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Friday, April 18
District 20 Little League of New Jersey

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INTERMEDIATE SCHEDULE (4/18): Intermediate schedule has been posted.  Managers - please work with each other to create more games in a time frame that your local league will allow.  Thank you.

PARTING WORDS (7/29): Thank you to everyone for all your dedication and hard work on yet another successful tournament season.  When I look back on this season, I am reminded of a lyric from one of my favorite bands; "The point of the journey is not arrive - anything can happen".  At the end of the day, it's not about who won or loss.  Not about who finished where or qualified for what.  It's all about the process.  Throughout our district this summer, kids of all ages competed to the best of their ability.  Coaches lost sleep over the details of the game.  Parents sacrificed time for themselves in exchange for time spent with and for their child.  There were ups and downs.  Celebration and tears.  Was the journey worth the ride?  That can only be answered in the hearts of each individual who took part.  However, in 10-20 years, we won't necessarily remember where we arrived at, but we will be left with the feelings and memories of the process, the journey.  Thank you everyone for a glorious season.  Hopefully we see you in the fall or at least next summer.  ~DTP

9-8 CHAMPION (7/29): Saturday night, Lackawanna and Jefferson 9-8s put on quite a show.  Can you imagine a 9 year old game under 2 hours?  Those who were there witnessed such a game.  Stellar!  Spectacular!  Congratulations to both teams, especially Lackawanna for their 5-0 win.  What a way to end our district tournament season. 

11-10 CHAMPION (7/22): Last night, Sparta soundly defeated a very tough Jefferson team 11-0 to capture this year's district title.  We wish Sparta the best of luck in the Section. 

SENIOR SECTION NEWS (7/20): Congratulations to the Wallkill Valley Seniors  - I'm sorry - let me rephrase - the SECTION 1 CHAMPIONS out of the Wallkill Valley Little League.  WV won the title with a convincing 17-1 thumping of Dumont in the championship game.  They now head further South for a shot at the NJ State title. 

JUST A LITTLE THANK YOU (7/13): The bulk of our tournament season has come to pass.  While we still have two championships to decide (11s & 9s), I just wanted to say thank you to all the league staffs, district staffs, umpires, coaches, players, and parents for your support.  It takes a lot a time and energy to make this tournament happen.  Above of all else, it takes people willing to give up that time and energy.  From the time of the first pitch on 6/23, this site has experienced a hit every 31.25 seconds for a solid 3 weeks.   That's over 59000 hits!  Thank you so very much for all that you give.

SECTION UPDATE (7/13): I just wanted to give a shout out to both Lakeland (Intermediate) and Sparta (10s) for representing the district well in the section.  While both teams fell short, both teams won 2 games in their respective tournaments. Well played, kids.  Well played.  We'd also like to wish North Warren (Juniors) & Lackawanna (12s) as they kick off their Sections on Sunday. 

JUNIORS CHAMPION (7/13): Congratulations to North Warren LL for their great run in this year's tournament and for winning the Juniors championship 2 out of the past 3 years.  Lackawanna put in a gutsy performace by forcing the "if necessary" game but North Warren came out on fire today.  Good luck in the Section! 

2 CHAMPIONS CROWNED TONIGHT (7/11): A hardy congratulations to Lackawanna LL (12-11) & Wallkill Valley LL (Seniors) for winning their respective titles Thursday night.  Wallkill Valley shut out Frankford-Branchville 10-0 to win their best of 3 series 2 games to none.  Lackawanna fended off a stubborn Sparta squad in their 7-2 victory.  Congratulations to both teams and we wish both the best of luck in the Sections.

9-8s TOURNAMENT START (7/6): The schedules are up!  Games will start this Friday.  There are 2 pools of five teams.  Each team will get four games pool play games.  The top 4 of each pool will advance to a single elimination round (the bracket will be posted shortly).  I will be updating all the information on the 9-8 County Tournament Resource page.  managers - you are responsible to read this material and understand it.  Please remember that this is a district run tournament via a Special Games Permit.  There are to be absolutely no protests beyond the district staff.  Give me 24 hours or so to update all the pertinent paperwork.  All documents necessary will be marked as 2013.  Any documents with a 2012 heading are obsolete. 

10-09 CHAMPIONSHIP GOES TO SPARTA (7/5): The Sparta 10-09s are the district champions again this season with a fabulous come from behind 6-3 win over Hobb Engler.  The Hobb Engler team was valiant in their effort tonight and never quit tdespite trailing in the final innings.  Kudos to both teams and both leagues.  We wish Sparta the best of luck in the Section 1 tournament which begins July 8 in Middlesex (district 17).

INTERMEDIATE CHAMPIONSHIP (6/29): Congratulations to Lakeland/Hobb Engler on winning the first district Intermediate championship.  The team will advance to the Section which will begin Tuesday.   

10-09 POOL PLAY CONCLUSION & ELIMINATION BRACKET (6/29):  The bracket is set for the 10-09 single elimination round which begins Monday.  Four teams from each pool have advanced; Sparta, Lackawanna, Kittatinny/Newton, and Wallkill Valley from the American along with Hobb Engler, Jefferson, North Warren, and WarrenHillsWest from the National.  The quarterfinals are Monday.  Sparta will host the semi-finals Tuesday and the Finals will be Friday in Sparta.  Good luck to all the teams.  The district also wants to thank all the other leagues for the participation and sportsmanship.  

CONTACT LIST DISTRIBUTION (6/24): Lori has emailed the Presidents the contact lists for the JUNIORS, 10-09s and the 12-11s.  She did not have the email addresses for the managers to send the lists directly to them.  If a manager can not get the list from his president, please email Lori ONLY at  Thank you. 

BEST OF LUCK TO ALL (6/22): There's an old expression we all learned growing up; "You have to walk before you can run."  That lesson applies to a lot of different components in life, including Little League baseball tournaments.  Sometimes, competition isn't against something or someone else.  Sometimes it's within.  We ask these young athletes to step into the limelight; the pitcher to throw strikes, the batter to hit the ball, the fielder to make the play.  When they stumble, and they will at times fail, we must be the ones to teach them that there efforts were not wasted.  Did they try their best?  Did they compete?  I think that's all we can really ask them to do.  Instead of looking at results, maybe it's more important to focus energy on competing first.  After all, we (the adults) had to learn to walk before we learned to run...

There are many people to thank on the eve of our annual tournament season.  First, the league presidents.  It is a tiredless and thankless job at times, but through their organization and communication, our season is getting started without much of a hitch.  To Lori Grant, our DA, who has spent about half her life dedicated to this game and to all the young players in our area.  To Vinnie Cautero for his organizing of his umpire crew.  To all the coaches who volunteer their time to pass along their passion for this game we all love.  To all the parents who get their kids to practice/games and support their child and his/her teammates.  Finally, to the players themselves for their commitment, enthusiasm, and their williness to step into that limelight and compete.  Best of luck to all the teams, coaches, and leagues.

PRE-TOURNAMENT UMPIRE CLINIC (6/21): Our District Umpire-in-Chief, Vinnie Cautero, will be hosting his annual pre-tournament umpire clinic at 6pm in Station Park Field 5 in Sparta this Saturday June 22.  Any umpire from within District 20 is welcomed to attend.  Due to that late notice, if you can not attend but wish to umpire tournament games, please email Vinnie ASAP at 

SCHEDULE CHANGES (6/18): A couple of schedule changes, mostly locations; (a) All 10-09 Jefferson games are being played at their Ridge Field, NOT Lakeside, (b) All 12-11 East Warren Hills games will be at their Mansfield field, & (c) the 12-11 American game between North Warren and East Warren Hills originally scheduled on June 24th has been moved to June 25th due an elementary school graudation on the 24th.   

SENIOR DIVISION (6/18): The senior division is down to 2 teams so pool play has been cancelled.  Instead, the two teams will play a double elimination round. 

12-11 NATIONAL SCHEDULE (updated 9:56pm 6/17):  The new schedule is up on the website.  The district staff and all Presidents have been informed of the changes.  My apologies for the error. 

SCHEDULE UPDATES (6/16): Schedules are posted!!  One change of note at the Junior level - all Lackawanna/Newton Junior "home" games will be hosted by Lackawanna.  Newton will still be the district final host.

A NEW YEAR (1/13):  A new year is upon us with lots of new changes for the 2013 season.  Thank you to those who attended our meeting this morning.  It was great to see so many faces.  Also today, I created a facebook page for D20.  Feel free to Like the page.  The website will still be the main information tool but I hope the Facebook page will help supplement it.  Here is the link -

SCORE REPORTING: Please see "Class in Session" for an exact example of how I need the score reported to me.  You can email it or text it to me, but it must be done at the conclusion of the game.  It also must be 100% accurate.

REQUESTS FOR GAME TIME CHANGES:  Just a little footnote about this subject because we have had several requests already.  We are reluctant to change the posted schedule unless it is absolutely necessary.  Please understand that umpires need to be assigned and parents are trying to plan their work days and make necessary travel arrangements.  While we entertain these requests, some will be denied. 

COIN FLIP: Just a reminder - it's flippin' Little League Tournament.  There is always a coin flip to determine home and away right up to the final game of the Little League World Series in August (the 9-8 tournament is a district tournament.  The home team is the home except for the finals).

READING THE BOX SCORE: When reading the box score, please note that while the "RUNS" are accurate, the number in the "HITS" catagory reflects the defensive innings reported.

Funny but when I look back, the details have faded to black
But a certain feeling has never gone away
In part who I have become was forged those nights on that diamond
I know that I am a better man today...
'Cause on those Little League nights with the stars shining bright
Some on the field, some in the sky
The memories we created years later still debated
Remain with you, your whole life
Forever young on a Little League night

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Fri 4/25 Baseball - Little League 2014 FBLL 50/70 vs. 2014 HELL 50/70 5:45 PM 2014 HELL - COJohnson (Intermediate)
Fri 4/25 Baseball - Little League 2014 MLL 50/70 vs. 2014 HLL 50/70 5:45 PM 2014 HLL (Intermediate)
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