NC District 6: Welcome

North Carolina District 6

I would like to welcome all of you to the Website of North Carolina District 6. District 6 became into being in January 1997 when District 4 was divided into two Districts.

Arnold White the Southern Regional Director at that time called Joe Zema and asked him if he would be interested in being the District Administrator for District 6. Joe said yes, and was appointed as DA by Mr. White.

An election was held in June of 1977 to elected the District Administrator (DA). The league Presidents at the time elected Joe for his first three year term.

The District at that time was composed of the following leagues, Brunswick County LL, Fort Bragg American LL, Fort Bragg National LL, Pope AFB LL, Sandhills LL, Warsaw LL and Village LL (West Fayetteville LL).

Joe has faithfully served as the District Administrator from 1997 - Present. He is a strong beleiver in the Little League program.

NC District 6 Leagues
Bull CityLL     Chapel Hill LL    
Clayton LL     FCPR LL    
FCPR Zone 1 LL     FCPR Zone 2 LL    
FCPR Zone 3 LL     FCPR Zone 4 LL    
FCPR Zone 5 LL     FCPR Zone 6 LL    
FCPR Zone 7 LL     Garner Area LL    
Roxboro LL     South Durham LL    
West Fayetteville Recreation LL     Wilmington LL    
Wilson City LL