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Thursday, February 19
Little League Coach Pitch and Tee Ball Program
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Complete practice and game plans for the Little League Tee Ball and Coach Pitch programs; Share with your new managers and coaches today! 

For the TeeBall Program:

  • Detailed practice plans for each week of the 10-week program
  • Quick practice plans for each week of the 10-week program
  • Activity Guides explaining each drill and activity in detail
  • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Tips for each week of the program
  • SKLZ FUN-damentals videos focusing on teaching basic Tee Ball skills

    For the Coach Pitch Program:   NEW !!!

  • Detailed practice plans for each week of the 12-week program
  • Quick practice plans for each week of the 12-week program
  • Detailed diagrams explaining each drill and activity
  • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Tips for each week of the program

  • Wednesday, May 17
    All Leagues have approved ASAP plans!
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    League Safety Officers are asked to have their completed Safety Plan submitted to Little League Baseball by April 1, 2017. For thirteen consecutive years every league in District 12 has developed an approved Safety Plan making them eligible to host both District and Section Tournament games, in addition to Special games. The real beneficaries are the players, coaches and fans! Thanks Safety Officers for making this possible!



    Saturday, November 14

    Details of the change in the age determination date and grandfather rule 

    All Little Leagues must utilize the following age chart in determining the playing age of all players in the baseball division.


    Age 2017

    Little League Data Center

    League Presidents and Information Officers - Please be sure to update all new officers and board members for the 2017 season immediately after your elections. Updating the Little League Data Center will ensure that your volunteers receive all of the necessary details for the 2017 season.

    League Presidents must then upload all 2017 player lists to the Little League Data Center before March 31, 2017. Please be sure to have the most current version of your League Administration software to avoid issues with uploading your information.

    Use this link to access the Little League Data Center

    Sunday, August 17
    R'ville World Champions

    Congratulations to Robbinsville Little League  

    Little League Softball World Champions

    Robbinsville's success story

    Saturday, December 6
    Protect your League's tax-exempt status-- 990 Filing Requirements
    Important details about protecting your League's taxempt status and IRS 990 filing!

    Sunday, October 12
    Why your league needs a financial audit and two signatures on every check!

    Sadly, your League Treasury may not be what you think. Here is the story of two Little League Officers who were friends and the President and Vice President of Madison Wisconsin Little League. 

    And here are some tips from Little League Baseball to help prevent this from happening in your league. 

    Tips from Little League Baseball 

    Saturday, December 6
    Little League Coach - A Speech to Remember
    Rhode Island Little League Coach Dave Belisle addresses his team at the Little League World Series. 

    Monday, October 31
    Robbinsville Little League in Portland

    Why we play Little League - Robbinsville Little League's story at the World Series


    Saturday, December 6
    Compensating League Volunteers - Concession Stand, Umpires, Maintenance
    Your Board of Directors needs to be aware of Federal, State and Local regulations with respect to paying volunteers.

    R'ville 2014
    Saturday, July 26
    Robbinsville Girls Advance to World Series in Portland OR

    Robbinsville Little Little League advanced to the Little League Softball World Series in Portland Oregon following a 3-2 win over Pennsylvania in the East Region final in Bristol CT. Congratulations Ladies and bring back the banner from Portland!

    Game highlights courtesy of Mid-Jersey Sports and Mark Fontes

    Support the girls trip to Portland, Oregon 

    (Little League Softball World Series - Follow the girls in  Portland and on ESPN)  

    Saturday, February 2
    Chuck Latini selected to umpire the Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport !

     Chuck Latini, District 12 Little League Baseball Chief Umpire and ADA, has been selected to umpire the 67th Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennysvanlia from August 15-25, 2013. Chuck has been involved with Little League for more than 30 years including manager, coach and board positions in Ewing Little League. For the past 20 years he has served as a member of the District Umpire Staff and has been instrumental in the development of a carde of an experienced, trained and dedicated Little League Umpires.

    One of only 16 umpires selected for this honor, he was named after a stringent selection process.  Appointment as a member of the umpiring crew for a World Series is the highest honor Little League Baseball and Softball can bestow on an umpire. In 2005 he served as a Little League World Series umpire for the Little League Softball World Series in Portland, Oregon. More recently he has served as the Chief Umpire for the Senior League Softball World Series in Sussex Delaware.

    The process for selection to work a World Series includes the umpire being nominated by a District Administrator to the regional office. The regional office, along with the region's Umpire-In-Chief, considers all umpires nominated before selecting those who most closely meet the criteria for selection.


    April 16,2013 Lead Story on Little League International Website

    Sunday, January 26
    Great News for Tee Ball Managers, Coaches and Parents!
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    Last year Little League Baseball launched a new Little League Tee Ball Program designed to promote activity, fun and  fitness while teacking the fundamentals.

     Children as young as four years of age are eligible to play Little League, beginning with Tee Ball. Little League International has created a new program for Tee Ball-age players (ages 4-6); and their parents or guardians, that is specifically designed to provide a foundation and introduction to baseball and softball that is grounded in fundamentals, fitness and having fun.

    The Little League® Tee Ball program is a 10-week plan that features structured learning highlighted by one practice and one game per week. Over the course of the season, coaches and parents will engage in a series of lessons utilizing up to 40 activities that include skills, drills and plenty of physical activity.


    Make sure your League uses the New Tee Ball Program in 2014!

    Registration for the NEW Tee Ball program at the Little League Coaches Resource Center (CRC) is free and available here.

    Download the complete 10-week program guide including practice plans and activity guides
    (you must complete a simple form to access the pdf)

    Sunday, February 7
    Common Name, Uncommon Man: Jim Davis, the man behind the name of the awards in District 12.
    Jim David Photo

     Jim Davis was ahead of the curve on this one. Long before the annual all-star tournaments became multi-media events, Jim Davis was providing excellent coverage of Little League. 

    Working for a newspaper based in Trenton, N.J., Jim focused on the leagues in District 12 and developed long-lasting relationships and friendships which eventually spread to Little Leagues in other parts of the state and region.

    But he had a true passion for N.J. District 12 and the feeling was mutual with several annual awards named in honor of the late Trentonian sports writer. One year, his employer put up billboards complete with a large photo of the smiling Jim Davis to let the public know that Mr. Little League would be on the beat for another summer. For more than 30 years it was a beat he loved and it loved him back.

    Upon his death in 2004, the twenty District 12 presidents unanimously decided to name the prize given to the winner of the annual premier all-star tournament The Jim Davis Cup. Although Jim loved the all-stars, he never lost sight of the young athletes who were solid citizens, and fittingly, a twelve year old boy and a girl from each league also receive the Jim Davis Sportsmanship Award every summer.

    Jim’s favorite assignments were Little League, field hockey and basketball games and his coverage was described by colleagues as “all-out.” He has been recognized by other groups, including the Central Jersey Field Hockey Umpires’ Association who bestowed the Positive Force Award upon him in 2003 and the Central Jersey Field Hockey Association which named the senior all-star game “The Jim Davis Classic.”

    Born in Atlanta, Ga., Jim Davis was a resident of Trenton most of his life. A graduate of Trenton Central High School, he continued his education with a year of college in New Hampshire. He returned to Trenton and began writing for the Trentonian. He later enlisted in the Air Force in 1969 and completed a four-year tour of duty, before returning back to The Trentonian as a staff writer in 1973. His coverage of girls’ sports in the 1970s was considered ground-breaking. A married father of three and grandfather of one, Jim was 54 when he died.

    His legacy lives on in his family and his work, particularly through his efforts in Little League Baseball’s New Jersey District 12. 

     Mary Ann Tarr    

    Monday, June 24
    Inaugural District 12 Intermediate Division (50-70) Tournament
    Farmview 50-70

    Princeton Little League hosted the inaugural Dictrict 12 Intermediate 50-70 Tournament at the beautiful Farmview Field off of The Great Road in Princeton. Princeton, East Windsor and Bordentown participated. Shown here is a photo of Princeton and Bordentown who played on June 21 in the first game with Bordentown winning 9-7 in 7 complete innings. Princeton managed to get the tying run at the plate in the bottom of the seveth but could not get the runs in.

    Princeton Little League has done a spectuclar job in having the field ready and for those of us who have been to Williamsport, we can see a thrilling resemblance! 


    Tuesday, November 21
    Little League Baseball President and CEO meets with Presidents
    Stephen Keener
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    On October 18, Steve Keener, President and CEO of Little League Baseball International met with the Presidents of New Jersey District 12 at their regularly scheduled meeting. Mr. Keener was in town to testify at the Non-wood bat hearings in Trenton on October 19. In addition to discussing the non-wood bat issue in great detail, he spoke about recent rule changes and the organization and budget of Little League Baseball. "It is not very often that I have the opportunity to meet with the folks who make the program happen and when that opportunity presents itself I want to be sure to take advantage of it." said Keener.

    Ryan 2
    Tuesday, November 21
    National League MVP Ryan Howard meets District 12 Little Leaguers
    Ryan 1
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    On Saturday September 23, four District 12 Little League baseball and softball players had the opportunity to meet this year's National League MVP Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies. Krysta Plummer and Casey McKenzie of New Egypt Girls Softball Little League and Isaiah Edmonds and Danny Stoddard of West Windsor Little League traveled with their parents to Citizen's Bank Park for the once in a lifetime opportunity. The players had their picture taken with Howard in preparation for the Spring issue of Little League Magazine published by Major League Baseball.
    Congratulations to Krysta, Casey, Isaiah, and Danny and we look forward to seeing them on the cover of the 2007 Little League Magazine.

    Ryan 3
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    Sunday, February 3
    Betty Leedom named Softball ADA Emeritus
    Betty Leedom

    On Tuesday January 29, 2008 long time NJ District 12 ADA Betty Leedom retired from her position in the recreation department of Lawrence Township. More than 200 people gathered at Mercer Oaks to salute Betty and her commitment to the community. District Administrator Dave Koehler and wife Peggy, on behalf of the Presidents of District 12, presented Betty a special Little League Afghan. Koehler also named Betty Softball ADA Emeritus in recognition of her more than 25 years of support of the Softball program in Lawrence Little League and District 12.

     Zig Zegarsky, Dave Koehler, Peggy Koehler, Bob Dalle Pazze, Ed Miller and Tom DeFlippo joined in the presentation.