North Oldham Little League: League Boundaries

League Boundaries
Do you live in our district?   Check map for league boundaries.  All players must live inside North Oldham Little League Boundaries(check map) or they must attend a school that is in the league boundaries. (Buckner, Centerfield, EOMS, LaGrange, Locust Grove, OCMS, & OCHS.) If they attend a school listed  and do not live in the league boundaries  must have  School enrollment form (at handouts)  as your proof of residence.

League Map

Friday, January 24
School Boundaries
OC Elementary Schools

Children that go to schools at LaGrange, Buckner, Centerfield, and Locust Grove Elementary Schools, Oldham County  Middle School, East Oldham Middle Schools and Oldham County High School and that live outside North Oldham Little League Boundaries,  can play at North Oldham Little League and be eligible for all-stars in baseball and softball. School boundaries of elementary and middle schools are  below

OC Middle Schools

Oldham County Streets & Schools listed

On handout below  street names are listed with school listed in Elementary, middle, and High School. Players are eligble to play at North Oldham Little League if the street or the school they are attending is highlighted  Not 100% correct but pretty close. If you have any questions of address contact the league

A player that lives outside North Oldham Little League boundaries  and attends a school that in the league boundary he is eligible to play at North oldham Little League and still be eligible to play National all-stars  The schools in our league boundaries are  Buckner, Centerfield, LaGrange, and Locust Grove Elementary, East Oldham and Oldham County Middle School and Oldham County High School.

If a player attends  a school that is in  NOLL boundaries  Example: East Oldham  and the brother/sister attends Camden Station that player could play at North Oldham Little League and be eligible for All-Stars.  

If a player attends a school that is in  NOLL boundaries and the following year attends another school outside NOLL  boundaries he is still eligible to play at NOLL for the remainder of his little league career and be eligible for all-stars.



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