PAL of North Central Mass: April Calendar Raffle Winners

Friday, April 6
Congratulations to all April Calendar Raffle Winners!

    April 2            April 3              April 4              April 5             April 6    

Chamaine Parks    Mattie Snowden   Ann Dionne-Fenner   JoAnne Hamberg   Ethel Snowden
Leominster, MA  Charlotte, NC       Fitchburg, MA         Lunenburg, MA     Fitchburg, MA

    April 9            April 10             April 11             April 12           April 13   

Jim Shakalis          Elaine Thompson    Christy Douglas     Krista Rhodes      Kathy Marshall
Fitchburg, MA      Leominster, MA       Shirley, MA         Fitchburg, MA    Fitchburg, MA
    April 16          April 17             April 18             April 19            April 20  
Mildred Hernandez  Carol Cabot        Steven Bashaw     Hector Rodriguez   Rey Mojica
Leominster, MA       Townsend, MA    Leominster, MA    Fitchburg, MA      Leominster, MA

    April 23         April 24             April 25             April 26           April 27

Barbara Avila     Xavier Vargas        Jose Perez Jr   Jennifer Cadarette  Mike Kupcinskas
Fitchburg, MA     Fitchburg, MA      Fitchburg, MA    Worcester, MA   Ashburnham, MA

   April 30   

Adrian Ford Sr.
Fitchburg, MA 

*All winners will receive a check through the mail to the address that was provided on the raffle slip. Checks for all winners will be mailed out at the end of the month*

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