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Monday, April 20
2015 Picture Day
Picture Day is Saturday April 25th  at Immaculate Conception gym.  Handouts below  have picture order forms. They  will take cash, check and credit cards.   Picture times for each team is listed in handout below.
Handout: 2015 Picture Day

Sunday, April 19
Saturday Games

North Oldham Little League had great weather for the Opening Day Parade and Breakfast on Saturday at Walsh Park with plenty of great games. We would like to THANK the LaGrange Fire Department for putting on the breakfast and escorting us to Walsh Park for the Opening Ceremonies. Thanks to theMayof of LaGrange Joe Davenport who threw out the first pitch. hope every one had great day and will have a great season at North Oldham Little league. There was plenty of great ballgames on Saturday,

In Major baseball, the tigers knocked off the Dodgers 13-2 and the Orioles held off the Cardinals 9-6. In Major Softball the Stingers took care of the Fillies 12-6.

In Minor Baseball, the Reds started the day with a 9-5 win over the Cubs. The A's had a late rally to beat the Nationals 7-6. The Yankeesstopped the Bluejays 14-3 and the Mets finished the day with 10-1 win over the Pirates. In Minor Softball, the Knockouts beat the Fillies 18-9 and the Slammers took care of the Lady Sluggers 16-5.

In Rookie Baseball,the Astros edged the Whitesoxs 7-6, the Rays came back on the Phillies for a 10-8 win. The Twins took down the Brewers and the Rangers capped the day with 10-1 win over the Indians. In Rookie Softball, the Bombers defeated the Slammers 15-8. Thank you to all the scorekeepers that keep the books so I can make the game summaries easier and get the highlights of the games. you can visit the game links for each game and get highlights.

Saturday, April 18
Friday Night Games

With good weather on Friday night, Walsh Park was busy with plenty of ball..  In Major Baseball, the  Angels need 8 innings to beat the Giants  15-9 in the first game and in the night cap the Giants 6-4 over the Angels.  In Major Softball, the Bombers defeated the Fillies 12-3.  In Minor  Baseball, the Redsoxs topped the Mariners 10-1 and the Nationals  finished their  suspended game with the Mariners with a 12-1 win.  In Rookie baseball,  the Padres edged the Whitesoxs5-4 and the Rockies knocked off the D-Backs 9-1.   Visit the game links for game summary and highlights. 

Friday, April 17
Thursday Night Games
No rain on Thursday night at Walsh Park  as the 2015 season tries to get  on  roll.  In, Major Baseball, the Tigers took down the Dodgers 12-6.  In Minor Baseball, the Mets needed seven innings  to hold off the Royals 18-14.  In Minor Softball, the Slammers held off the Lightning 12-11. In Rookie Baseball,  the Rangers topped the Padres 4-2 and the Rays defeated the Rockies 5-3.  Visit the game links for game summaries and highlights.

Thursday, April 16
WednesdayNight Games
Wednesday night at Walsh Park, North Oldham Little League  finally got to complete  a full  schedule of games. In Major Softball the Bombers defeated the Stingers 12-9.  In Minor Baseball, The Cubs blanked the Bluejays 15-0 and the Redsoxs rally past the Pirates  9-5.  In Rookie Baseball,  the Indians topped the Brewers 3-1. In Rookie Softball, the Knockouts held off a late rally by the Bombers to win 8-7.   Visit the game links for game summaries of the game.

Tuesday, April 14
Rain Stops some Opening night Games

With good weather to start the 2015 season, rain came in around 7pm  and put an end to opening night at Walsh Park with only 3 games getting completed.  In Rookie Softball, the Knockouts defeated the Slammers 7-2 and coach pitch and T- Ball got their games completed .  All Baseball divison games were called and will be reschedule at a later date. Will  Try again on tuesday. Games start at 6:00pm.

Saturday, April 11
Test Drive At Champion Chevrolet and support North Oldham Little League

Champion Chevrolet-Buick-GMC is going to bat for North Oldham Little League!

This baseball season, Champion Chevrolet-Buick-GMC will donate $25, up to $500, to North Oldham Little League for each completed test drive! Did you know that Chevy stores can service all makes and models? Stop by Champion Chevrolet-Buick-GMC between now and June 30, and while you wait for your oil change, take a test drive to support the league! The Chevy Youth Baseball Test Drive Fundraiser is EASY!

1. Test drive a new or used vehicle at Champion Chevrolet-Buick-GMC

2. Ask for a validation card with a unique validation code tied to North Oldham Little League

3. Go online to Enter in the code found on your validation card and answer a few quick questions.

4. Click “Submit”

Thank you for supporting North Oldham Little League!

Wednesday, November 19
Kroger Community Rewards -fund raiser

Help North Oldham Little League  with your Kroger Card

Kroger Community Rewards  -fund raiser
North Oldham Little League has enrolled  in the Kroger Community awards program.  You, your family  and  friends can help North Oldham Little League  raise money by enrolling in the program and the league  will profit  every  time  you use your Kroger Card.  We don't ask parent to do fundraisers.  This program will benefit  the league greatly if  everyone sign-ups,  ask other family members and friends to join and help support North Oldham Little League. 

              North Oldham Little League    NPO number 76861.
          You can  register online at
  • Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy and register your card with your organization after you sign up.
  • If a member does not yet have a Kroger Plus card, please let them know that they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger.
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Monday, January 28
North Oldham Little League.

Thursday, March 20
Game Schedules

Games schedules are now on the website.  Sorry for the delay.

when look at the website each division has  its own abbreviation
Major League baseball =mj
Minor League Baseball =  mn
Rookie League Baseball = rk
Senior League  Baseball = sr 
Major League Softball =mjs
Minor League Softball =  mns
Rookie League Softball = rks
Senior League  Softball = srs

Coach Pitch = CP

T-Ball = TB                  

Challenger = C 

Hopefully there is no mistakes  if there is please me know I will get fixed each manager will have an official schedule