New Jersey District 20 Little League: Welcome

Wednesday, September 16
District 20 Little League of New Jersey

David Poe, District Administrator
UPDATED 11:30am on 09/16/2015 (651736 hits)

SCHEDULES COMPLETE (9/16 @ 11:30am):  Schedules are finally done.  I tried to get in as many games as possible for everyone.  The fall schedule is the most difficult as daylight limits the amount of games we can play during the week.  In addition, many leagues have small rosters in order to maximize playing time.  Good luck to all the teams AND REMEMBER - have fun out there.  This is about the kids enjoying baseball since THEY have chosen our beloved game over all other fall activities.

BOUNDARY MAPS (6/17 @ 5:56pm):  The good people at entered all the boundary maps for every league within District 20.  We are one of the first districts in the state to have their entire district mapped.  To find the link, go to the "Tournament Resources" menu.  I hope this will help some of you speed up your paperwork gathering.