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Thursday, January 26
Looking for volunteers see below

Would you like to umpire or even coach a team? Well we are looking for some help please contact Cory Meyer at for more info.

        Even if you have no experience we offer clinics to help you. 


Monday, February 13
Concussion Policy and Training
Link to train and read policy from the CDC

Tuesday, February 14
North Valleys Little League

Tuesday, February 28
Dropped Third Strike Rule Now in Majors Division

Little League International has announced a significant rule change that will change the way the game is played ...

Tuesday, February 28
Every Rostered player present at the start of game will play 6 defensive outs and 1 at bat

Every rostered player present at the start of the game will participate in each game for a minimum of 6 defensive outs and at least 1 at bat.

If your game is cut short because of time or weather you will need to put the players in who did not reach their minimum playing time first.


         There will be consequences for Manager/Coacher who chose not o follow these rules as follows:


    First offense verbal warning expressing the importance of the rule

    Second offense 1 game suspension

    Third offense 3 game suspension

     Fourth offense  you will no longer be a manager or coach!


Wednesday, February 20
2013 Rule Changes

Thursday, December 12
2014 Spring Sign Up Dates

Sign up online now or come see us in person at Round Table on Golden Valley! We will be located in the back party room!

 December 14th 11a.m.-1p.m.

December 18th 6-8p.m.

December 28 11a.m.-1p.m.

January 4th 11a.m-1p.m


More dates to follow!