North Valleys Little League: Practice Schedule

Wednesday, March 20
2013 Spring Practices all divisions

Thursday, March 21
April 1st-April 6th Practice scedule all divisions
      April 1-6 practices all divisions        
Date Day Time Field A B C D E F G  
1-Apr mon 6-7:30   Frm Brves Frm Cards Frm a's Fm padre frm royals  jr dodgers open open open 7-9  
2-Apr tues 5:30-6:30   Tb A's Tb yankees Tb O's Tb Giants Tb dgr Tb angels          
    6:45-8:30   Mjr sox mjr giants Mjr pirate mjr pack open open open 7-9  
3-Apr wed 6-8:30   min sox min giants min aces mnr braves min cards open open 7-9  
4-Apr thurs 6-8:30   mjr pack mjr sox mjr giants jr dodgers mjr pirate open open 7-9  
5-Apr fri 6-8:00   open open open open open open open 7-9  
6-Apr sat 9-10:30   Frm Brves Frm Cards Frm a's Frm Roy frm padres open open open open 2-9  
    11-12:00   Tb dgr Tb Giants Tb O's Tb Yankees Tb Angels Tb A's open open open    
    1-3:30   min aces min brave  min cards min giants min sox open    
    4-6:30   mjr pirate mjr sox mjr pack jr dodgers open open    
        Field D regulation Field Golden valley              
        Field E youth field golden valley              
        Field F Cold Springs field              
        Field G Mayors Park in Stead Mon -Thurs 7-9 pm Fri open Sat after 2pm              

Thursday, March 21
No practices scheduled April 8th-April 12th
Spring break week there will be no mandatory practices scheduled.

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