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This site is dedicated to providing information for all of North Carolina's Amateur Softball Association activities. North Carolina ASA is one of the many associations that is affiliated with the Amateur Softball Association of America.

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Monday, January 6
NC ASA Umpire Clinics

Are you looking forward to the start of ASA Softball as much as I am?
Well, here’s the first step.  The ASA State Umpire clinics (Fee $15) begin in January:
January 17th, 9:00 AM Registration starts – Fairchild Center, 827 South Graham Hopedale Road, Burlington, North Carolina

February 13th, 6:15 PM Registration starts – Stephens Lee Rec Center, 30 George Washington Carver, Asheville, North Carolina
February 14th, 11:30 AM Registration starts – Freedom Park, Mahlon Adams Pavilion, 2435 Cumberland Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina (UPDATED on 1/31)
February 15th, 8:45 AM Registration starts – Herb Young Community Center, 101 Wilkinson Avenue, Cary, North Carolina
We look forward to seeing you!

Monday, February 9