National Little League: Sponsorship Sign Opportunity



National Little League offers a great opportunity to advertise on the ball fields during the baseball/softball seasons. The current cost for sign sponsorship is $500.00 for a full year or $750.00 for two years.

  Field signs will be displayed at the start of the season and will stay up for a period of one or two years depending on the contract. The signs can be placed on any one of our four fields which include our fields where Tee Ball, Softball, Minors and Majors baseball play, as well as on our larger Junior/Senior baseball field. 

Field signs provide great exposure for your company and help to support National Little League's policy of not requiring families to participate in fundraisers during the year.

   If you are interested in sponsoring a sign, please contact us at  If you prefer to pay for your sign sponsorship online with an approved credit card, just follow this link to our page for sponsorship sign donations: Click here to donate online.

Field signs are not only purchased for company advertisements.  In the past we have had parents and friends simply support a team, wish the players good luck, and place sportsmanship phrases on field signs.  Contact us today with any ideas you have for field sign sponsorships.


Thank you for your continued support of National Little League.

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