North Bay Challenger Little League: Welcome

Wednesday, September 19
North Bay Challenger Little League

NBCLL provides an adaptive, co-ed, non-competitive, Little League experience for young athletes with physical and/or intellectual challenges. We provide an annual Spring-time baseball season where all players and families can have fun, socialize, and participate. We maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere for all participants and volunteers. 


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Season start March 31st, If you're interested in playing click HERE! 






2018 SEASON - The dates are Sundays April through June at Mark West Fields.

(All Sundays except Easter, Mother's Day, and Memorial Weekend)

We supply all the necessary equipment (bats, baseballs, batting helmets). If you have a baseball glove, you can use it. If you need to borrow a glove, we have those too. Baseball cleats are not allowed, so no need to buy those. Baseball pants are fine, but not required. Every player, coach, and buddy will receive a uniform shirt and hat.   



Reminder! There is a Board meeting tonight 9/19 at the Round Table on Marlow, 1791 Marlow Road, Santa Rosa. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Come and be a part of a new beginning, find out how you be involved! 



Dear North Bay Challenger Families:

There will be a Challenger Board Meeting on September 19th at 6:30 PM at the Marlow Round Table (small meeting room). The address is 1791 Marlow Rd., Santa Rosa (in the Safeway shopping center).

As addressed in the 7/18/18 message, the current Challenger Board has decided to resign in hopes that a new more energetic Board will take over. Hopefully at this meeting, a new board will be formed and new business will continue.

A new Board may make changes to the Challenger program as long as it complies with Little League rules. We operate under the auspices of Little League Baseball, District 35.

We have heard from at least 10 people interested in continuing the Challenger program as a new Board of Directors. This would be a great start. Please come to this meeting if you want to see Challenger Little League continue.

The list of Board positions is in the 7/1/18 message below, and if every position was filled what an easy joy Challenger would be to run!

Please show up and be a part of a great program.


Dear North Bay Challenger Families:

The Challenger Board is quite small with each person taking on several empty positions. We have been quite overwhelmed for several years and have decided it is too much work for too few people.

We all love the Challenger program but the workload has limited our enjoyment of the program and impacted our ability to keep the program running smoothly.

It is with great sadness that the current Challenger Board has decided to resign in hopes that a new more energetic Board will take over. 

The salutation for this letter says "Dear North Bay Challenger Families". This is an intentional description, because whether you are a player, coach, family/friend, board member, buddy, or a member of the vast group of volunteers who help wherever needed, you are a member of our Challenger Family. This message is being sent to all our contacts.  

Challenger needs a new Board. If you are interested in keeping this valuable program going by contributing to its leadership (become a Board Member), PLEASE respond to this email and we will put you in touch with other interested people. There is a meeting already scheduled on August 15th that will be kept open for you. Of course, the resigning Board Members will assist you with the transition in any way we can, and some have expressed the desire to continue volunteering with Challenger in a yet-to-be determined capacity.

Below is a very brief description of the current Board positions. A new Board may make changes to the Challenger program as long as it complies with Little League rules. We operate under the auspices of Little League Baseball, District 35.

If the response for Board Members is not sufficient, we will regrettably suspend operation of the program for the 2019 season with the future of Challenger undecided.

Sincerely Yours,
The North Bay Challenger Board of Directors

North Bay Challenger Board Positions

President:  Overlooks all actions and activities of the Board and league, runs meetings, communicates with District staff, completes all documents relating to Little League International etc.

Vice President:  Assists the President with all duties as needed and is prepared to take over for the President.

Secretary:  Maintain minutes of meetings, assist with paperwork as needed and write thank-you letters.

Treasurer:  Maintain checking account, prepare simple tax return and prepare year-end financial reports.

Player Agent:  Maintains all data relating to registration of players and deals with any issues the players or managers need help coordinating. 

Equipment Manager:  Maintain and keep track of all equipment, distribute to teams and replace as necessary.

Picnic Coordinator:  Plan, schedule and implement annual picnic and awards ceremony.

Buddy Coordinator:  Obtaining, organizing, and training buddies for players, and communicate with Team Managers on their needs.

Sponsors Manager:  Securing sponsors for each team and other fund-raising.

Web Master:  Maintains Facebook, League communications and Challenger website.

Head Team Parent:  Make sure each team has a team parent and instruct them to schedule snacks and assist the Manager.

Program Coordinator:  Plan, implement and produce opening day program.

Public Relations:  Contact and arrange any media publications.

Field Manager:  Prepare and maintain fields and pick up any trash on grounds.

New Player Coordinator:  Prepare, implement and manage the sign up flyers and other means of bringing in new players.

Safety Officer:  Overlook safety on fields and reports all accidents.

Manager/Coach Liaison:  Communicates with and signs up Managers/Coaches and deals with all team issues.

Volunteer Coordinator:  Recruits volunteers as needed.

Member At Large:  Assist with any help another Board Member needs.



 Hello Challenger  Families,


Our last games are today, Sunday June 10th. Following the games, the party begins.

The Juniors play at 11am.

The Minors and Seniors play at noon.

Please see the schedule.


6/10 Tigers Rockies   6/10 Yankees Rangers   6/10 White Sox Giants   6/10 Phillies A's
6/10 Game at 12:00, BBQ afterwards   6/10 Game at 11:00, BBQ afterwards   6/10 Game at 12:00, BBQ afterwards   6/10 Game at 12:00, BBQ afterwards


It will be a warm day, so dress for comfort. Please, do NOT bring your pets. Dogs are not allowed at the MWLL fields or the school, service animals okay. 


Every player receives a trophy with their team. We have a token of appreciation for our buddies. Plaques for sponsors, and first time coaches are awarded too.


Managers, please plan to turn in your equipment to the equipment manager after your games. Please keep it organized, and let us know if anything has been lost so we can be prepared for next season.


The food is free for the players and immediate family.


If you'd like to help during the festivities, just ask Sandee or Tansy what you can do. And we would appreciate any help cleaning up at the end of the event.


Challenger Awards/BBQ Raffle items 2018 
(this is a partial list, see below for ticket pricing)

Baseball glove 
Windsor golf pkg. for four with cart (≥$200.00 value)  
2 - $25.00 gift certificate for Santa Rosa movie theaters 
Assortment of Childrens books
Uno Jurassic toy 
StarWars game 
Robot Dinosaur 
Gift certificate for Windsor Dance Academy class + t-shirt  
Gift certificate for skills assessment and consultation at Learning Rx ($285.00 value)
Art supplies
Bella Rosa Coffee basket 
2 - $25.00 gift certificate for Mary's Pizza
$100.00 Amazon gift certificate
$50.00 Starbucks gift certificate
$50.00 gift certificate at Bowling Double Decker Lanes
Water guns with water balloons
Various Toys
...and more

These are raffle items, held at our Awards Ceremony/BBQ. Must be present to win.

Bring your $.

1 ticket for $1
6 for $5
15 for $10
35 for $20


We'll see you out there, Have a great day!

Your Friendly Little Challenger Board


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Hello Challenger Families and Volunteers, 
We have Games this Sunday, May 20th!, then a break for Memorial Day weekend.
The weather should be sunny with a high of 75º F.

The end of the season draws nearer.
Schedule for the remaining season:
6th game 5/20
7th game 6/3
8th game 6/10

End of season BBQ (after games) 6/10
The raffle during the BBQ is a big part of our fundraising. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and we need your donations to keep the kids running the bases. Please donate raffle items (or cash) and bring them to a board member by Field 2 this Sunday. 
Most appealing items are gift cards (Costco sells gift cards at a discount), donated services or camps, or fun toys. We also accept wine, gift baskets, whatever you can imagine. Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 29
2018 Season Flyer


Friday, April 20
We Need Buddies

We need buddies. Ages 12 and up. Do you like children? Do they like you?! Then this is your perfect volunteer position. Only 1 hour per week.