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Cold Spring Local Weather
NK United Fire
Greg Braun
Fax: 309-402-6063
Cold Spring, Kentucky

5, 4, 3, 2, 1....FIRE!

Velcome - This web page now qualifies as nostalgia.  With the guys having progressed as very talented, skilled soccer players through their high school years, this page provides a look back to the "early years" as a soccer force in Northern Kentucky.  Enjoy!

NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNITED U-14 FIRE SOCCER...  bids farewell and thank you to all the parents, players, administrators, coaches & spouses, and siblings for a great, great run of training, playing, and living soccer.  The team provided many thrills, and forged long lasting friendships.

last updated: November 19, 2010;  last previous update: June 11, 2008

previous update 6/13/07


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** to stop the music, scroll down and click on the || on the music link

Spring 2007 Season   
A strong stretch run including a 0-0 tie vs the first place Star Blitz. A fourth place finish in Comp 1, one point from third. Thanks to the new players this year, Josh, Andrew, Justin, and Danny. We appreciate your efforts and contributions to the team this year.

Next up: Bluegrass Games 2007, July 21, Lexington, KY Good luck Fire, and hopefully we'll miss the migrant worker team (No hablo engles'), or if not, we kick their tails this time.

Click the Links button for Tournament links, Brossart & NCC sports links, and soccer league page. E-mail any other suggestions.


2006 Town & Country TC CUP CHAMPIONS!
4-0-0 on the weekend, including the "Frost Bowl" on Sunday morning. Second consecutive tournament championship. It sure was cold, but the Fire were hot!

Congratulations to the team on winning the 2006 U-14 Fall Ball Championship! A repeat of last year's championship, once again with excellent defense. 1 goal allowed over four games. 8 goals for, 1 against; 3 shutouts. Great job Corey and all defenders. Excellent teamwork from back to front, and around the net.

Miami U. Tournament - 4/30/06
Congratulations to the team on their second place finish in the Miami Tournament. Some hard fought games, and great team effort. 2-2 on the weekend.

Spring 2006 Season -
Thanks Chauntel for all your efforts on schedule changes, tournaments, and other challenges. Maybe there's a home buyer among all the coaches, schedulers, etc. that you're dealing with.

Congratulations to the team and coaches/trainer on finishing first in the league with a 4-1-2 record. The team guaranteed themselves a second consecutive first place league finish with a 0-0 tie vs the BSC Vipers on a cool, wet, rainy October Sunday. We're proud of the effort and teamwork displayed both in practice and the games each week. Great job guys!

Thunderstruck by AC/DC

2005 Fall Ball Champions

Congratulations to the team on winning the 2005 Fall Ball Tournament October 2, 2005. With a record of 3-0-1, defeating two teams from Columbus, including an overtime thriller in the finals. The most amazing statistic: 10 goals for, 1 against. A great job by the defense, and fantastic teamwork all around. Thanks also to our guest players, Alex, Sam, and Josh for their contribution to the winning effort.

Sat. Game 1: Fire 5 - 0
Sat. Game 2: Fire 2 - Blackhawks 0
Sun. Game 1: Fire 1 - Santos 1
Sun. Championship: Regulation 0 - 0, Overtime, Fire 2 - 0

2005 Dog Days of Summer Tournament Finalists

Congratulations to the Fire on their Runner-up finish in the August 2005 Dog Days Tournament. The team went 2-1-1 to finish second in a strong showing in this pre-season tournament. The competition included two teams that we will face in our regular season, with a victory over the MTSC Titans, and a tie vs the Lakota Blackhawks.

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Northern Kentucky United Fire
Northern Kentucky United Fire
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