Northeast Aquatics Team: Welcome


North East Aquatics Team (NEAT) is a United States Swimming (USS) team. Our team is based on building upon the success of each swimmer as he/she advances from beginner swimmer through his/her platinum swimming career. We offer five levels of instruction within the team and strive to match age and swimmer development with the appropriate level of instruction. We emphasize the physical development, personal development, and stroke development of each swimmer in an atmosphere of fun, dedication, and competitive swimming. We believe the values and skills taught by swimming are endless. Competitive swimming leads to the development of new friends, better levels of physical fitness, self-discipline, advanced organizational skills, and sportsmanship.


The mission of North East Aquatics Team is to offer a nationally recognized aquatics program that teaches and trains all levels of swimmers, emphasizing individual progress, team unity, and family participation.


Our goal is to guide and direct individuals toward maximum developement of thier talents and abilities. Our coaching staff strives to teach, train, and motivate our swimmers to achieve their ultimate potential in swimming in the belief that this experience will prove valuable to them as they grow and develop.

North East Aquatics Team instills an understanding of and appreciation for such concepts as self-esteem, personal accountability, self-discipline, goal setting, and goal achievement as these ideas relate to their success in training and in competition.

At each level of the NEAT program, swimmers are instructed to strive for excellence. Excellence in this sense represents the achievement of that level at which you know that you have done your utmost to become the best you are capable of becoming. Each swimmer is given the "tools" to create his/her own masterpiece.