North Oldham Little League: Mets(rk): 11 - Rockies(rk): 14

  Mets(rk): 11 - Rockies(rk): 14 Back to Schedules
  Teams: R H E  
  Mets(rk) vs 11 0 0  
  Rockies(rk) 14 0 0  
Game Played 4/27/2013 10:00AM  

Rockies down Mets
A five run sixth inning sealed the game for the Rockie as they beat the Mets 14-11. For the Rockies.Isaac Payne, Ethan Mutchler and Joe McGill had doubles. David Hinkle had three hits. For the Mets, Brett Ramsey and Zachary Christopher each had a double.

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