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Saturday, August 22

  Tryout Schedule published on the Fall Ball tryout tab!  CU at Northern!!!

Attention Northern players We will have tryouts soon.  On another note, those of you who played as 12 year olds this past year
 Just because you just completed your 12-year old year at Northern Little
League doesn't mean your Little League career is over. Northern Little
League created a new division in 2015 under Little League International.
This division is for 13/14 year old players that will help bridge Little
League to High School.

This new division will allow players to continue to play the sport they
love.  Want to play travel ball?  No problem!   Northern has structured the
league to allow league play to occur on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays,
which allows travel ball players to play on weekends!  (Pitchers  - of
course, you should continue to follow pitching guidelines set forth by
Little League international for safety reasons!)

Northern will hold registration for the Junior League in January 2016 and
begin playing games in March.

This division has its own city championship for league play, as well as has
its own All-Star team that can compete in District, State, Regional and
World Series Tournaments!

Last year, Northern's Junior League won the city tournament and placed
second in the District Tournament - a great accomplishment considering it
was the first year of existence!!!!  The state All-Star Tournament was held
at Chattahoochee County.  Five teams competed for the state championship!
With the baseball talent at Northern and in Columbus, there would be no
reason for the Junior League team from Northern to place very high in any

Please give careful consideration to playing in the Junior League at
Northern in 2016!

Thursday, March 19
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