New Jersey District 20 Little League: Welcome

Wednesday, July 29
District 20 Little League of New Jersey

David Poe, District Administrator
UPDATED 8:44am on 07/22/2015 (639263 hits)

WEEK IN REVIEW (7/27 @ 7:50AM):  News from this past week; 11-10 DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP - Congratulations goes to North Warren on winning the district title this season!  We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming section 1 championship in Morristown.  Also want to congratulate Hobb Engler on a great season while finishing secon.  JUNIOR SECTION - Vernon came close, but fell a game short of claiming the Section 1 championship.  We are so proud of the Vernon team for representing D20 so well.  10*09 SECTION - Congraulations to Sparta on making it to the final and finishing seciond in the section.  12*11 SECTION - Congratulations to Kittatinny for running an excellent tournament last week.  They were getting all sorts of compliments from all the people from outside the county who visited.  Excellent show Kittatinny!

EXCITING WEEKEND FOR D20 (7/20 @9:55am):  D20 experienced an excellent weekend of baseball action that I wanted to update you all on.  JUNIOR SECTION - Vernon won their first two games; 4-2 over Par Troy East and 1-0 over Ridgewood.  They are sitting in the finals awaiting an opponent for Wednesday in Madison.  WAY TO GO VERNON!  Good Luck!  10-09 SECTION - Sparta LL won their first section game Sunday over Wayne,  11-10 DISTRICT DOUBLE ELIMINATION - For the first time that I can remember, both the 3rd & 4th seeds beat the higher seeds; 3rd seeded North Warren beat 2nd seeded Sparta 4-0 & 4th seeded Hobb Engler/Lakeland downed 1st seeded Vernon 7-6.  All four teams are still alive for the district championship.  12-11 SECTION (hosted by Kittatinny) - Hobb Engler's late rally came up a little short but they are still alive in the section.  They play tonight against Pequannock in an elimination game.  Overall, the tournament has been really exciting.  I think in the first 4 games, we've had close to 20 home runs.  You should come down and watch some of the action

HOBB ENGLER ARE THE 12-11 CHAMPIONS (7/13 @ 8:19am):  Congratulations goes out to Hobb Engler Little League for being crowned this season's 12-11 tournament champions!  A shout out goes to Lackawanna/Newton LL for finishing 2nd.  Hobb Engler now advances to the Section 1 Championship hosted by Kittatinny LL beginning Friday.  Follow the Section 1 championship on Twitter @LLNJD20.

WE HAVE OUR FIRST CHAMPION (6/29 @ 11:41pm):  Congratulations goes to Vernon Little League on being crowned the Intermediate Division champion for 2015.  Monday evening, Vernon defeated Lakeland/Hobb Engler 14-11 to take the best 2 out of 3 series.  Congratulations also goes to Lakeland/Hobb Engler for a valiant effort and for pushing Vernon to the limit.  Vernon now moves on the Section 1 championship which begins on Sunday July 5th.  Lakeland LL will be the section host. 

SOME SIDE NOTES (6/29 9:31am):  Some observations I have made and other matters brought to my attention since we kicked off on Thursday.  (1)  We allow injured, rostered players to be with their team on the bench.  They CAN NOT by any means participate in ANY team activities.  I certainly don't want to be put into a position where I have to ban injured players from the bench area because common sense isn't being used.  (2)  The travelling team is entitled to provide an official scorer.  However, as our district rule stipulates, that official scorer should come to the head table at the latest a half an hour before the game starts; not 5 minutes or less.  In fairness to the host team, the host needs to know if the travelling team has someone so that they can provide one in case the travelling team doesn't.  

SOCIAL MEDIA (06/27 @7:20am):  Going to experiment with Twitter.  You can follow us @LLNJD20.  I will attempt to post results, updated scores and news via that account.  Let's see if we can get district 20 into the 21st century.  LOL. (wait - is "LOL" still an acceptable short?)

SCHEDULE CHANGES FOR SATURDAY (6/26 @ 11:56am):  Due to the pending inclement weather, we are trying to move all afternoon and evening games on Saturday to the morning to give us a fighting chance of getting the games in.  Please check the schedule section for updates. 

ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN (6/25 @ 2:46am):   From time to time I steal this line from my favorite lyricist because with the journey we are all about to embark on nothing is closer to the truth.  Sure, on paper there are the favorites in each division, but this game we love isn't played on paper.  The district winner will have to endure a tough pool play schedule and then will have battled the best of the best through the elimination rounds.  It isn't easy becoming a district champion.  It takes heart, patience, timing, a positive attitude, believing when most others won't, and even a little bit of luck. 

At the end of the day, it isn't about the result.  It's about the journey.  You - the adults in the room - hold the power for these young players over whether that journey will be remembered as a positive or a negative.  Believe me when I say - they will remember.   Years from now, when they are the adults, the results will be long gone memories, fading away like rainbows.  What will remain is a "feeling" and it is that feeling in which you have the absolute power over.  Choose wisely. 

On behalf of the district 20 staff, we want to wish all the players, coaches, game officials, league officials, and parents the best of luck in creating your own positive memories.  The chose is yours.  Anything can indeed happen.

"From the point of conception to the moment of truth.  At the point of surrender to the burden of proof.  From the point of ignition until the final drive.  The point of journey is not to arrive.  Anything can happen." ~Peart

PREGAME AND UMPIRE FEES (6/24 @ 2:46pm): PREGAME -  Please make sure to review the pregame protocol in the "Handouts" section under the "2015 District Rules and Regulations"  heading.  A coin flip one hour prior to game time will determine home and away.  The host team will determine dugouts.  The complete set of instructions are in the document.  UMPIRES - Remember that each team will have to pay an umpire fee for every game regardless if they are the host or travelling team.  The fees for two-man crews are $50 for the 46/60 field and $60 for the larger fields for each umpire.  Every attempt will be made by the district to assign two umpires to each game.  If for some reason only one umpire is present, that umpire will get paid what equates to time and a half.  That would be $38 from each team on the 46/60 field & $45 from each team on the larger fields.

SCHEDULE CHANGES (6/22 @ 10:16pm):  PRESEASON - Sometimes, alterations need to occur to the existing schedule.  Please bear in mind that any changes, including but limited to the date of a game or the time of a game, MUST be approved the district administrator.  All affected parties will be notified by the district and the changes will be posted in the "2015 Updated Game Changes" menu .  IN SEASON - Any games that need to be postponed due to inclement weather will be made up on the next available date for both teams.  There are no exceptions.

BOUNDARY MAPS (6/17 @ 5:56pm):  Yesterday, the good people at entered all the boundary maps for every league within District 20.  We are one of the first districts in the state to have their entire district mapped.  To find the link, go to the "Tournament Resources" menu.  I hope this will help some of you speed up your paperwork gathering.

AND WE'RE OFF!!! (6/15/15):  Schedules have been released.  In the event a team is added or drops out, the schedules will likely have to be amended.  On behalf of the district staff, we wish each player the best of luck this tournament season.

WEATHER (6/25/14):  Should your game get postponed due to weather, I must be notified.  Remember the game is rescheduled for the next available date open to both teams regardless of any other circumstances.  The new date is not to be negotiated between the coaches.  If there is an issue with the make up date, please notify us and we will see if there is anything that can be done.  

SCORE REPORTING (6/23/14):  Remember, that the winning team manager should immediately email or text me the score and defensive innings for both teams.  Also please include the level of play.  If you need any further assistance, please go to "Class in Session" for an example of what I am looking for.  Thank you.