North Valleys Little League: 2013 North Valleys LL Divisions

2013 Divisions
14-18 year old players
NVLL also fields Senior teams for those 13 to 16 year-old baseball players,and Big League for 15 to 18 year olds, also playing on a full-sized 90-foot diamond against higher competition from throughout the region. These teams will be coached by experienced baseball coaches who will concentrate on teaching the fine points of advanced baseball practicing and play, stressing team discipline and building baseball knowledge and skills.

Juniors Baseball is a competitive program designed for 13 and 14 year old players. Players participating in Juniors include those aiming to continue playing at the high school level as well as those looking merely to continue playing the sport they've enjoyed throughout their several years within the NVLL. In addition, high school freshmen that are still Little League age 14 can also participate in the Juniors program.

There is a mandatory Skills Evaluation, and a player draft. The teams play against other local little league programs. Practices begin early March.

The Juniors program represents a significant step forward as it is the first time these players will move to a regulation baseball diamond, with all the associated challenges of 90-feet bases, extended throws, and mounds 60 feet 6 inches from home plate.

Additionally, the rules of Juniors ball more closely mimic professional baseball. The introduction of leads, stealing, and the like increases the complexity (and enjoyment) of the game for Juniors players.

Coaches in Juniors possess extensive coaching experience and the ability to teach advanced fundamentals and strategy. Juniors coaches focus on ensuring fun for the team while markedly improving the players' fundamental skills as they learn to adjust to playing on the big diamond. Coaches use positive encouragement to develop the players into good teammates and confident teens.

There are usually two games per week along with additional weekly practices. Standings and scores are kept throughout the season, which culminates in a playoff tournament. The Juniors playoff champion competes in a Tournament of Champions against other area league champions at the end of the season.
Intermediate 50/70 (11-13 year olds)
North Valleys Intermediate introduces children to advanced play leading off, picking off, and stealing. 50/70 means 50 foot pitching instead of the 46 ft mound in majors division. The 70 foot means base path length instead of 60 ft it is 70 to better prepare them for jrs and srs 90 ft paths. This division is for skilled players with experience.

North Valleys Little League Majors
Majors (ages 10 through 12) - The Majors level is the "official" level of Little League Baseball. This is the level of players which competes for the right to advance to the Little League World Series each year. The rules in Majors follow "Green Book"; the level of play is very advanced here. Games are played at Lemmon Valley Park. The Majors teams are formed using a player draft system. All players not drafted into Majors will be available for the Minor drafts.

Lemmon Valley AA (Kid Pitched-Minors Rules)
Minor AA (ages 8 through 11) - Minor AA is the OFFICIAL MINORS Division in NVLL. We have limited base stealing, and 9-man defensive platoons. Minor AA is also the 1st level where teams are drafted based on the results of Player Try-outs. All players who attended Try-outs and were not drafted onto Majors teams are eligible for the Minor draft. Games typically 6 innings, but are usually limited by a 2-hour time limit with no new innings starting after 1:45 elapsed time from the first pitch.. This level is very close to full "Little League" baseball rules, but has a number of limitations to make it more suitable for players not quite ready for the upper levels. The Minor AA level is ideal for those 8 through 10 year olds who are ready to move beyond Farm, but are not quite ready for competitive level of play in Majors

North Valley Farm League
FARM - (ages 6 through 8) This is the next level up from T-Ball, and the primary difference is that the hitting tee is replaced by machine pitch. Each batter will receive up to 7 pitched balls, and his turn at bat ends when he puts a ball into play or exhausts all 7 balls. There are no walks or strikeouts in Minor A, and there is no base stealing. This is a non-competitive level of play and no score is kept. All players will bat in a continuous order(an inning may stop if 3 outs are recorded). Games are 3-6 innings based on time limit. 10 players also play in the field each inning, although no more than 6 infielders (including pitcher and catcher) may be used. 6 year olds can petition to play at this level is they have played at least one year of T-Ball. No new inning will be started after 1 Hour 30 Minutes.

North Valleys T-Ball
T-Ball (ages 4 through 6) - T-Ball is the introductory level of baseball in Nvll. The primary emphasis in T-Ball is on having fun and developing a love for baseball while teaching very basic skills. This is a non-competitve level and no scores are kept for any games. Games are normally 3 innings long and no score is kept. All 4 & 5 year olds must play T-Ball. . Games typically last about 60-90 minutes in T-Ball.

North Valleys All-stars
12-11 Year Old All Stars- This age group is voted on out of the Majors Division

11-10 Year Old All Stars- This age group is voted on out of the Majors Division

10-9 Year Old All Stars- Mostly voted for out of the AAA Division, any 10's playing up to majors will also be eligible to be voted in.

Hooligans- 10, 11, and 12 year old players are eligible to be voted on to this team

Renegades- 9 year old and 10 year old Minor and Major players are eligible to be voted on to this team