Northern Little League: Welcome

Wednesday, May 20
MIssing Scores and Playoffs

   Coaches We are missing some scores. Please check the webiste and submit your scores to  Thank you!!!


Playoffs are next week  May 25-28th! See below for details:

A Ball

Yankees/Braves Tuesday at 7:55pm

Giants/Dodgers Tuesday at 5:45pm

CHAMPIONSHIP Thursday at 6:30pm

B Ball

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BBall Yankees and BBall Orioles for your wins Monday night.   These two teams will be playing for the league championship Wednesday May 27th at 6:30PM on the A Ball Field!!


C Ball

Rays/Cardinals Tuesday at 7:45pm

Royals/Orioles Tuesday at 6pm

CHAMPIONSHIP Thursday at 6:30p 

Thursday, March 19
2015 Webiste

Tuesday, April 28

Managers, please check the website and see ify our team has any missing scores. If so please make sure to submit it to the email for reporting scores.  Your fans want to see how your teams are doing!!!!  Thank you!

Friday, May 9

feel free to provide suggestions that can help us make Northern even better!

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