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4. - Posted January 9, 2012 11:42PM
Sports pins - Janet

Have a nice season. Prepare to Win!

3. - Posted March 4, 2011 1:08AM
North Mason Little League Parent

This years Little league web site is awsome compared to last years. I can actually find most everything I have looked for on it this year.
What a Great way to start out the season, With a Smile.
Now, "Let's Play some Baseball!"

Melinda Schoene
Mother of a North Mason Little League player.

2. - Posted January 20, 2010 10:01AM
Hope to work with NMLL this year, Great site

1. - Posted February 20, 2009 9:43PM

OK! I'll be the first the sign the guest book. My grandson has enjoyed playing here for several years. Thanks so much for giving him the opportunity. Hopefully the league can get all the "adult" stuff worked out so the kids will continue to to have that same opportunity for many years to come. NMLL needs more dedicated volunteers to help make this the winningest league around. Our kids are sure ready and able to take on the task.