New Jersey District 20 Little League: Welcome

Tuesday, July 12
District 20 Little League of New Jersey

David Poe, District Administrator
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JUNIOR DISTRICT CHAMPIONS (7/12 @ 11:35am): Congratulations goes to Hobb Engler on claiming the 2016 District 20 Junior Division championship Monday night in Vernon.  Congratulations to both Hobb Engler and Vernon on a great championship game. Best of luck to Hobb Engler as the continue to pursue their quest at the Section 1 tournament later in the week in Dumont.

12U DISTRICT CHAMPIONS (7/12 @ 11:35am):  Congratulations goes to Lackawanna Newton on claiming the 2016 District 20 12U championship this past Sunday in Byram.  Vernon did what they had to do and jumped out to a lead but Lackawanna Newton was able to rally late to take the title.  Congratulations to both Lackawanna Newton and Vernon on a great championship game.  Best of luck to Lackawanna Newton as the continue to pursue their quest at the Section 1 tournament next week in Bloomingdale. 

CONTACTS (6/23 @ 9:10am): The coaching contacts have been updated.  The phone numbers were drawn from your affidavits.  If there are any errors, please email or text me.  Thank you.

SCHEDULES ARE ON SITE (6/13 @ 9:25pm):  All the schedules except the 9U are on the site.  The Pool Play schedules can be found under "Schedules".  The elimination rounds can be found under "2016 Elimination Brackets".  These schedules are subject to change should a team drop out or wants to be added.

 UPDATES (5/24 @ 9:30am):  Yep, it's almost the tournament season.  A few changes from years past:

The team announcement/practice date is now June 1st. 

Division ages have expanded. 

     - The 12U team (formally the 12-11s) is now for ages 12, 11, & 10.

     - The 11U team (formally the 11-10s) is now for ages 11, 10, & 09.

     - The 10U team (formally the 10-09s) is now for ages 10, 09, & 08.

     - The 9U team (formally the district 09-08s) is now for ages 09, 08, & 07.

AFFIDAVIT NIGHTS are June 16 & 18 from 6:30 to 9:00pm at the CO Johnson Field House.  Make up date is June 19.

More information will be added as it becomes available.

BOUNDARY MAPS (6/14 @ 9:25pm):  The easiest way to electronically fill out you affidavit and map is here -