North Clark Little League: Snack Shack

Friday, April 3
The New Snack Shack is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

We're excited to announce that the new Snack Shack is up and running at 99% capacity. We're cooking up burgers and dogs for you! Stay tuned for more info.

Monday, March 17
A new season is upon us - as well as a new snack shack!

There are many people working a lot to get the final stages of the snack shack completed. Please stay tuned for an opening date coming soon...

 In the meantime watch your email for contact from Suzanne about helping out with temporary snack shack arrangements and with a schedule for when the new shack opens up.

This is a busy and exciting time... Please let us know if you are able to help! 

Thursday, March 14
Please welcome Suzanne Logan as our new Snack Shack Manager!


Monday, December 3
We are looking for someone to run and operate the Snack Shack!

Running the Snack Shack is a huge commitment and you must be able to work with many different types of personalities. You would have to train people and over see many different aspects in regard to the Snack Shack. Just a few of the requirements would be ordering food and sometimes having to pick up food as well. Ordering beverages, training PIC's and other Volunteers, making a schedule for rotating shifts that our teams must provide Volunteers for. You must feel comfotable in dealing with money, you must have a Food Handlers card and see that we pass inspection by maintaining a clean environment and following all Health code requirements. These are just a few of the resposibilities you would have so if you are interested please let a Board Member know!