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Northern Youth Football League
Southeast, Michigan


Welcome to the Northern Youth Football League. The NYFL was founded in 2005 and created with a "KIDS FIRST" philosophy to promote youth Cheerleading, Football, and Pom Pon. The league currently has 8 franchises with some fielding multiple squads. Member franchises currently include:

Almont Raiders
Brandon Jr. Blackhawks
Clarkston Chiefs
Lake Orion Dragons
Lapeer Steelers
Oxford Jr. Wildcats
Rochester Ravens
Waterford Corsairs
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NYFL Super Bowl IX

Oxford HS @ 11:00am   1 2 3 4 F
F-Brandon (9-2) 0 6 0 6 12
F-Oxford "Gold" (11-0) 7 6 0 0 13

Oxford HS @ 1:30pm  1 2 3 4 F
JV-Lk. Orion "White" (7-4) 0 0 0 0 12
JV-Lapeer (11-0) 0 0 0 0 35
NYFL Super Bowl IX (Nov. 2)
#1-Brandon (9-2) 12
#1-Oxford "Gold" (11-0) 13
---Jr. Varsity---
#2-Lk. Orion "White" (7-4) 12
#1-Lapeer (11-0) 35
Division Championships (Oct. 27)
National Division
#2-Lapeer (7-3) 0
#1-Brandon (9-1) 8
American Division
#2-Rochester (6-4) 18
#1-Oxford "Gold" (10-0) 22
National Division
---Jr. Varsity---
#2-Clarkston "Blue" (7-3) 8
#1-Lapeer (10-0) 22
American Division
---Jr. Varsity---
#2-Lk. Orion "White" (7-3) 21
#1-Clarkston "White" (8-2) 0
Playoffs-1st Round (Oct. 19/20)
National Division
#4-Lk. Orion "Green" (3-6) 6
#1-Brandon (8-1) 25
#3-Almont (5-4) 6
#2-Lapeer (7-2)    27
---Jr. Varsity---
#4-Lk. Orion "Green" (3-6) 22
#1-Lapeer (9-0) 46
#3-Almont (6-3) 14
#2-Clarkston "Blue" (8-1) 29
American Division
#4-Clarkston "Gold" (2-7) 0
#1-Oxford "Gold" (9-0) 24
#3-Clarkston "White" (5-4) 14
#2-Rochester (6-3)    32
---Jr. Varsity---
#4-Rochester (2-7) 19
#1-Clarkston "White" (8-1) 32
#3-Oxford "Gold" (4-5) 6
#2-Lk. Orion "White" (6-3) 26
Mega Cheer IX
The Brandon Jr. Blackhawks Cheer Athletes swept both levels at Mega Cheer IX...winning the overall championship for both Freshman and Jr. Varsity.

NYFL Board Meeting
The next  NYFL Board Meeting is Monday, February 24, 7-8:30 at Lakeville Elementary Media Center 1400 Lakeville Road Oxford, MI 48371.

About the NYFL...
The focus being on community, the NYFL has the support of local school districts and/or governments and plays at some of the best facilities with five of the nine franchises playing on Field Turf. This is the same playing surface that the Detroit Lions and University of Michigan use. All facilities have concessions and proper amenities.

The league is divided into three divisions: Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity. The Freshman athletes are 8 and 9 years old. The Junior Varsity athletes are 10 and 11 years old. The Varsity athletes are 12, 13 and 14 years old. Ages are based on September 1 of the current year. Please see rules for weight limits.

The season usually consists of 8 games that are played on a Saturday or Sunday.  There are no practices or games over the Labor Day weekend.  When possible, night games are added to increase playing experience and atmosphere. 

The NYFL is not a "centralized" league and each team conducts their own registration.  For more information about each team, click "NYFL Team Links" on the left information bar.

For league expansion and franchise information, send inquiries to

Academic All-American Program
It has become a NYFL tradition to recognize academic achievement.  At halftime of each divisional Super Bowl, student-athletes are recognized from each franchise. The recognition is to remind everyone that success on the field is secondary to what is achieved in the classroom. Each student had a B- average or better and in 2010 over one thousand Cheerleaders and Football players qualified.
NYFL Super Bowl Champions


Super Bowl I...Brandon-27   Lk. Orion-7
Super Bowl II...Clarkston "Blue"-8   Lapeer-0 (OT)
Super Bowl III...Pontiac-12   Clarkston "White"-6
Super Bowl IV...Clarkston "White"-18   Pontiac-12 (OT)
Super Bowl V...Brandon-13   Clarkston "Blue"-0
Super Bowl VI...Oxford "Blue"-26   Clarkston "Blue"-7
Super Bowl VII...Brandon "White"-14   Waterford "Blue"-0

Super Bowl VIII...Oxford "Gold"-24   Clarkston "White"-6
Super Bowl IX...Oxford "Gold"-13   Brandon-12

Jr. Varsity

Super Bowl I...Pontiac-19   Brandon-6
Super Bowl II...Clarkston "Blue"-25   Pontiac-18
Super Bowl III...Lk. Orion "Green"-20   Clarkston "White"-14 (OT)
Super Bowl IV...Clarkston "White"-28   Pontiac-6
Super Bowl V...Pontiac-12    Birmingham "Blue"-0
Super Bowl VI... Birmingham "Blue"-7   Clarkston "Blue"-6
Super Bowl VII...Clarkston-W   Clarkston-L
Super Bowl VIII...Clarkston "White"-12   Clarkston "Gold"-6
Super Bowl IX...Lapeer-35   Lk. Orion "White"-12


Super Bowl I...Pontiac-36   Waterford-6
Super Bowl II...Pontiac-37   Clarkston-6
Super Bowl III...Waterford-20   Pontiac-13
Super Bowl IV...Clarkston-19   Waterford-18 (OT)
Super Bowl V...Waterford-14   Birmingham-0
Super Bowl VI...Waterford-W   Troy-L
Super Bowl VII...Troy-W   Waterford-L
Super Bowl VIII...Waterford-27 Troy-26 

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Northern Youth Football League
Northern Youth Football League
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