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Welcome to the Official Site of Northeast Pony League!!

 Group Practice for 4/3/14 is cancelled due to the cold and wet weather.

 Group Practices will start next week out at Northeast Park!
(Shetland)Group Practice will be Tuesdays and Thursdays starting April 1st and go from 6 pm - 7 pm.

Boys (Pinto, Mustangs, Bronco, Pony & Colt) Group Practice will be Mondays and Wednesdays starting March 31st and go from 6 pm - 7:30 pm.

Girls (Pinto, Mustangs, Bronco, Pony & Colt) Group Practice will be Tuesdays and Thursdays starting April 1st and go from 6 pm - 7:30 pm.

We will still be taking registrations at this time.
Group Practices will start next week out at Northeast Park!

To help with the Confusion that some might have United Little League is NOT the former East Moline Little League. The former East Moline Little League is now Northeast Pony League. Jacobs Northeast Park will be the Home of Northeast Pony League. Registrations will be coming soon from school. You can download registration at the bottom of page or you can register online.


Northeast Pony League offers scholarships to graduating Seniors every year who have played in our Program for a minimum of 5 years. 


10 Reasons Your Child Should Play Northeast Pony League Baseball/Softball:

(1) No Boundaries With Little League, Our boundaries were limited to only part of East Moline. With Pony League anyone wo lives Rock Island, Henry and Mercer Counties play!

(2) All players in the United Township School District will be allowed to play together in the same league.

(3) Jacobs Park in East Moline wil be the home of the Northeast Pony League.  We pride ourselves on having the finest facilities anywhere and our fields are the best in the area. We have purchased all new grounds equipment in the past two years to help us continue with improvements.

(4) For Baseball the base paths distances are adjused to allow for all ages to play the same game. Shetland and Pinto (5-8 yrs.) will play 50' bases and 38' pitchers mound. Mustang (9-10 yrs.) will play with 60' bases and 44' pitchers mound. Bronco (11-12 yrs.) will play wih 70' bases and 48' pitchers mound. Pony (13-14 yrs.) will play with 80' bases and 54' pitchers mund. Colt and Palomino (15-18 yrs.) will play with 90' bases and 60'6" pitchers mound. Mustang through Palomino will play lead-offs, steals and dropped third strike.

We believe this better fit than having all player ages using the same field dimensions.

(5) For Softball we are looking to partner wth other organizations in the area to provide more games against more teams. In the past with Little League, in some age groups the gils played the same team over and ver because there were no teams to play. We will strive to provide more and better competition for our girls.

(6) Longer season. With Little League most of the games are over by June 15th to allow for all-stars so the season is over for the majority of players. Our season will go from May 1 thru the end of July with season ending tournamets for all teams. We will play a 24 game season for all ages except Shetland (T-Ball) will play between 12 and 15 games.

(7) Better Instruction. We will strive to provide the best equipment and training of any league in the area. All our equipment is new within the last two years. We also offer access to batting cages and pitching macines for improved swing mechanics. All of our coaches will be encouraged to us the same drills and practice techniques to improve fundamentals and sill level, and thus enhance the enjoyment of he game for your player. The year will start with group practies.

(8) Bettr Grades/Heathy Children. Many studies have shown that tudents who participate in organized sports get better grade and have less social difficulties than their piers who don't participate. They lso tend to have better overall health than non prticipants!

(9) Lower Fees! Our fees are the lowest in the area at $30 for T-ball and $40 for all other leagues. We are able to keep our fees low by hosting tournaments that generate revenue hich offset player fees ad also provide for park improvements.

(10) Play with your friends. Players will be grouped by schools outside of East Moline, with opportunities for whole teams to play!* (outlying communities only.)       

$20 fundraiser will be added to Registration Fee.  (Fundraiser will be Raffle Tickets which you can sell and keep the money or keep the tickets for yourself.)
Family discount of $10 off for each additional player.
Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify.

We understand that the first season may present some challenges but we are convinced that this is the right direction for our program and the youth of the area.  We look forward to a great Inaugural season!  Play Ball!



Early Online Registration is going on now for the 2014 Season.

 You can register on line by selecting the registration link at the top of the page.

  Congratulations to the Minor Girls and the Junior Boys All-Star Teams on winning Districts for the 2013 Season!!


Northeast Pony League is currently looking for coaches for the 2014 season. If you are interested in being a Coach please contact Jerri Thompson at 309-716-7934 or Jon Danley at 309-721-6308.

Handout: 2014 Registration Form

 Challenger Little League is available for children of all ages with disabilities.
This program allows every child the chance to participate
in a structured athletic program, regardless of their ability.
For information contact Pam Swim at 786-3097 or Jan Garlock at 781-8221 or  Games are played at Steven's Park in Moline.



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