New Jersey State Little League: State Constitution and Procedures


New Jersey State Little League

District Administrators Association

Constitution and Procedures

Article XI    Approved State Proposals/Resoultions 

Article XI Documents


 Documents in this section are frequently updated or changed by vote of the membership. Each document shall include the approval date and body granting approval. 

Calendar of State and Committee Meetings

Election Years by Position

Joe Graziano New Jersey State Little League Tournament

New Jersey State Little League Memorandum of Justification

New Jersey State Sponsor Form

New Jersey State Tournaments - Standards and Guidelines

Section and District Map

Tournament Banners

 Tournament Brackets and Section Placement

Tournament Directors Chart

Tournament Dress Code   UPDATED!

Tournament Host Responsibilities and Procedures

Tournament Information Form  UPDATED!

Tournament Information Form Distribution Chart

Tournament Pin Distribution

 Tournament Schedules - Games Daily Calendar_2016

Tournament Schedules - Section 2016

Tournament Schedules - State through World Series 2016

Tournament Section Hosts Rotation by District

Tournament State Rotation Plan by District

Tournament State Little League Host Rotation by Section and District

Umpire Background Check Certification

Umpire Game Assignments Grid

Umpire Organization Chart for State Tournaments

Umpire Rotation Plan Section 1

Umpire Rotation Plan Section 2

Umpire Rotation Plan Section 3

Umpire Rotation Plan Section 4

Umpire Training Program

Umpires Eligible for Regional Tournaments

Umpires Recommended for Regional Tournaments