Northern Little League: Spring Registration Information

Tuesday, January 7

Mark your Calendars!!! (registration form and medical release form available on documentation page under handouts and on home page) there will also be forms available at registration.. but filling them out beforehand will speed up your registration process.)

Spring league registration info:

Saturday, January 11, 2014  11am-4:00pm

Sunday, January 12, 2014 1:30-4:00pm

Saturday, January 25, 2014 11am-4:00pm 

Sunday, January 26, 2014 1:30-4:00pm

WHERE:  Psalmond Recreation Center


1.Player Registration Form

2.Medical Release Form

3. Proof of Age

4. Proof of residency or school records 

Tuesday, January 7

Tryout Schedule

Northern Little League Spring 2014


Baseball                                       Thursday                Saturday        Sunday           

Age Group              Field            1/30/14                 2/1/14              2/2/14          

6, 7, 8 yr olds                             C                      6:00pm             1:00pm                          2:00pm            


8, 9 yr olds                     B                      6:00pm               1:00pm                       2:00pm            


10,11,12 yr olds            A                      7:00pm             2:30pm              3:30pm   

Players will be rated on some or all of the following: hitting, bunting, fielding, throwing, &/or running

All baseball players ages 10-12 must attend two tryouts to be eligible for player selection.  Failure to attend the required number of tryouts could forfeit the player’s eligibility.  Baseball players ages 6-9 must attend one tryout.  8 year old players wanting to tryout for B ball must attend one B ball tryout and one coach pitch (C ball) tryout.  There are no tryouts for T-Ball.  Please see note at the bottom of page for additional information.


Softball                                                      Thursday               Saturday        Sunday          

Age Group                     Field                    1/30/14                 2/1/14           2/2/14         

6, 7, 8 yr olds                     Softball                     6:00pm             1:00pm               2:00pm


9, 10, 11, 12yr olds          Softball                      7:00pm              2:00pm               3:00pm


13,14,15,16yr olds           Softball                      8:00pm              3:00pm               4:00pm

Players will be rated on some or all of the following: hitting, bunting, fielding, throwing, &/or running

All softball players ages 10-16 must attend 2 tryouts.   Softball players ages 6 to 9 must attend one tryout.  Failure to attend could forfeit the player’s eligibility.


Note: If a tryout session is rained out, that session will be held on Monday 2/3/14 at 6pm.  Otherwise, no make-up tryouts will be held.  Player selection is scheduled to begin February 3rd.  If you have not received notification from the team manager by February 8th, please contact one of the following league officials: or

The NLL Executive Committee reserves the right to gra

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