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Beginning in 2016, all current schedules (games and practices) and statistics can be found on the Game Changer website. Click the Link above.

2016 Alumni Game

The 2016 North Muskegon Alumni game, the fifth annual, saw a high-scoring affair, as the Gold Team (the even years) broke a 9-9 tie by scoring three runs in the fifth and four runs in the sixth for the 16-9 victory. The win gives the even years a 3-2 advantage.

After the Odd Years jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the top of the first, the Even Years countered with an eight-run inning. Eventually, the Odd Years knotted the score at 9 in the top of the fifth.

Leading the Even Years was MVP Jesse Dunn (class of 2014), who had three hits, three RBI and one run scored. The class of 1998 scored 10 of the team’s 16 runs as Jeremy Wegner and Matt Boyle both scored five times. Wegner finished with two singles and an RBI while Boyle had a single and an RBI.

Ryan Compeau (2014) had three singles and two RBI while Austin Aamodt (2006) added a double and two RBI. Bailey Cooper (2014) gained the win in relief.

For the Odd Years, Ben Gautraud (2015), who won the Home Run Derby, was the team’s MVP with two singles, a double, three RBI and two runs. Connor Gannon (2015) had a solo home run in the fourth inning. Mike Schreiber (1995) took the loss.

Friday, July 10
Wow! 99 players have played for coach Kent

If the math is correct, 99 players have played at least one varsity game under Coach Kent in his 12 years as varsity coach. That means the first new player to play a game in 2016 will be lucky No. 100. Here is a list of every player who played one game for coach Kent. The year is the first year that the player played on varsity. 

Balaskovitz, Ron
Carley, Nick
Carr, Jordan
Dean, Mike
Deiters, AJ
Derks, Jerad
Dunn, Steve
Edick, Jake
Fairbanks, Jordan
Falkowski, Ryan
Graff, Mike
Grosse, Andy
Helle, Christian
McPherson, Ben
Saunders, Aaron
Scheldt, Chris
Westra, Andrew
Wieman, Grant

Aamodt, Austin
Arends, Reid
Buter, Ryan
Picard, Mark

Carley, Arion
Dunn, Matt
Falkowski, Travis
Forton, Troy
Gedman, Chris
Jones, Alex
Sexton, Ryan
VanBergen, Noah
Vanderweele, Austin
Wierda, Alex

Frein, Jake
Hillman, Ryan

Buris, Andy
Lee, Kyung-Min
Rapson, Patrick
Strockis, Nick
Wiggins, Robin

Gautraud, Sam
Taylor, Curtis
Evans, Geoff
Cooke, Drake
Kelly, Brian
Veltman, Jake
Meagher, Jory
VanBergen, Simon
Boczkaja, Erik
Rennells, Tyler
Hardy, John
Ryu, Chang-Seok
McCamant, Zac
Pitts, Trae

West, Austin
Kraemer, James
Garcia, Hector
Preston, Graham
Berge, DJ
Rhyndress, Noah
Liverance, Cody
Gust, Carter
Ocharzak, Ben

Anderson, Adrian
Ackley, Jon
Berge, Michael
Cooke, Chase
Hillman, Chris
Compeau, Ryan
Scott, Brody
Gautraud, Jack
Dunn, Jesse
McEvoy, Rogan
McCamant, Reese
Edick, Adam
Rhyndress, Aidan
Webster, Travis
Pallante, Stephen

Raymond, Chase

Gautraud, Ben
Draper, Riley
Cooper, Bailey
Jani, Dev
McEvoy, Connor

Gannon, Connor
Hardy, Joel
Visconti, Marco
Bleakley, Erick
Osborn, Joe

Bean, Jake
Bickford, Kade
Fuller, Dalton
Garcia, Ben
Schofield, Brighton
Slocum, Alex
Gautraud, Tommy
Cobb, Jimmy
Huff, Brett
Kraley, Matt
Villescas, Cayden