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Monday, April 20
District 20 Little League of New Jersey

David Poe, District Administrator
UPDATED 2:48pm on 04/20/2015 (567854 hits)

REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULES (4/16):  The regular season schedules for both the District 20 Intermediate division and the Northern Interleague are being posted on the site today.  A list of contacts will follow shortly.  Thank you for your patience but as always, we had last minute removal and addition of teams.  

 THE FINALE WAS SPECTACULAR! (7/30):   If you would have told me that I would witness an 8-9 final that only lasted 2 hours, I would have called you "crazy".  If you then would have told me that I would witness two legitimate double plays (6-4-3 & 1-6-3) by these same 8 & 9 year olds, I would have laughed in your face.  But folks, that's what I witnessed.  I swear by it.

In the conclusion of our district's all-star season, we were treated to a superbly played game between Jefferson and Sussex-Wantage with stellar pitching and catching, hard line drives, and stunning defense.  To tell you it was a joy is not stating the true awesomeness of the evening.  In the end, we had a district champion with Jefferson winning 8-2.  However, I think it is safe to say that all 23 players who participated in this final came out of it winners.

Thank you to both teams on a game well played and worth remembering....

11-10 DISTRICT TITLE GOES TO HOBB ENGLER (7/18):   In an offensive duel, Hobb Engler took home the title over Wallkill Valley at CO Johnson Field in Byram.  Hobb Engler jumped out to an early lead and just when you thought Wallkill Valley might pack it in, they came roaring back to keep the game in reach.  Finally, the Hobb offense was just to strong.  Congratulations to both teams for making the final and we wish Hobb Engler the best of luck in next week's Section1 Championship.

FALL BALL (7/11):  Fall Ball games start in about 2 months.  Just sayin'.  Start getting organized for it now!! (7/15) - Seriously, it's even closer now by a whole 4 days.  I'd really start thinking about getting registrations going, starting up some conversations among your coaches and parents.  Just a thought...

JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP RESIDES IN VERNON (7/11): In a classic thriller at Skylands Stadium last night, Vernon rallied late to edge HobbEngler/Lakeland 4-3 in the Junior finale.  What a game, folks!  Both teams battled back and forth all night.  There was spectacular pitching and amazing plays made in the field.  Congratulations to both teams on their successful seasons.  We wish Vernon the best of luck in the Section 1 championship starting on Sunday.   

12-10 CHAMPIONSHIP GOES TO SPARTA (7/09):  After an hour rain delay and a last minute moving of the venue, the final got underway with Sparta jumping to a 3-0 lead after the 1st inning.  From that point on, they never looked back.  Congratulations to both Sparta and Hobb Engler on their successful runs through the tournament.  We wish Sparta the best of luck next week in the Section1 Championship.  The district would also like to thank those volunteers from Lackawanna/Newton who drove to Sparta and manned the tournament table even after their venue got swamped.  

10-09 CHAMPIONSHIP GOES TO JEFFERSON (7/09):  In a classic showdown Tuesday night, Jefferson LL defeated Sparta 3-2.  There was great pitching, great defense, and even a bomb over the left center fence.  It was a superbly played ball game but both teams.  Congratulations to Sparta for being our runner-up but most of all congratulations to Jefferson for being our district champions.  We wish you the best of luck next week in the Section 1 championship.

PITCHERS EXCEEDING A DAYS REST THRESHOLD (7/01):  There is a some confusion about what must happen when a pitcher exceeds a threshold as to whether a manager must declare or not.  Here is what the East Region office has to say; ""There is no provision in the rule that states that a coach must “declare” threshold. It is as simple as the coach removing the pitcher and confirming with the scorekeeper and whoever is filling out the pitching log on the affidavit that the pitcher did in fact cross a threshold."   Hopefully this helps us better understand.

SPECIAL JUNIOR DIVISION ANNOUNCEMENT (6/29):  All Junior division elimination games will be hosted by Skylands Stadium!  Please see the special menu item to the left for further details.

OUR FIRST CHAMPION (6/26):  Congratulations to Lakeland/HobbEngler on repeating as district champions for th Intermediate (50/70) division.  They now move on to the Section 1 championship being held in Pequannock starting June 30.  

WEATHER (6/25):  Should your game get postponed due to weather, Lori Grant or myself must be notified.  Remember the game is rescheduled for the next available date open to both teams regardless of any other circumstances.  The new date is not to be negotiated between the coaches.  If there is an issue with the make up date, please notify us and we will see if there is anything that can be done.  

SCORE REPORTING (6/23):  Remember, that the winning team manager should immediately email or text me the score and defensive innings for both teams.  Also please include the level of play.  If you need any further assistance, please go to "Class in Session" for an example of what I am looking for.  Thank you.

RELEASE THE KRACKENS (6/23):  So tonight is the night.  Beginning tonight, about 600 little leaguers from northwest New Jersey will begin a journey on ball fields throughout District 20.  As you watch and enjoy these games over the next few weeks, please keep this in mind; Major League Baseball just held their amateur draft where over 1000 players were selected to become professionals.  None of them were from District 20.  Only a few handful of players were from New Jersey.  While there is nothing wrong with competing to win, let's remember that these are children doing their very best.  They will make mistakes.  They will strike out.  But isn't that the wonderful lesson this game of ours can teach us?  That no matter the problem, we need to stay positive and move forward.  We all make mistakes; players, umpires, and coaches.  We are in this together and we learn and grow as one.  That is the beauty of teamwork.  That is why we play the game.  That is baseball. 

The staff of District 20 along with our umpires and volunteers from all our local leagues want to wish all the teams and players the best of luck in their quests.  There will be celebrations.  There will be tears.  In the end, it is only a game.  It will only be a memory.  It is up to us, the adults in the room, to decide the make up of that memory and this experience.  Good luck everyone.



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