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Thursday, July 19
District 20 Little League of New Jersey

David Poe  District Administrator
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NOTES FROM DAYS 15-24 (7/19 @ 10:00am):  A lot has happened in the past 10 days.  The Vernon Seniors (15-16 yr olds) made it all the way to the state finals!  In the 12U, High Point won their first 12U championship in 29 years.  They are currently a win away from reaching the Section 1 finals.  In the Juniors, Lackawanna-Newton is our district champion.  They represented us well going 1-2 in the Section 1 tournament.  Sparta is our 10U champion and currently fighting it out in the Section championship.  Our 11U is down to the finals as Sparta takes on High Point tonight in Vernon.  

NOTES FROM DAY 14 (7/07 @ 6:00pm):What a thrilling 10U game last night between High Point and Kittatinny.  How about 9 innings, 3 1/2 hours, several ties and lead changes?  This game went back and forth with some clutch hitting and superb fielding plays to balance out.  If you were lucky enough to witness the game, I am sure this will be one you won't forget any time soon.  Congratulations to both teams on a hard, fought game.  Today's reminders; (a) There is always a coin toss.  (b) Appreciate the moments.  They are fleeting.  Sometimes in the heat of the game, we can lose sight of what is really important.  This isn't about wins and losses, but about drive and passion.  Keep it clean.  Keep it positive.  

VERNON LITTLE LEAGUE WINS THE SECTION 1 SENIOR DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!:  Vernon was our district's only entry into the Senior division Section 1 championship these past 10 days.  They competed against 4 other teams from Districts 1,2, & 4.  They navigated through pool play with a 4-1 record.  Last night in the championship against Randolph (the only team they had lost to), Vernon rallied in the top of the 7th from a 2-1 deficit to down Randolph and take the championship 5-2.  A 2 out, 2 run double by Jacob Burman brought home the go ahead runs.  Peter Parigh added a run scoring single and Zach Lamb put the final nail into the coffin with a run scoring double.  Congratulations to Vernon and the Vernon Seniors and we wish you the best of luck in the state final four which begins on 7/10.

NOTES FROM DAY 13 (7/06 @ 10:30am): The Elimination rounds are off and running.  Last night, the 12U kicked off their final quest.  Tonight, the Junior and 10U divisions begin as well.  I want to wish each team the best of luck!  Reminders for the day: (a) With the elimination rounds, we don't always know where a game is going to be played until after the games the night before.  Sometimes, we have field conflicts.  As a result, we have to shift the game sites in order to maintain our current schedule and remain on course.  I apologize in advance for having to make these last minute changes but they are a necessary evil of what we do.  (b) The elimination brackets can be found on the main menu under "2018 Elimination Brackets".

NOTES FROM DAY 11 (7/04 @ 1:15pm):  Last night was one of the most exciting moments in my 20+ years of Little League.  In the nine team 10U division, there was a scenario where 7 teams would have concluded pool play tied for 3 playoff spots!  I have never scene such parity.  We ended up with five teams tied for 2 playoff spots.  It's unfortunate that I can't take all the teams into the next round.  In the end, the Runs Against Ratio tie breaker had to be used.  While #1 Sparta, #2 Kittatinny, #3 High Point, and #4 LackawannaNewton should be congrtatulated on advancing to the elimination round, I think ALL the teams should be very proud of the way they performed in the tournament.

NOTES FROM DAY 10 (7/03 @ 6:45am):The 12-11-10 division wraped up pool play last night.  It was a very competitive and exciting division to follow.  Please join me in congratulating the following 4 leagues as their 12U teams have advanced to the double elimination round; #1 High Point, #2 Hobb Engler, #3 Lakeland, #4 lackawanna Newton.  Wewish each team the best of luck going forward.  Some reminders for the day; (a) Always a coin flip.  Regardless of seeding, a coin flip always determines who is home and awway.  (b)  The 10U and Juniors divisions will be concluding pool play tonight.  

NOTES FROM DAY 9 (7/02 @ 6:45am): We have entered the last few days of pool play and there still many teams in contention for a playoff spot.  I wish all those theams the best of luck.  Sadly, not every team can make it to the elimination rounds.  For you, I hope you still view this tournament with excitement and a desire to continue to grow and learn.  It is never about the destination, but all about the journey.  Reminders of the day; (a) Tie-breakers is a rather lengthy explanation.  In short, the first criteria is head-to-head.  If that can not break a tie, then the following formula is used - RA/(GPx6Ior7I) or Runs Allowed divided by (games played tied 6 innings (for 12U and under) or 7 innings (Intermediate and up).  This is the Runs Allowed Ratio (RAR).  Once this formula comes into play, the RARwill break all subsequent ties.  Regardless, I will post final standings as soon as I get scores.  

NOTES FROM DAY 7 (6/30 @ 1:15pm): As we progress through the pool play phases, the one thing that stands out is the parity within the divisions. In the 10U division, out of 9 teams, 3 are above .500 while 4 teams are at .500. With only a few game dates left, there are still more than half the teams that could advance out of pool play in all the divisions. That's awesome! Some reminders for the day; (a) Stay hydrated. It is going to be hot, hot, hot for the next few days and we need to make sure the players, coaches, umpires, and fans are keeping hydrated. (2) The Infield Fly Rule is in effect for ALL divisions. I was told that I said there was not such a rule for the 10U division and that simply is not true.  

NOTES FROM DAY 5 (6/28 @ 9:15am): Well, we got 3 of the 4 games on the docket in.  Kudos to all the teams.  Today's reminders: (a) We can't control the weather.  Today looks iffy in spots.  If a game can not be started or completed, the district will determine the make up date and time.  In addition, if you are scheduled to host a game and you know early on that your field will not be playable, we need to look at moving the game to the travelling team's field.  The weather in this area can be spotty.  We have to take advantage of that.  I want to wish everyone good luck tonight.

NOTES FROM DAY 4 (6/27 @ 10:20am): Last night was our biggest night on the docket with 11 games.  Thank you to all who help us through that.  Today's reminders: (a) RULE 9.  Read it.  Understand it.  Own it.  The penalty for not doing so can be severe.  (b) NO Electronic devices in the dugout with the lone exception for scorekeeping purposes.  Thank you everyone for all your dedication and hardwork as we wind our way through this pool play season.

NOTES FROM DAY 2 (6/25 @ 9:20am): Flirted with the weather again.  Thank you to all the teams who had delays for staying patient.  Some really great games were played. Today's reminders: (a) ALL host teams MUST provide a head table and a tournament director to oversee the game.  The travelling team should provide an official scorer but if they don't, then the host team will. (b) Once again, scores must be reported shortly after the game.  (c) EVERY COACH and league official should read the District 20 Rules and Regulations" sheet found in the handouts for pre-game procedures.

NOTES FROM DAY 1 (6/24 @ 9:20am):  Weather held out.  Lots of great games.  A couple of reminders; (a) Only 3 coaches in the dugout/bench are. Period. End of story.  (b) NO electronic devices in the dugout/bench area with the lone exception of one person keeping a scorebook.  (c) Other than the coaching staff, no other adults may warm players up prior to or during the game.  (d) Scores MUST be reported shortly after the game by the winning team.  Thank you for your cooperation and let's have a great day of baseball.

2018 MESSAGE FROM YOUR DA(6/21/18 @ 12:30pm): Why baseball?  What flickers that light this time of year for kids and adults alike?  It's a difficult game; round stick to round ball.  Who does that?  What is it about a Little League all-star uniform that is so unique, so different from even the regular season or any other sport?  I don't profess to have the answers, just what I feel and have observed for many, many years.

It's a love.  Of course, it's not the love, but a love nonetheless.  From the first kiss of a Little League tournament game you can tell this is a special circumstance.  A collection of individuals with widely different personalities come together to achieve a singular objective.  In doing so, we are tasked with achieving individual victories one pitch, one at bat at a time while the masses watch on.  No other sport has such demands.  Those other sports are true individual sports or true team sports.  Baseball is the bridge between them and that is one of the features that makes it the most unique.

But we must treat it with respect.  These players are young and many are discovering this new found love for the first time or being reintroduced to it.   If we the adults display a negative tone, if we disrespect what makes this love great, we will only teach the children to dislike this love, to turn away from it instead of embracing it.  YOU, the adults in the room, are the teachers.  You have the unique opportunity to pass along your passion, your love for this game, for this season.  Choice your words and actions wisely.  Eager, young minds are watching.

We want to wish all the teams the best of luck this tournament season.


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