Normoyle Pony League: Code of Conduct

We pledge to follow the National Youth Sports Parent’s Code of Conduct:

           I will remember that youth sports are played for fun!

  • I will be a role model for my team demonstrating how to treat other players, parents, officials and coaches with respect at all times.

  • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship regardless of the score by acting in a positive manner towards all players, officials, parents and coaches.

  • I will show respect to all referees, officials or umpires and never act in a manner that would be disrespectful toward them.

  • I will be an encouragement to all players on all teams regardless of the score.

  • I will place my child’s emotional and physical well being ahead of my own personal desire to win.

  • I will volunteer to help my child’s team by coaching, officiating, planning team parties, team pictures, and team trophy orders, phone calls and/or other needs.

  • I will not use drugs, tobacco or alcohol at any National Youth Sports practices or games and will remind other parents not to do so.

  • I will remember that the game is played for the youth and not for the adults.

  • I will encourage my child to shake hands with the other team and officials at the conclusion of all games.

  • The below name player will not participate with any other Pony League during the Spring Season while registered with Normoyle Pony League during the same season. 

  • Player will not be able to switch teams once they are registered or been placed on a team.


    If I have any problems or concerns with any coach or team, I understand that I must submit the complaint in writing and it will be reviewed by the NPL Board or Directors.  I understand my child must attend practice on a regular basis in order to play in games and in order to avoid and disciplinary action I understand the coach must be notified if my child is unable to attend.  The coach has the right to suspend, expel or discharge any player from his/her team if he feels it necessary which may arise for failure to participate in practices, games, etc.. or for conduct that is not appropriate from a player or parent.  I also understand that I must take my child to practice/game on time and be picked up on time.  I understand that NYBA is not responsible for any items lost or stolen neither in their premises nor in the parking lot outside or around these premises.

I understand that I and possibly my child may be suspended without warning from the league for any violation of this Parent’s Code of Conduct.