 9-10 all stars and Renegades) NVLL will send to the tournaments.

The Player Agent shall be responsible for conducting the All-Star selection process. To become an eligible candidate, each player must have participated in 50% or more of regular scheduled games played. The parent/guardian must complete and sign an affidavit stating that the eligible player will not miss more than two practices prior to the All-star tournament and all games for the duration of the All-Star tournament. If a player fails to submit a properly completed form, he/she will NOT be considered for any All-Star Team.

Conditions for qualifying:

1. Two weeks before the regular season ends, each manager for a Majors division, with the help of his/her coaching staff if he/she chooses, shall submit a roster of 12-14 players for each designated All Star tournament team. Each manager may select players from the Majors division only. An individual manager may select no more than 5 players from any one team.

2. The board of directors shall then compile a list of names from the manager’s submitted rosters. All players that have been selected by the Managers to participate on the All-Star roster must be willing to practice from the time the regular season ends until selection of the team on June 14. If a player misses more than two practices prior to selection, they will not be considered for the All Star Team.

3. The All-Star teams will be announced on June 15. The Players will be selected by voting. Only the managers and players who participated in the two weeks of practice will be eligible to vote.

4. Once a player is selected to the All-Star team, he/she may not miss more than two practices or they will be removed from the All Star team. The next qualifying participant  will replace the player.

Section 22. AMENDMENTS.

Amendments to these By-Laws are allowed, but only with the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board of Directors. The entire board must be notified of the voting to change these By-Laws with at least three (3) days prior notice.