North Leominster Little League: Forms

2014 Schedules

Majors Game Schedule 2014Majors Game Schedule 2014

Majors Practice Schedule 2014Majors Practice Schedule 2014

Minors 2014 Game & Practice ScheduleMinors 2014 Game & Practice Schedule

Instructional Schedule 2014Instructional Schedule 2014

Tball Schedule 2014Tball Schedule 2014

2014 Season Forms

2014 Season Forms

2014 Registration Form2014 Registration Form

2014 Volunteer Application2014 Volunteer Application

2014 Cori Form2014 Cori Form

2014 Medical Release Form2014 Medical Release Form

2014 Challanger Registration2014 Challanger Registration

2014 Accident Claim Form2014 Accident Claim Form

2014 Injury Tracking Form2014 Injury Tracking Form

2014 Calendar Raffle2014 Calendar Raffle

2014 Season Board Minutes

Oct 2013 Board MinutesOct 2013 Board Minutes

November 2013 MinutesNovember 2013 Minutes

December 2013 MinutesDecember 2013 Minutes

January 2014 Board MinutesJanuary 2014 Board Minutes

Feb 2014 Board MinutesFeb 2014 Board Minutes

March 2014 Board MinutesMarch 2014 Board Minutes

2014 Season Clinics

FSC  January ClinicFSC January Clinic

St.B's Activity CenterSt.B's Activity Center

Dicks Sporting Goods Shopping DayDicks Sporting Goods Shopping Day

2013 Season Schedules

Majors Schedule with Playoffs 2013Majors Schedule with Playoffs 2013

Majors Practice Schedule 2013Majors Practice Schedule 2013

Minor League schedule - with PlayoffsMinor League schedule - with Playoffs

Minor League Practice ScheduleMinor League Practice Schedule

Instructional League Schedule 2013Instructional League Schedule 2013

Instructional  Practice Schedule 2013Instructional Practice Schedule 2013

T-Ball Schedule 2013T-Ball Schedule 2013

2013 Playoffs2013 Playoffs

2013 Season Registration and Forms

2013 Registration Form2013 Registration Form

2013 Season Volunteer Form2013 Season Volunteer Form

2013 MA CORI Form2013 MA CORI Form

2014 Medical Release Form2014 Medical Release Form

2013 Challenger Registration Form2013 Challenger Registration Form

Challenger Flyer 2013Challenger Flyer 2013

2013 Board Meeting Minutes

9.12.2012 Minutes9.12.2012 Minutes

10.4.2012 Minutes10.4.2012 Minutes

11.1.2012 Minutes11.1.2012 Minutes

12.6.2012 Minutes12.6.2012 Minutes

1.3.2013 Minutes1.3.2013 Minutes

2.7.13 Minutes2.7.13 Minutes

3.14.2013 Minutes3.14.2013 Minutes

4.4.2013 Minutes4.4.2013 Minutes

Board DescriptionsBoard Descriptions

August 2013 MinutesAugust 2013 Minutes

2013 Clinics and Misc

2013 Golf Outing2013 Golf Outing

2013 Golf Registration2013 Golf Registration

FSC April Vacation ClinicFSC April Vacation Clinic

Rock Out Against RettRock Out Against Rett

Leominster gearLeominster gear

2013 Calendar Winners2013 Calendar Winners

2012 Coupons and Fundraising

2012 NLLL Golf Tournament2012 NLLL Golf Tournament

2012 Dick's Leominster LL Coupons2012 Dick's Leominster LL Coupons

TexasRoadHouse TroopsTexasRoadHouse Troops

Texas Roadhouse FundraiserTexas Roadhouse Fundraiser



2012 Fundraising Calendar2012 Fundraising Calendar

2012 Fundraising Calendar Winners2012 Fundraising Calendar Winners

2012 League Forms and Handouts

2012 Fall Ball Registration2012 Fall Ball Registration

2012 Instructional Pickup League2012 Instructional Pickup League

Sentinel Game SummariesSentinel Game Summaries

2012 Volunteer Application2012 Volunteer Application

2013 MA CORI Form2013 MA CORI Form

2012 NLLL Registration Form2012 NLLL Registration Form

2012 Challenger Registration Form2012 Challenger Registration Form

2014 Medical Release Form2014 Medical Release Form

2012 Tryouts2012 Tryouts

Little League Road ShowLittle League Road Show

What Parents Should KnowWhat Parents Should Know

Accident Notification FormAccident Notification Form

Accident Claim Form InstructionsAccident Claim Form Instructions

General Liability Claim FormGeneral Liability Claim Form

2014 Injury Tracking Form2014 Injury Tracking Form

Tolerance PolicyTolerance Policy

12 yr old waiver form12 yr old waiver form

Pitch Count FAQPitch Count FAQ

Pitch Count Eligibility Tracking FormPitch Count Eligibility Tracking Form

Pitch LogPitch Log

2012 Game and Practice Schedules

2012 Major Game Schedule2012 Major Game Schedule

2012 Summer Home Games Schedule2012 Summer Home Games Schedule

2012 Major Practice Schedule2012 Major Practice Schedule

2012 Minor Game Schedule2012 Minor Game Schedule

2012 Minor Practice Schedule2012 Minor Practice Schedule

2012 Instructional Game Schedule2012 Instructional Game Schedule

2012 Instructional Practice Schedule2012 Instructional Practice Schedule

2012 Tball Game Schedule2012 Tball Game Schedule

2012 Interleague Game Schedule2012 Interleague Game Schedule

2012 Camps and Clinics

Big Al's MilburyBig Al's Milbury

2012 Season - Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sep 2011 - Sep 2012













2011 Season - Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

2011 Season Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

NLLL Minutes March 2011NLLL Minutes March 2011

NLLL Minutes January 2011NLLL Minutes January 2011

NLLL Minutes December 2010NLLL Minutes December 2010

NLLL Minutes November 2010NLLL Minutes November 2010

NLLL Minutes October 2010NLLL Minutes October 2010

NLLL Minutes September 2010NLLL Minutes September 2010

2011 Game and Practice Schedules

2011 NLLL Practice Schedule2011 NLLL Practice Schedule

2011 Major League Game schedule2011 Major League Game schedule

2011 Minor League game schedule2011 Minor League game schedule

Major InterLeague Game ScheduleMajor InterLeague Game Schedule

Minor InterLeague Game ScheduleMinor InterLeague Game Schedule

Tball season scheduleTball season schedule

Instructional League Game ScheduleInstructional League Game Schedule

Stacey Bradley scheduleStacey Bradley schedule

2009 Season Board Meeting Minutes (9/08-8/09)

NLLL Minutes 06072009NLLL Minutes 06072009

NLLL 05072009 MinutesNLLL 05072009 Minutes

NLLL Minutes 422009NLLL Minutes 422009

NLLL Minutes 1142009NLLL Minutes 1142009

NLLL Minutes 12162008NLLL Minutes 12162008

NLLL Minutes 11062008NLLL Minutes 11062008

NLLL minutes 10022008NLLL minutes 10022008

NLLL Minutes 09082008NLLL Minutes 09082008

NLLL Minutes 08192008NLLL Minutes 08192008

NLLL Minutes 08012009NLLL Minutes 08012009

NLLL Minutes 07022009NLLL Minutes 07022009

2010 Season Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

NLLL Minutes Feb 4 2010NLLL Minutes Feb 4 2010

NLLL Minutes Jan 7 2010NLLL Minutes Jan 7 2010

NLLL Minutes Oct 22 2009NLLL Minutes Oct 22 2009

NLLL Minutes Oct 8 2009NLLL Minutes Oct 8 2009

NLLL Minutes 09032009NLLL Minutes 09032009

Little League Notices

2008 Pitching Rules2008 Pitching Rules

12Yr Olds to Major League Q+A12Yr Olds to Major League Q+A

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