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Necelina McDonald Memorial Foundation
1042 Blake Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

Tuesday, May 1



MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2012 to SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2012

Participating teams:

13u: NYC Panthers, Future Allstars, LI Rough Riders, St. Vincent, YABC Boston, Brooklyn Rams

15u:  House Wreckers, LI Rough Riders, Brooklyn Badgers, CNC/LTS, NYC Panthers A

17u: Future Allstars, CNC/LTS, DSA, NY Blackhawks, Renaissance Warriors, BK Allstars, NYC Finest, Kingdom Elite, United Brooklyn, NYC Panthers

19u: NYC Panthers, Future Allstars, NYC Finest, DSA, Brooklyn Rams, Canada B, Canada A, Team N.A.S.

Girls: NYC Panthers Girls, Mika, St. Vincents, Fam First Finest

Alumni: Kingdom Elite, Team Cashez, St. Joe's, Canada, Pop Life, NYC Panthers

  Go to "HANDOUTS" Section to download 2012 Coach's Packet!!!



At I.S. 323

6:00pm - (15u) Brooklyn Badgers vs. LTS/CNC

                 RESULTS: - Badgers defeat LTS/CNC, 47-42

                                       Lavont Dorsey(Badgers) - 16 points

                                       Davon Edwards(LTS/CNC) - 12 points

6:45pm - (15u) LTS/CNC vs. NYC Panthers A

                 RESULTS: - LTS/CNC defeat Panthers A, 52-31

                          Nyquan McCombs(LTS/CNC) - 12 points

                          Brandon Steed(Panthers A) - 23 points 

7:30pm - (15u) Brooklyn Badgers vs. NYC Panthers A

           RESULTS: - Badgers defeat Panthers A, 47-27

                          Unique McClean(Badgers) - 9 points

                          Brandon Steed(Panthers A) - 11 points 


At I.S. 323

6:00pm - (13u) L.I. Rough Riders vs. Future Allstars

6:45pm - (13u) NYC Panthers vs. Future Allstars

7:30pm - (13u) NYC Panthers vs. L.I. Rough Riders


At I.S. 323 

6:00PM - (13u) Brooklyn Rams vs. St. Vincents

6:45pm - (17u) Future Allstars vs. LTS/CNC

7:30pm - (17u) LTS/CNC vs. DSA


At I.S. 323

6:00pm - (15u) House Wreckers vs. L.I. Rough Riders

6:45pm - (15u) Brooklyn Badgers vs. House Wreckers

7:30pm - (15u) Brooklyn Badgers vs. L.I. Rough Riders

At Aviator Court #1

6:00pm - (17u) Future Allstars vs. DSA

6:45pm - (17u) Renaissance Warriors vs. NY Blackhawks

7:30pm - (17u) Renaissance Warriors vs. BK Allstars

8:15pm - (17u) NY Blackhawks vs. BK Allstars

At Aviator Court #2

6:00pm - (19u) NYC Panthers vs. DSA

6:45pm - (19u) Future Allstars vs. NYC Finest

7:30pm - (19u) Future Allstars vs. DSA

8:15pm - (19u) NYC Panthers vs. NYC Finest


At Aviator Court #1

6:00pm - (17u) NYC Finest vs. United Brooklyn

6;45pm - (17u) NYC Finest vs. Kingdom Elite

7:30pm - (17u) NYC Panthers vs. Kingdom Elite

8:15pm - (17u) NYC Panthers vs. United Brooklyn

At Aviator Court #2

6:00pm - (Alumni) NYC Panthers vs. Pop Life

6:45pm - (Alumni) Canada vs. Pop Life

7;30pm - (Alumni) NYC Panthers vs. Canada


At Aviator Court #1

9:30am - (Alumni) Kingdom Elite vs. St. Joe's

10:15am - (Alumni) Kingdom Elite vs. Team Cashez

11:00am - (15u) Quarter-Finals

11:45am - (19u) Brooklyn Rams vs. Canada B

12:30pm - (19u) Team N.A.S. vs. Canada B

1:15pm - (13u) YABC Boston vs. Brooklyn Rams

2:15pm - (13u) YABC Boston vs. St. Vincent

3:30pm - (17u) Quarter-Finals

4:15pm - (17u) Quarter-Finals

5:00pm - (13u) Quarter-Finals

5:45pm - (19u) Quarter-Finals

6:30pm - (19u) Quarter-Finals

7:15pm - (Alumni) Quarter-Finals

At Aviator Court #2

10:15am - (17u) Preliminary Playoff Game

11:00am - (15u) Quarter-Finals

11:45am - (19u) Team N.A.S. vs. Canada A

12:30pm - (19u) Brooklyn Rams vs. Canada A

1:15pm - (Alumni) St. Joe's vs. Team Cashez

2:15pm - (17u) Preliminary Playoff Game

3:30pm - (17u) Quarter-Finals

4:15pm - (17u) Quarter-Finals

5:00pm - (13u) Quarter-Finals

5:45pm - (19u) Quarter-Finals

6:30pm - (19u) Quarter-Finals

7:15pm - (Alumni) Quarter-Finals


At Aviator Court #1

9:30am - (13u) Semi-Finals

10:15am - (15u) Semi-Finals

11:00am - (17u) Semi-Finals

11:45am - (13u) CHAMPIONSHIP

12:30pm - (19u) Semi-Finals

1:15pm - (Girls) Semi-Finals

2:00pm - (Alumni) Semi-Finals

2:45pm - (15u) CHAMPIONSHIP

3:30pm - (Girls) CHAMPIONSHIP


At Aviator Court #2

 9:30am - (13u) Semi-Finals

10:15am - (15u) Semi-Finals

11:00am - (17u) Semi-Finals

12:30pm - (19u) Semi-Finals

1:15pm - (Girls) Semi-Finals

2:00pm - (Alumni) Semi-Finals

2:45pm - (17u) CHAMPIONSHIP

3:30pm - (Girls) CONSOLATION

4:15pm - (Alumni) CHAMPIONSHIP




NMMF's "14th Annual Spring Classic

Monday, April 25, 2011 to Sunday, May 1, 2011

Location: I.S 323

Game 1: 17 and Under: The Future Allstars VS. United Brooklyn. The Allstars take the win 50-43. Naiel Smith led the allstars with 15 points. Joel Anqus led United Brooklyn with 14 points.

Game 2: 17 and Under: Panters VS. United Brooklyn. United Brooklyn takes the win 64-63. Very close game. Jahleel and Marcus both led the panters with 19 points while Noal Vilkes led with 10 points.

Game 3: 17 and Under: Panters VS. The Future Allstars. Allstars win 60-42. Naiel Smith led the team with 15 points. Khamall led the panters with 10.

Location: 275

Game 4: 15 and Under: Tigers VS. C3 Elite. C3 wins 59-35. Adam Goldberry led them with 19 points. Derek memichael led the tigers with 9.

Game 5: 15 and Under: CNC/LTS VS. C3 Elite. C3 takes the win 51-41. Lamont Peebles led C3 with 14 points while Khepra led CNC/LTS with 12.

Game 6: 15 and Under: Tigers VS. CNC/ LTS. Tigers win 47-29. Lewis Diaz and Darer Reiguie both led the Tigers with 9 points. Innocent from CNC/LTS led his team with 6.

Scores: 4/26/2011

Location: 323

Game 1: 17 and Under: C3 Elite VS. Brooklyn Allstars. C3 Elite takes the win 49-44. Tuquan Davis led the Elite with 19 points.Chris Tstasis schored the high of 9 points for the Allstars.

Game 2: 17 and Under: C3 Elite VS.Panthers Blue. C3 wins 44-40. Sam Duradala had the high of 19 points for the panters.

Game 3: 15 and Under: NMMF VS.Renaissance Warriors. NMMF won 46-41. High Scores for the game Samuel Joseph and Jonathen.

Game 4: 15 and Under: Brooklyn Allstars VS.Panthers Blue. Panther blue wins 52-45. Chris Tstasis led the All stars with 14 points while Ihrahrem Shamell helped lead his team to victory with 12 points.

Game 5: 15 and Under: Panthers VS. Renaissance warriors. panthers win 48-41. Johnathon led the Warriors with 9 points while Jamie had 20 points for the Panthers.


Game 1: 19 and Under: 257 Allstars VS. The Future Allstars.The future allstars win 52-38. Franfey Michel led 257 allstars with 10 points. Teshawn Dejin helped lead the future allstars with 12 points.

Game 2: 19 and Under: 257 All stars VS. CNC/LTS. CNC/LTS wins 49-43. Joel and matthew led the Allstars with 9 points while Josh help CNC/LTS win with 17 points.

Game 3: 19 and Under: CNC/LTS VS. Future Allstars. Future Allstars win 63-58. Josh led CNC.LTS with 25 points. Richard Williams helped the Future allstars win with 16 points.  

Date 4/27/2011 

Location: IS 323 (17 and Under)

Game 1: Panthers 55 NMMf 36

Game 2: Panthers 56 CNC/LTS 41

Game 3: NMMF 22 CNC/LTS 47

Game 1: C3 Elite 61 Panthers (grey) 59

Game 2: Panthers (Blue) 56 United Bk 58

Game 3: Future Stars 67 Bk Allstars 26

Date 4/28/2011 

Location: IS 323 (15 and Under)

Game 1: Renassance 30 C3 Elite 44

Game 2: Tigers 44 NMMF42

Location: 275 (17 and Under)

Game 1: Tigers 42 NYC Finest 65

Game 2: Tigers 72 CNC/LTS 56

Game 3: NYC Finest 47 CNC/LTS 37

Date 4/29/2011

Location: 275

Game 1: No Game

Game 2: C3 Elite48 United 38

Game 3: Future Stars 64 CNC/LTS 33

Location: Aviatar

Game 1: Team Canada 52 Tk Allstars 41

Game 2: Brooklyn Rams 54 Team Canada Blue 38

Game 3:Team Rose Trailblaizers 44 Team Caslez 51 

Location: Aviatar

Game 1: Rose Trailblazers (ll) 40 Diciples (nn) 37

Game 2: Team Cashez (mm) 56 Disciples (nn) 51

Game 3: No score recorded

Saturday April 30th, 2001 

Location: IS 323 (13 and under)

Game 1: Kingdom Elite 62 NMMF 10

Game 2: ICV Hawks 31 Kingdom Elite 49

Game 3: Panther 57 ICV Hawks 19

Game 4: LCS 39 Panther 49

Game 5: NMMF 31 LCV Hawks 32

Location: 275

Game 1: TK Allstars 49 Kingdom Elite 35

Game 2: Kingdom Elite 51 Team Canada (grey) 28

Game 3: Kingdom Elite 47 PA Ballars 28

Game 4: Hard 2 Guard 55 Team Canada (blue) 34

STANDINGS (at the conclusion of games on April 26th):


Leadership Pool:  (AA)Panthers  (BB)CNC/LTS  (CC)ICV Hawks  (DD)NMMF (EE)Kingdom Elite


Character Pool:  (A)Panthers 1-0 (B)Renaissance Warriors 0-2  (C)NMMF 1-0

Honesty Pool:  (D)C3 Elite 2-0  (E) CNC/LTS 0-2  (F)Tigers 1-1 

Dignity Pool:  (G)YABC Boston  (H) Starrett City  (I)LI Force


Respect Pool:  (L)Panthers Grey 0-2 (M)Future Stars 2-0 (N)United Brooklyn 1-1

Trust Pool:  (O)C3 Elite 2-0  (P)Panthers Blue 1-1  (Q)BK Allstars 0-2

Commitment Pool:  (R)Tigers  (S)NYC Finest  (T)CNC/LTS

Dedication Pool:  (U)Brooklyn Rams  (V)Hard 2 Guard  (W)Team Canada Blue

Honor Pool:  (X)Team Canada Grey  (Y)PA Ballers  (Z)Kingdom Elite


Pride Pool:  (FF)275 Allstars 0-2  (GG)CNC/LTS 1-1  (HH)Future Stars 2-0

Citizenship Pool:  (II)Team Canada  (JJ)Kingdom Elite  (KK)TK Allstars

College Division:

Destiny Pool:  (LL)Rosedale Trailblazers (MM)Team Cashez (NN)Disciples

Loyalty Pool:  (OO)Hard 2 Guard  (PP)Kingdom Elite  (QQ)Team Canada

Necelina McDonald Memorial Fountation's "12TH ANNUAL SPRING CLASSIC"

Date: Monday, May 3rd, 2010 - Sunday, May 9th, 2010


13U - NYC Rise Panthers defeat NMMF All-Stars 54-39

15U - Elizabeth AAU defeat Freeport Ballers 60-37

17U - NMMF All-Stars defeat Kingdom Elite 66-61

19U - Florida defeat Thelma Hamilton 76-46

Alumni - MOB defeat Rosedale Trailblazers 64-61



United Brooklyn, NYC Rise Panthers, NMMF All-Stars, Freeport, LTS/CNC


Kingdom Elite, BK All-Stars, NYC Rise Panthers, Elizabeth AAU, St. Vincent, LTS/CNC, Freeport A, Keystone Blazers, NMMF All-Stars, X-Men


Kingdom Elite, BK All-Stars, NYC Rise Panthers, Future Stars, BK Warriors, NMMF All-Stars, BK Ballers, Team Canada, LTS/CNC, NYC Finest, YABC Boston, X-Men


Kingdom Elite, Team Canada, Florida PAL, LTS/CNC, NMMF All-Stars, Future Stars, Elevation Hawks, Thelma Hamilton 


Kingdom Elite, Team Canada, MOB. Rosedale


13U - 275 defeat Lola Russell 31-17
19U - X-Men vs. NYC Rise Panthers 
17U - NYC Rise Panthers defeat Westinghouse Warriors 49-37
15U - NYC Rise Panthers defeat Brooklyn Rams 62-57

13U - C3 Elite defeat NYC Rise Panthers 67-24 
15U - C3 Elite defeat United Brooklyn 39-36

17U - Westinghouse Warriors defeat Brooklyn Rams 67-52
19U - X-Men defeat Renaissance Warriors 67-55
17U - C3 Elite defeat Renaissance Warriors 62-51 
15U - Future Stars defeat C3 Elite 67-65
13U - Brooklyn Rams defeat Lola Russell 37-35

19U - Nia Prep defeat Future Stars 71-54 
13U - St. Vincent defeats NYC Rise Panthers 61-49

15U - NYC Rise Panthers defeat Tilden Blue Devils 46-43
17U - Fam First defeat Future Stars 55-49

17U - NYC Rise Panthers defeated Brooklyn Rams
19U - Renaissance Warriors defeated NYC Rise Panthers
17U – BK All-Stars defeat Renaissance Warriors 
13U - C3 Elite defeated St. Vincent 57-14
17U – United Brooklyn defeated Future Stars 56-54                                        19U - Nia Prep defeat Brooklyn Rams 82-81
15U – Tilden Blue Devils defeat Brooklyn Rams
13U – Brooklyn Rams defeat 275 All-Stars
15U – Future Stars defeat United Brooklyn

17U - Fam First defeat United Brooklyn 76-68
19U - Future Stars defeat Brooklyn Rams 89-87
College - Rosedale Trailblazers defeat 275 All-Stars 91-71 
17U - C3 Elite defeat BK All-Stars 57-49
15U - C3 Elite Forfeit Win

17U - CNC/LTS defeat BK Rams East 69-61 
13U - NYC Rise Panthers defeat Lola Russell 55-26

15U - NYC Rise Panthers defeat United Brooklyn 49-39
15U - Future Stars defeat Brooklyn Rams 51-44

13U - C3 Elite defeat 275 All-Stars
13U - St. Vincent defeat Brooklyn Rams
15U - C3 Elite vs. Future Stars
15U - BK Baller defeat Team Canada
15U - 275 All-Stars defeat Team Canada 
15U - Pocono Elite defeat Freeport Rec.
17U - NYC Finest defeat Surprise Athletics 
17U - Future Stars defeat Westinghouse
17U - Newark Bruins defeat CNC/LTS
17U - BK All-Stars defeat United Brooklyn
19U - NYC Finest defeat Canada
19U - Florida PAL defeat 275 All-Stars

19U - 275 All-Stars defeat 56 City 
Col. - Rosedale Trailblazers defeat Team Canada

Col. - 275 All-Stars defeat Canada
Col. - TK All-Stars defeat NYC Rise Panthers

Col. - Chemical Beast defeat TK All-Stars 

Last year's 2008 NMMF International Spring Classic Basketball Tournament participating teams were:

13-Under: C-3 Elite, Metro Hawks, Freeport, 275 All-Stars, South Jersey Juice, East Flatbush Jaguars

15-Under: 275 All-Stars, United Brooklyn, C-3 Elite, Fam First, South Jersey Juice, YABC (Boston), Broncos, Team Canada,  Renaissance Warriors, PAC All-Stars, BK All-Stars, Baltimore Stars 

17-Under: United Brooklyn, C-3 Elite, South Jersey Juice, Surprise Athletics (New Jersey), BK All-Stars, Team Canada, Pocono All-Stars (PA), Renaissance Warriors, Fam First, X-Men, Choice Not Chance, Broncos, EK Warriors, PAC All-Stars, BK Chiefs

19-Under:  Florida PAL (Florida), Renaissance Warriors, Rosedale Trailblazers, Bronx Sports Foundation "A" and "B", Team Fam, C-3 Elite, Metro Hawks, South Jersey Juice, 275 All-Stars, NYC Finest, Team Canada 


MVP - Frank Trevino(Blizzards)
Sportsmanship - Dimitry Coronel(Rebels)
Student-Athlete Award - Showley Nicholson(Rebel)
13U - 275 defeat Lola Russell 31-17 
19U - X-Men vs. NYC Rise Panthers 
17U - NYC Rise Panthers defeat Westunghouse Warriors 49-37
17U - Westinghouse Warriors defeat Brooklyn Rams 67-52
19U - X-Men defeat Renaissance Warriors 67-55
17U - C3 Elite defeat Renaissance Warriors 62-51 
15U - Future Stars defeat C3 Elite 67-65
13U - Brooklyn Rams defeat Lola Russell 37-35

19U - Nia Prep defeat Future Stars 71-54 
13U - St. Vincent defeats NYC Rise Panthers 61-49

17U - Fam First defeat Future Stars 55-49
15U - NYC Rise Panthers defeat Brooklyn Rams 62-57

13U - C3 Elite defeat NYC Rise Panthers 67-24 
15U - C3 Elite defeat United Brooklyn 39-36 C3 ELITE defeated Fam First
MVP - Darren Johnson(Elite)
Sportsmanship - Deylon Bovel(Fam First)
Student-Athlete Award - Anthony Hammer(Fam First)
C3 ELITE defeated NJ Juice
MVP - Devon Davis(Elite)
Sportsmanship - To be named later
Student-Athlete Award - To be namen later
BIG APPLE defeated Florida PAL
MVP - Justin Leemor(Big Apple)
Sportsmanship - Ivan Askins(Florida)
Student-Athlete Award - Demetrius Porter

Weekday Results

St. Vincents 48 (N.Viera/T.Phillip, 11 pts.) - C3 Elite 46 (Nick Smith, 21 pts.)
Student Athlete Broncos 39 (Lucky, 11 pts.) - C3 Elite 37 (Eric Turpin, 12 pts.)
BK Allstars 33 (Daniel Dejesus, 13 pts.) - Renaissance Warriors 19 (Kaheem Roach, 5 pts.)
Choice Not Chance 61 (AJ Hemingway, 17 pts.) - B-Cam 53 (Malcolm Butler, 20 pts.)
BK Allstars 34 (Cody Gouvard, 17 pts.) - Surprise Athletics 29 (Vladimir Laguerre, 12 pts.)
Westinghouse wins by forfeit over United Brooklyn

BK Blizzards 30 (Bonklee Bovinn, 8 pts.) - St. Vincent 18 (T. Phillip, 9 pts.)
C3 Elite 38 (Nick Smith, 18 pts.) - NJ Juice 34 (Shaquille Davis, 19 pts.)
Student Athlete Broncos 52 (Michael T., 9 pts.) - NJ Juice 22 (Isiah, 7 pts.)
Fam First 71 (Marquez Jones, 17 pts.) - BK Allstars 33 (Abbas Mohamed, 12 pts.)
Old School Stompers 31 (Chris Walker, 6 pts.) - BK Allstars 25 (John Romeo, 12 pts.)
C3 Elite 67 (D. Portis/K. Sierra, 10 pts.)- B-Cam 39(M. Butler/O. Robinson, 9 pts.)

BK Blizzards 33 (Joshua Bloomfield, 9 pts.) - NJ Juice 27 (Michael Taylor, 14 pts.)
C3 Elite 48 (D. Grace/W. Aaron, 10 pts.) - NJ Juice 33 (Amani Cardwood, 12 pts.)
Fam First 59 (Rich Brown, 16 pts.) - Renaissance Warriors 30 (Viktor Gashi, 9 pts.)

C3 Elite wins by forfeit over NJ Juice
C3 Elite 39 (Darren Johnson, 8 pts.) - Renaissance Warriors 32 (I. Santana/K. Roach, 8 pts.)
NJ Juice 54 (Robert Russell, 14 pts.) - Westinghouse Warriors 52 (Nequan Doyle, 15 pts.)
Rosedale Trailblazers 68 (Edmund McCane, 17 pts.) - Big Apple 66 (Nat Lester, 16 pts.)

NJ Juice wins by forfeit over BK Allstars
C3 Elite 55 - Choice not Chance 52
United Brooklyn 72 - NJ Juice 52
Surprise Athletics 47 - Old School Stompers 32
TK Allstars 39 - Renaissance Warriors 35
Big Apple 65 - Brooklyn Rams 59
Florida PAL 53 - 275 Allstars 44

Date: April 30 - May 6, 2007
Location: Brownsville Beacon @ JHS 275, PS/IS 323, Hoopland and St. Edmunds Prep
Registration Fee: $375.00 (Deadline April 15th)
Divisions: 13U, 15U, 17U, 19U
Phone Contact: Rob McDonald @ 917-533-7465
E-mail Contact:

Complete registration form HERE

This year's 2007 NMMF Spring Classic Tournament will consist of the following 35 teams:
13-Under (6 Teams): Brooklyn Blizzards, C3 Elite, GTBC Rebels (Boston), N.J. Juice, St. Vincents Ferrier, T.K. All-Stars
15-Under (9 Teams): Brooklyn All-Stars, C3 Elite, Fam First, N.J. Juice, N.J. Trailblazers (New Jersey), Renaissance Warriors, Student-Athlete Broncos, Team Albany, YABC (Boston)
17-Under (9 Teams): B-Cam, Brooklyn All-Stars, C3 Elite, Choice Not Chance, N.J. Juice, Old School Stompers, Surprise Athletics (New Jersey), United Brooklyn, Westinghouse Warriors
19-Under (11 Teams): 275 All-Stars, Big Apple, Brooklyn Rams, Florida PAL (Florida), Leap Forward, Metro Hawks, N.J. Trailblazers (New Jersey), Renaissance Warriors, Rosedale Trailblazers, Sam Rines All-Stars (PA), T.K. All-Stars


The Necelina McDonald Memorial Foundation was created to fill one of the many voids in our community through sports. It is our intention to create a successful youth development program using the sport of basketball; that would then become a platform to address some of the pressing needs of our community.

Our mission is to guide youth between the ages of 7 and 21, both boys and girls, in the way of life by providing spiritual, educational, cultural, and financial support through our program.

Since its inception in 1997, our tournament has grown from an initial four teams (2 each from Brooklyn and Albany) to fifty-one national and international teams from locales including Canada, Florida, Boston, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island and from throughout the five boroughs. Our tournament is the only area tournament where youth can compete against youth from as far away as Florida and Canada.

We are proud to say that in the eight years of this event, we have created a positive experience for the youth and community, free of violence. In addition to the local economic benefits, we have also been able to provide valuable information on voter registration, health screenings, educational opportunities and life skills.

During our 2006 Spring Classic, the Necelina McDonald Memorial Foundation began a new chapter in our endeavors to assist worthy student-athletes. The foundation presented a scholarship to one resilient young man who maintained athletic and academic excellence in the face of off-the-court hardships.

In fact, many participants of our spring and summer tournaments have gone on to play and excel at colleges and universities across the country.

Our alumni list includes the following:
Sebastian Telfair (Boston Celtics), Royal Ivey (Atlanta Hawks), Charlie Villanueva (Milwaukee Bucks), Quincy Douby (Sacramento Kings),Chris Taft (NBA), JT Thomas(NBA), Lionel Chalmers (NBA), Lloyd Clinton (ABA), Jerel Blassingame (Overseas), Tommie Eddie (Overseas), Vernon Goodridge(Miss. State), Devon Neckles (St. Francis, NY), Gary Ervin (U. of Arkansas), Tyquan Goode (Fairfield), Sean Watson (Morgan State), Ramel Bradley (Kentucky), Ronald Yates (St. Peters), Sharif Skinner (LIU), Cliffone Ault (Howard), Ryan Williams (St. Johns), Anthony Williams (Morgan State), Mike Clarke (Central Connecticut), Tony Lee (Robert Morris), John Quintana (St. Francis), Aaron Johnson (Penn State), Terrance Watkins (St. Peters), Gary Forbes (U. of Virginia), Kareem Lloyd (Boise St.), Gabe Mombrun (Tiffin University), Leo Barrett (Allen University), Nimai Garrett (Allen University), Trevor Breland(Ventura CC), Akio Charles (Globe), Aaron Lesane (Riverside JC), Amadou Fall (Falls CC), Jamal Raphael (Sullivan CC), Peter Jean-Baptiste (Sullivan CC), and Taj Moore(Mohawk Valley CC).

Necelina McDonald Memorial Foundation
Necelina McDonald Memorial Foundation

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