New Jersey District 20 Little League: Welcome

Saturday, July 29
District 20 Little League of New Jersey

David Poe, District Administrator
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Joe Graziano NJ State Little League Final (7/25):  On behalf of the District 20 staff, Kittatinny Little League, and all our league representatives we welcome the four state finalists for this year's 12U state championship.  The four finalists are Wayne LL, Washington Park LL, Holbrook LL, and Swedesboro-Woolrich LL.  Our tournament will kickoff with a picnic during the Sussex County Miner's game on 7.27 @ 10:30am.  Games will begin on 7/27 at Kittatinny's Pit Field beginning at 5pm.  The state final is scheduled for 7/30 at 7pm.  We are all looking forward to watching these finalists compete for the championship and the right to represent our state in the Mid-Atlantic Region Championship in Bristol, CT.

MESSAGE FROM THE D20 STAFF (6/24 @ 8:28am):  It's a game.  Plain and simple.  We participate because we love it.  It stirs something in us that even veterans have a hard time articulating.  Even when we feel worn down and exhausted by its demands, we some how find ourselves returning to do it again...and...again.  The same holds true for our young players. 

They have been playing baseball several times a week for several months now.  Then, we increase the workload and make it an almost every day part of their lives.  As we progress into the games, the pressure and scrutiny grows and becomes more intense.  The weight on their little shoulders grows heavier.  There will be tears, celebration, frustration, and elation.  Even as young as they are, they are not invincible.

Our role as adults is to make this a fun experience - feed that passion for the game.  Look, only a few teams are going to walk away with a championship, but if we emphasis the journey as opposed to the result, we will accomplish so much.  It's true - very few people remember "second place", but you know what these kids don't forget if given the opportunity?  The people that made it a miserable experience.  Be positive.  Be a rock.  Just - be there.

We want to wish all the teams the best of luck this tournament season.


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