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Friday, April 27
College Exploration A-Z

Massachusetts Career Information Systems

username: mwcc
password: mwcc

This is a comprehensive website put together by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to assist young people in deciding on a career path. If you know what you want to do for a living, this website will show you  different schools that will prepare you for that career in both MA & the U.S. If you are unsure what you want to do after high school, this website provides you with the tools to make a decision. Please ask Coach Lisa if you have any questions about the website.

Explore You

  • Interests Profile
  • SKILLS Assesment
  • Work Importance Locator

Explore Careers

  • Ocupations
  • Occupations Sort

 Explore Schools

  • Schools
  • U.S. Colleges & Universities
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Explore Programs & Majors

  • Programs of study & training

 Manage Your Plans w/ "My Portfolio"

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  • Reflect on your exploration
  • Create your education & work experience




Friday, April 27
Ever thought about a career in Basketball?


The following is a link to NBA/WNBA/D-League jobs in different parts of the country. Check out the job titles and descriptions. Find one you like? Look for it in the "Occupations" section of the menu at (username:mwcc / password: mwcc) to see what college courses & major you would need to study.