Normoyle Pony League: NPL Park/Division Rules

Park Rules

Baseball Park Rules:

·         There is absolutely NO outside food, drinks, ice chests or water bottles allowed in the park. Patrons will be asked to dispose of any and all items upon entering the park gate (NPL will provide water jugs for all team players).

·         No alcohol beverages are allowed in the park. No EXCEPTIONS!

·         The park is a smoking free facility. Any and all smoking is prohibited in NPL baseball park.

·         No foul language or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. Umpires and directors have the right to remove any spectator, coach or player from the premises.

      NO pets are allowed in the park. 



·         Cancellations will not be rescheduled, that game will be considered a forfeit and the coach maybe responsible to pay for the umpire fees. (The team must pay any fees prior to their next game, if not, the following games will be considered forfeits until the fees are paid).


Division Rules
The Normoyle Pony League Division Rules are attached to print and see...

Handout: Division Rules