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Intentional Walk Ruling 

**Ruling from Eastern Region** -Baseball - Little League ( 12 ) Division and Under- - Use of Intentional Walk - Regarding the use of a Player substituted as a Pitcher just to absorb the Mandatory 4 Pitches added to a Pitch Count when requesting an Intentional Walk. A substitute Pitcher DOES NOT have to throw a pitch to complete an “At Bat” after entering the game if an Intentional Walk is requested and awarded, that “At Bat” is completed with the Award. After taking his/her warm up pitches, time called, the Intentional Walk Awarded, the runner reaches 1st and the ball put back into Play, the Defensive Manager may again request time and again change the pitcher without that pitcher having thrown a pitch to a batter. The new substitute pitch is allowed his / her warm up pitches, the ball again put into play and the game continues. 


If a tournament team has thirteen (13) or more eligible players in uniform at a game time, then every player on a team roster shall participate in each game for a minimum one (1) at bat. If a tournament has twelve (12) or fewer eligible players in uniform at a game, then every player on a team roster shall participate in each game for a minimum of six (6) consecutive defensive outs and bat at least one (1) time. 
a.Managers are responsible for fulfilling the mandatory play requirements.
b.There is no exception to this rule unless the game is shortened for any reason.  NOTE: A game is not considered shortened if the home team does not complete the offensive half of the sixth or seventh inning (or any extra inning) due to winning the game.
10.SUBSTITUTIONS/RE-ENTRY: This tournament rule replaces regular season Rule 3.03 (re-entry) for all levels of tournament play.
a.If illness, injury or the ejection of a player prevents a team from fielding nine (9) players, a player previously used in the lineup may be inserted, but only if there are no other eligible substitutes available.      The opposing team manager shall select the player to re-enter the lineup. A player ejected from the game is not eligible for re-entry.
b.     Any player who has been removed for a substitute may re-enter the game in the SAME position in the batting order.
c.    A substitute entering the game for the first time may not be removed prior to completion of her/his mandatory play requirements.
d       For the purposes of this rule, “six (6) consecutive defensive outs” is defined as: A player enters the field in one of the nine defensive positions when his/her team is on defense and occupies such position while six consecutive outs are made; “bat at least one (1) time” is defined as: A player enters the batters box with no count and completes that time at bat by being put out or by reaching base safely.

Recap for 12 players or less:
A starter can come out before fulfilling the mandatory play requirements but must fulfill it at some point during the game. 1 at bat and 6 consecutive outs. (Not 3 defensive outs early and 3 defensive outs later upon returning.)

 District Game Sites 2018

Bergenfield - Bergenfield LL (Melrose Ave)

Dumont - Dumont LL (Pershing Ave)

Paramus - Midland (Midland Ave)  

Paramus - Sports Complex (Garden State Plaza)

Washington Twp - Clark Field (Cleveland Ave)

Westwood - (Kingsberry Avenue)  

Ramsey - Finch Park  (Church Street)

Ramsey - MacFarren Field ( Williams Drive)



District 4 Meetings



League President's or another Board Memeber should be at every meeting.  Please make sure someone from your league attends the meeting.

Managers & Coaches for 9/10, 11/12 & 13 yr old 50/70 Teams are also welcomed to attend. 

District Meetings

District 4 Meetings

Next Meeting:


League President's or another Board Memeber should be at every meeting.  Please make sure someone from your league attends the meeting.

Managers & Coaches for 9/10, 11/12 & 13 yr old 50/70 Teams are also welcomed to attend.


Umpire Clinic

D-4 Umpire Clinic Information 

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Tony Richardson NJ State LL Co-ordinator
Cesare Papetti - District 4 Administrator
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2007 Little League World Series 

Monday, February 20
The Coach's Box
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Thursday, March 2

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Little League International Coaches Registry

As managers and coaches in your league, you are among the most important volunteers in the Little League® program. They have to know the game and they have to love working with kids. Leagues with knowledgeable, caring and concerned coaches have an advantage when it comes to making the games fun and retaining players.

That’s why Little League® International created The Coaches Registry. The registry gives coaches exclusive tools and resources to prepare them for the job of putting the Little League program into action:

                    ~ Electronic rulebooks
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                    ~ The Little League® Official Coach and Manager Training program manual
                    ~ Deep discounts on items purchased through the Little League® online store.

All that they need to improve your coaching ability, to reach the players you’re coaching, and to make the league a great place for children and parents alike.

Be sure to review the Coaches Registry information at your local league meetings and with all volunteers of your league.

To learn more about the available levels of The Coach's Registry, click on the appropriate link below:

Baseball Getting Started Level:
for coaches and managers in the Tee-Ball and Coach Pitch divisions of baseball.

Baseball Minors / Majors Level: for coaches and managers in the Minors and Major league divisions of baseball.
Softball Level:for coaches and managers in the Minors and Major League divisions of softball.
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Three Easy Ways to Register!

Register online through our registration site.

     Download, Print the Form and Mail:

              Download and print the
Little League Coaches Registry Formand Mail to:

Little League Coaches Registry
                               Little League International
                              539 U.S. Route 15 Highway
                              P.O. Box 3485
                              Williamsport, PA 17701-0485

              or Fax your Completed form to:  1-570-326-1074

By Phone:

             To register by Phone call:  1-570-326-1921 ext. 248

Little League International
P.O. Box 3485
539 US Route 15 Hwy
Williamsport, PA 17701-0485
Phone: 570-326-1921 Fax: 570-326-1074

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