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Welcome to Midland Northeast Little League. In anticipation of the 2018 baseball season, feel free to use the resources linked below and in the menu to the left to find out what's new and what's remained the same.

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Friday, June 1
Sandlot Baseball Registration Now Open!

Interested in extending your baseball season? Midland Northeast Little League participates with other area Little Leagues to offer a summer baseball league for kids baseball age 6 through 10 (born September 1, 2007–August 31, 2012).

Games are played twice a week from early July through early August. Players are split by age into two divisions:

  • Sandlot 1 (baseball age 6–8): Soft compressions balls and 40' pitching. Games tentatively scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Sandlot 2 (baseball age 8–10; 7's if participated in AA Minors division during the regular season; 9 and 10 year olds not eligible if selected for All Stars): Games tentatively scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Both divisions follow AA Minors rules with kids pitching until 4 balls; at which time a coach finishes the at bat.

Registration deadline is June 27, 2018.

Registration cost is $25 for Sandlot 1 and $30 for Sandlot 2. Each player will receive a Sandlot team shirt and can wear their regular season hats. The registration website is now open.

Questions, please contact VP of Minors, Chad Gallihugh.

Tuesday, May 29
Summer Tournament T-Shirts

Anyone in need of a NELL summer tournament t-shirt can pick it up at the concession stand. Cost is $10.

The $20 tournament fee can be paid directly to your coach the weekend of the tournament. 

Monday, May 7
Bat Decertification - What You Need to Know

The following message is from Little League International. It was originally sent to Little League participants on May 4th. We are posting to our website to increase exposure.

Dear Little League Parents and Volunteers,

Receiving a notice that a bat has been decertified, especially in the middle of the season, is challenging, inconvenient, and disappointing for everyone. On Thursday, May 3, USA Baseball informed Little League and other youth organizations about the decertification of the Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8. We are committed to sharing that information with all of you as soon as we received it. According to the official notice from USA Baseball, "official compliance testing determined that the Ghost X 30/20 exceeds the performance limit set by the USABat Standard. Per the USA Baseball Youth Bat Performance Test Protocol as well as (USA Baseball's) contracts with Easton, these results constitute a non-compliant bat that must be decertified."

For any family or league that is impacted by USA Baseball's decertification of the Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8, we strongly urge you to read Easton's release, which includes information about how to return your bat to receive a $500 voucher for Easton.com.

How Certification and Decertification Works

For the USABat Standard, bat manufacturers are required by USA Baseball to have their bats certified by following the protocols set out by the standard. Once a bat is certified, additional compliance testing is done to make sure that the bats remain complaint with that standard. Little League® International has no role in bat testing or compliance testing.

Once a bat that is currently in the marketplace and available for purchase fails to meet the performance standard, it is decertified, and pursuant to Rule 1.10, is an illegal bat.

What Little League® Parents and Volunteers Need to Know

Little League does not decide whether a bat meets, doesn't meet, or no longer meets the performance standard. Bats used for Little League play in all divisions must remain compliant to the applicable bat standards, as explained in the current year's rulebook (Rule 1.10).

Through LittleLeague.org/BatInfo, as well as Little League's social media and email efforts, we are committed to sharing any information about the decertification of bats as soon as possible, so that all our families and volunteers know which bats are permitted and which bats that may have already been sold are no longer approved for play.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience, and we strongly encourage you to visit LittleLeague.org/BatInfo for complete information about how bat standards impact all divisions of Little League and resources on which bats are approved for Little League use. For all information pertaining to the USABat Standard, visit USABat.com.

For those parents and leagues who purchased the Easton Ghost X, 30" -10 USA Baseball bat (model #'s YBB18GX10 30/20 & LL18GHX 30/20 Japan model), we, again, encourage you to read Easton's release and contact them as soon as possible at 1-844-531-7079, or ghostreturn@easton.com, to return your bat and receive your $500 electronic voucher.


Patrick Wilson

Patrick W. Wilson
Senior Vice President, Little League Baseball and Softball