North Oldham Little League: When it rains

Sunday, April 20


When it rains and there are games that day no decision will be made until 3:00pm no later than 4pm. Our fields drain well most of the time and with some sun they can be ready for play by 6:00pm. I watch the radar and try to make best decisions possible at that time sometimes it may be wrong. Once the decision is made I will contact all the managers, post it on our website and put on Facebook. its up to the manager to contact parents and players. If it is after 3:30pm and there s no cancellation and you call the ball-field and get the answering machine we are probably out getting the fields ready to play.

Once the games are canceled the reschedule times and days will posted that evening on the website as soon as possible. . The games will be rescheduled at the first possible available date.

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