Whitesoxs(mn): Whitesoxs(mn): 8 - Orioles(mn): 1

  Whitesoxs(mn): 8 - Orioles(mn): 1 Back to Schedules
  Teams: R H E  
  Whitesoxs(mn) vs 8 0 0  
  Orioles(mn) 1 0 0  
Game Played 5/3/2013 8:00PM  

Whitesoxs top Orioles
The Whitesoxs beat the Orioles 8-1. For the Whitesoxs, Luke Hoskins had a triple and a double. Triston Wilson, Jacob Smith and Thomas DeJarnett each had a double.   For the Orioles, Drew Osbourne had a double. Josiah Board and Jonathan Klein had base hits.